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Last name: Name: Job Title: Email: Telephone: Campus:
AARS Christian E Aars Prof., Physics (972) 377-1712 Frisco Campus
ABLES Eric Ables Lab Technician Auto Tech Technical Campus
ABOALAM Hatem Aboalam Dir Pharmacy Tech Program (972) 549-6393 Mc Kinney Campus
ABRAMOSKE-AUSTIN Stephanie Abramoske-Austin Prof., Criminal Justice (972) 377-1698 Frisco Campus
ACKLIN Suzanne S Acklin Sr. Applications Administrator (972) 377-1091 Higher Education Center
ACOSTA OSORIO Ashley Acosta Osorio Asst Teacher Child Development (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
ACUNA Rebecca Y Acuna Mgr HR/Employment (972) 985-3786 Higher Education Center
ADAMS April C Adams Prof., Health Information Management (972) 548-6597 Mc Kinney Campus
ADAMS Hannah M Adams Prof., Biology (972) 881-5675 Plano Campus
ADAMS Kevin Adams Prof., Plumbing (972) 599-3155 Technical Campus
ADAMS Emily Adams Mgr Construction Purchasing (972) 758-3859 Higher Education Center
ADAMS James B Adams Prof., History (972) 377-1604 Frisco Campus
ADAYA Juan C Adaya Facility Operations Asst (972) 881-5690 Plano Campus
AHLBERG Mea Ahlberg Prof., Economics (972) 881-5133 Plano Campus
AHMAD Nasreen Ahmad Dir Institutional Research (972) 377-1610 Higher Education Center
AIRHART Tony D Airhart Prof., Kinesiology (972) 548-6506 Mc Kinney Campus
AKERS Cathleen M Akers Prof., History (972) 549-6364 Mc Kinney Campus
AKINS Linda G Akins Accts Payable Assoc (972) 758-3827 Higher Education Center
AKRAM Khalid Akram Sr Database Administrator (214) 916-6266 Higher Education Center
ALDER Jason G Alder Prof., Biology Frisco Campus
ALEXANDER Shannon D Alexander Reference Librarian (972) 881-5855 Plano Campus
ALEXANDER Jordan T Alexander Plant Ops Worker (972) 377-1690 Frisco Campus
ALEXANDER Taylor Alexander Financial Aid/VA Advisor (972) 881-5790 Mc Kinney Campus
ALEXANDROWICZ Neal D Alexandrowicz Prof., Geology (972) 881-5836 Plano Campus
ALI Amanat Ali Technology Specialist (972) 599-3100 Frisco Campus
ALLEN Amber M Allen Dir Polysomnographic Tech (214) 491-6238 Mc Kinney Campus
ALLEN Chanda F Allen Prof., English (972) 378-8462 Wylie Campus
ALLEN Jeff T Allen Prof., Kinesiology (972) 881-5913 Plano Campus
ALLISON Calvin W Allison Outrch/Recr Mobile Svcs Spec (972) 548-6630 Mc Kinney Campus
ALLISON Brian J Allison Prof., Music (972) 881-5813 Plano Campus
ALMANZA Sergio Almanza Manager Construction Tech Lab Technical Campus
ALVAREZ Kelly D Alvarez Administrative Assistant (469) 365-1903 Frisco Campus
AMELKINA Olga V Amelkina Prof., Music (972) 378-8417 Wylie Campus
AMERSON Cyndie L Amerson Prof., Dean - Nursing (972) 548-6820 Mc Kinney Campus
AMMONS Matthew S Ammons Chief Info Security Officer (972) 881-5769 Higher Education Center
ANAND Smriti Anand Prof., Chemistry (972) 548-6852 Mc Kinney Campus
ANDERSON Julia Anderson Reference Librarian (972) 378-8951 Wylie Campus
ANDERSON Selena L Anderson Admissions/Records Asst (972) 548-6740 Mc Kinney Campus
ANDREWS Kelly D Andrews Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 881-5640 Plano Campus
