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Professional Leave and Travel Time Procedures


The purpose of Professional Leave is to allow employees the opportunity and time to travel to and from work-related meetings, conferences, etc. that are held at a location outside the employee’s usual work site.

Guidelines for Reporting Professional Leave - All Employees

All employees with work-related travel that involves an overnight stay and/or long distance travel as part of Professional Development Leave must complete the Professional Leave Summary form.

Professional Leave Travel Summary form

Also see the Administrative Services Travel page via the Collin College Intranet, CougarWeb  at My Workplace -> District Services -> Business Administrative Services -> Travel, "Procedures" section.

Travel reimbursement requests should be made on a Professional Leave and Travel Request Form, available from the department/division administrative assistant or via the Business Office home page via the Collin College Intranet, CougarWeb at My Workplace -> District Services -> Business Administrative Services -> Travel.

Local Travel, such as work-related campus-to-campus travel and other work-related travel within the metroplex, i.e., Collin, Dallas, Tarrant, and Denton counties, is recorded on the Local Travel form. 

International Travel: Use the International Travel Form form to submit all international travel proposals for approval. Reference Collin College's local Board Policy DEE(LOCAL) - Compensation and Benefits Expense Reimbursement for more information.

Also see the Business Office home page via the Collin College Intranet (CougarWeb), www.collin.edu, at My Workplace -> District Services -> Business Administrative Services -> Travel. where the Local Travel form is linked.

Non-exempt employees must record work/compensable hours in TimeClock Plus.  

Guidelines for Reporting Travel Time for Non-Exempt Employees

Whether travel time is considered work time and recorded on a time sheet as compensable time depends upon the type of travel involved.

Home-to-Work Travel and Travel during the Day

Travel from home to work is not compensable.  Work time begins when the employee reaches the first work site. 

Attendance at local meetings should be recorded on the time sheet from the time the employee arrived at the meeting, not when he or she left home to travel to the meeting.  However, if the employee first went to his or her office and then left for the meeting, the travel time from the office to the meeting would be work time and should be recorded in TimeClock Plus. 

Travel from one campus to another as part of the employee’s regular full-time position would also be work time.

Out-of-Town Travel

Non-exempt employees who go out of town for one day should not record the time spent traveling from home to the airport. 

All other travel time during normal work hours, except time spent eating, would be compensable. 

When employees travel overnight for business (i.e. more than one day), they should record and be paid for time spent in traveling (except meal periods) during their normal business hours when done on their non-working days, such as Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, as well as on their regular work days (generally Monday - Friday). 

Travel time as a passenger outside regular work hours is not considered work time (evening travel may be advantageous in minimizing overtime).

Any actual work done while traveling should be recorded as compensable work time. 

If an employee drives a car without being offered public conveyance, the driving time would also be considered work time.  Employees who are required to drive overnight are considered working all the time they are driving. 

Payroll Time Sheet Cut-off and Direct Deposit Dates

See the Business Office home page via the Collin College Intranet (CougarWeb), www.collin.edu, at My Workplace -> District Services -> Business Administrative Services -> Payroll, in the "Procedures/Instructions" section, “Payroll Cut Off and Direct Deposit Dates....”

For questions about travel reimbursement, contact the Business Office.

For additional information, contact the Business Office or Human Resources.