ANDREWS Shayla Andrews Advisor (214) 491-6228 Mc Kinney Campus
ANDREWS Charity R Andrews Coach/Mgr Fitness Ctr (972) 377-1755 Higher Education Center
ANDREWS Linda D Andrews Reference Librarian (972) 377-1588 Frisco Campus
ANGEL Lauryn L Angel Prof., English (972) 377-1514 Frisco Campus
ANSARI Yassmin Ansari Prof., Mathematics (972) 578-5560 Technical Campus
ANTOHE Valeria Antohe Prof., Mathematics (972) 578-5515 Plano Campus
ANTONOVA Sofya Antonova Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5961 Plano Campus
APPLE Shane A Apple Assoc Registrar (972) 881-5116 Mc Kinney Campus
ARDIS Bill D Ardis Prof., Mathematics (972) 377-1584 Frisco Campus
ARDUENGO Joshua A Arduengo Prof., Psychology (972) 881-5625 Plano Campus
ARMSTRONG Suzanne T Armstrong Accountant (972) 758-3823 Higher Education Center
ARMSTRONG Robin L Armstrong Prof., Theater (972) 578-5516 Plano Campus
ARNDORFER Timothy J Arndorfer Prof., Industrial Automation Technical Campus
ARNOLD Tiffanee L Arnold Prof., Visual and Performing Arts (972) 881-5830 Plano Campus
ARONOFF Robert A Aronoff Prof., Speech (972) 377-1616 Frisco Campus
ARYANI Giant Aryani Prof., Economics (469) 698-7438 Rockwall Campus
ASABI-WILLIS Kamilah Asabi-Willis Assoc Dean Student/Enroll Svcs (972) 548-5564 Farmersvillle Campus
ASHLOCK Nick S Ashlock Technology Specialist Courtyard Center
ATKINS Beth D Atkins Reference Librarian (972) 881-5856 Plano Campus
AYALEW Yabsera Solomon Ayalew Administrative Assistant (972) 985-3759 Courtyard Center
AYERS Anthony M Ayers Lab Instructor (972) 881-5723 Plano Campus
AZARD Marc G Azard Prof., English (214) 491-6247 Mc Kinney Campus
BABCOCK Daphne H Babcock Dean Academic Affairs (972) 378-8835 Wylie Campus
BACON Amy M Bacon Administrative Assistant (972) 377-1064 Frisco Campus
BAEZA Ryon A Baeza Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
BAGSHAW Cody R Bagshaw Prof., HVAC Technical Campus
BAILEY Tiffany A Bailey Supv Food Services (972) 377-1548 Frisco Campus
BAILEY Mindi L Bailey Prof., Humanities (972) 377-1641 Frisco Campus
BALCH Kat L Balch Prof., English (972) 377-1567 Frisco Campus
BALLARD Marlo M Ballard Prof., Biology (972) 548-6557 Mc Kinney Campus
BALLIN Adrian L Ballin Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
BANNER Jacob A Banner Supv Facilities Maintenance (972) 549-6453 Farmersvillle Campus
BANOS Mary A Banos Financial Aid/VA Advisor (972) 377-1761 Frisco Campus
BARGE Alexis Barge College and Career Counselor Allen Center
BARKO James N Barko Dean Student and Enroll Svcs (972) 881-5847 Mc Kinney Campus
BARNES-TILLEY Mary E Barnes-Tilley Campus Provost (972) 881-5771 Plano Campus
BARNETT Jameelah Barnett Coord Underserved Pop Wkfrc GF (972) 516-5068 Plano Campus
BARNHART Brandon P Barnhart Mgr Math Lab (972) 881-5790 Frisco Campus
BARRON Monica A Barron Compensation Analyst (972) 599-3108 Higher Education Center
BASHAM Tamara S Basham Prof., Environmental Tech (972) 516-5040 Plano Campus
BATISTA Barbara E Batista Campus Dir Child Development (972) 881-5945 Plano Campus
BAWEJA Tripat K Baweja Dir Engineering Tech Programs (972) 553-1183 Technical Campus
BEASLEY Maegan B Beasley Student Conduct Officer (972) 548-6850 Plano Campus
BECK Leah T Beck Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 548-6784 Mc Kinney Campus
BECK Jeffrey D Beck Lab Instructor (972) 548-6613 Mc Kinney Campus
BECKWITH Jessica E Beckwith Technology Specialist (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
BEIDECK David L Beideck Collin Police Officer (975) 599-3195 Frisco Campus
BELL Ellen E Bell Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 578-5587 Frisco Campus
BELL Karen M Bell Asst Dir Purchasing (972) 758-3876 Higher Education Center
BELLUE Kyle Bellue Assoc Dean Academic Affairs Mc Kinney Campus
BELT Sabrina D Belt Assoc Dean P-12 Partnerships (972) 377-1505 Allen Center
BEMANI Nasrin Bemani Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 516-5099 Plano Campus
BENAVIDES Robert M Benavides Prof., Computer Science (972) 516-5061 Frisco Campus
BEN-HAMIDA Mouna Ben-Hamida Prof., Biology (972) 881-5885 Plano Campus
BENNETTE Grace M Bennette Circulation Asst (972) 377-1562 Frisco Campus
BENSON Kellie J Benson Accts Receivable Assoc (972) 985-3736 Higher Education Center
BENSTEN Lynne S Bensten Administrative Assistant (972) 985-3750 Courtyard Center
BERGMAN Jennifer J Bergman Prof., CADD (469) 365-1917 Technical Campus
BERI Meena Beri Prof., Economics (469) 365-1924 Frisco Campus
BEST Gwyn L Best Executive Assistant (972) 758-3815 Higher Education Center
BETIK Jessica L Betik Prof., History Frisco Campus
BETTACCHI Betty A Bettacchi Prof., English (972) 881-5730 Plano Campus
BETTI Dan Betti Prof., Political Science (972) 549-6342 Mc Kinney Campus
BIELLI Stephanie J Bielli Prof., LVN Nursing (972) 378-8327 Wylie Campus
BIERHUP Amy L Bierhup Prof., Dean - Nursing (972) 548-6785 Mc Kinney Campus
BIRD Melissa E Bird Prof., Mathematics (214) 491-6283 Mc Kinney Campus
BIRDSONG Daniel L Birdsong Prof., Art (972) 881-5429 Plano Campus
BIRDWELL David W Birdwell Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
BISHOP Rusty B Bishop Staff Interpreter II (972) 881-5898 Plano Campus
BIZOR Algia J Bizor Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
BLACK Millie D Black Prof., Political Science (972) 378-8465 Wylie Campus
BLACKBURN Brad M Blackburn Clerk Mail/Receiving (972) 553-1190 Technical Campus
BLACKMAN Ann W Blackman Dean Campus Tech/eLearning Ctr (972) 516-5016 Higher Education Center
BLACKMORE Melissa A Blackmore Reference Librarian (972) 881-5941 Plano Campus
BLANCHARD Brian J Blanchard Prof., Political Science (972) 377-1076 Plano Campus
BLANCO HUERTA Yajaira L Blanco Huerta Instructional Office Asst (972) 548-6832 Mc Kinney Campus
BLEVINS Terry L Blevins Administrative Assistant (972) 548-6863 Public Safety Training Center
BOCK Edward H Bock Prof., Mathematics (972) 516-5024 Plano Campus
BOGANWRIGHT Julie L Boganwright Clinical Coord Resp Care (214) 491-6259 Mc Kinney Campus
BOHANNA Darryle D Bohanna Grants Research/Writer (972) 985-3763 Courtyard Center
BOLTON Rhonda D Bolton Mgr Records Systems (972) 548-6568 Mc Kinney Campus
BOND Brenda G Bond Degree Plan Specialist (972) 881-5186 Plano Campus
BOOKER Willie A Booker Testing Ctr Asst (972) 881-5922 Technical Campus
BOONE Nichole N Boone Exec Dir Library (972) 378-8573 Plano Campus
BOOZER David K Boozer Prof., History (972) 377-1791 Frisco Campus
BOUCHEZ Kathy M Bouchez Supv Accounts Payable (972) 758-3834 Higher Education Center
BOWEN Irene M Bowen Prof., Biology (469) 365-1835 Frisco Campus
BOWLES Tim M Bowles Technology Specialist (972) 377-1706 Frisco Campus
BOYD Rodney D Boyd Prof., Humanities (972) 377-1537 Frisco Campus
BOYE Allison Boye Dir Ctr for Teaching/Learning (972) 549-6447 Mc Kinney Campus
BOYLL Sean Boyll Prof., Automotive Technology (469) 365-1997 Technical Campus
BRAATEN Paula Braaten Asst Dir Child Development (972) 881-5938 Plano Campus
BRADLEY Laketia D Bradley Prog Mgr Medical Assistant (972) 985-3769 Mc Kinney Campus
BRADLEY Tracey Bradley Administrative Assistant (972) 881-5618 Plano Campus
BRADLEY Julie M Bradley AVP Cont/Stud Financial Svcs (972) 758-3821 Higher Education Center
BRAEUTIGAM David Braeutigam Prof., Biomedical Equip Tech (972) 553-1177 Technical Campus
BRAGA Russel F Braga Prog Mgr Continuing Education (972) 365-1823 Frisco Campus
BRANNON William C Brannon Prof., English (972) 378-8967 Wylie Campus
BRASWELL Carolyn B Braswell Counselor (972) 377-1735 Plano Campus
BRAUN Charles L Braun Prof., Computer Science (972) 377-1606 Frisco Campus
BRENNAN Terrence P Brennan District Dean of Students (972) 881-5734 Higher Education Center
BREWER John B Brewer Mgr Facilities/Plant Ops II (972) 881-5691 Plano Campus
BRINDLE Darrin Brindle Plant Ops Worker (972) 548-6699 Mc Kinney Campus
BRINKLEY Jamie Brinkley Mgr Accounts Receivable (972) 881-5634 Higher Education Center
BRISTOW Emily M Bristow Coord Alternative Format ACCES (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
BRODY Betsy T Brody Prof., Political Science (972) 516-5005 Plano Campus
BROOKS Sylvia Brooks Testing Ctr Asst (972) 881-5922 Plano Campus
BROOKS Catie E Brooks Prof., Sociology (214) 491-6231 Mc Kinney Campus
BROOKS Meade M Brooks Prof., Physics (972) 377-1640 Frisco Campus
BROOKSHIRE Roy C Brookshire Instructional Technologist (972) 378-5189 Wylie Campus
BROWN Billie A Brown Admissions/Records Asst (972) 548-6526 Mc Kinney Campus
BROWN Cherry L Brown Dist College Career Counselor (972) 985-3752 Frisco Campus
BROWN Lindsey J Brown Prof., RN Nursing (972) 378-6257 Mc Kinney Campus
BROWN Demetrius A Brown Buyer Higher Education Center
BROWN Tammy D Brown Coord CE Workforce Admissions (972) 377-1510 Courtyard Center
BROWN Denise M Brown Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5886 Plano Campus
BROWN Kathy N Brown Buyer (972) 758-3882 Higher Education Center
BROWN Robert H Brown Prof., Biology (972) 548-6768 Mc Kinney Campus
BROWN Shayne S Brown Veterans Transition Specialist (972) 578-5570 Plano Campus
BROYLES Michael L Broyles Prof., Physics (972) 881-5882 Plano Campus
BRUCE Susan Bruce Lab Instructor Frisco Campus
BRYANT Megan Bryant Reference Librarian (972) 378-8950 Wylie Campus
BRYANT Levi R Bryant Prof., Philosophy (972) 377-1746 Frisco Campus
BUCHANAN Timothy M Buchanan Grounds Keeper Mc Kinney Campus
BUCK Timothy S Buck HR Specialist Benefits (972) 758-3886 Higher Education Center
BUDJENSKA Kenneth D Budjenska Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
BUGGS Michelle L Buggs Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 548-6650 Mc Kinney Campus
BURCH Johnathan Burch Prof., RN Nursing (972) 548-6634 Mc Kinney Campus
BURNETT Brianna Burnett Prof., Art (972) 549-6405 Mc Kinney Campus
BURTON Rebecca R Burton Prof., Education (972) 578-5595 Plano Campus
BUTLER Ann C Butler Prof., Child Development (972) 378-8458 Wylie Campus
BUTTERFIELD Tina M Butterfield Administrative Assistant (972) 548-6679 Mc Kinney Campus
BYERS John L Byers Asst Dir Wkfc CE and PD (972) 985-3753 Courtyard Center
BYRNES Collin C Byrnes Prof., Mathematics (972) 549-6408 Mc Kinney Campus
CABALLERO Christopher Caballero Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
CADE Alexis N Cade Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 578-5599 Plano Campus
CADENA-SMITH Marisela Cadena-Smith Dir Marketing/Communications (972) 758-3896 Higher Education Center
CAFFERY Kyle K Caffery Plant Ops Worker (972) 548-6692 Mc Kinney Campus
CAIN Donna M Cain Prof., Biology (972) 881-5144 Plano Campus
CAIN Tammy K Cain Prof., Biology (214) 240-4479 Frisco Campus
CAMPBELL David E Campbell Mgr Facilities/Plant Ops II (972) 553-1275 Technical Campus
CAMPBELL Andrew Campbell Instructional Designer (972) 881-5790 Frisco Campus
CAMPOS Juan R Campos Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
CANALES Christina O Canales Mgr HR/Benefits (972) 599-3164 Higher Education Center
CANFIELD Henry Canfield Prof., Psychology (972) 553-1156 Technical Campus
CAPOBIANCO Bonni M Capobianco Dir Library Tech Svcs (972) 881-5815 Plano Campus
CARDENAS Deborah I Cardenas Prof., Biology (972) 881-5176 Plano Campus
CARDWELL-WILSON Meghan N Cardwell-Wilson Prof., Visual and Performing Arts (972) 377-1014 Frisco Campus
CARLTON Keitha Carlton Dir Accounting (972) 599-3103 Higher Education Center
CARMODY Melissa Carmody Secretary Technical Campus
CARMONA Mathew Carmona Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
CARNEY Jason C Carney Prof., English Plano Campus
CARPENTER Deidra D Carpenter Prog Career Coach Wkfrc (972) 378-8379 Plano Campus
CARPENTER Kristin Carpenter Mgr Financial Aid (214) 491-6244 Frisco Campus
CARSON Krystal Carson Admissions/Records Asst (972) 548-6710 Mc Kinney Campus
CARTER Brenda C Carter Executive Dean (469) 365-1988 Celina Campus
CARTER Casey L Carter Prof., Music (972) 881-5792 Plano Campus
CARTER Larry W Carter Dist College Career Counselor (972) 378-8268 Wylie Campus
CARTER Greg Carter Prof., Supply Chain Mgmt (972) 377-1986 Frisco Campus
CARTER Jackie R Carter Police Training Instructor (972) 548-6813 Mc Kinney Campus
CARTMILL Donna S Cartmill Accountant (972) 758-3825 Higher Education Center
CARTWRIGHT Tiffany R Cartwright Prof., Political Science (214) 491-6224 Technical Campus
CARUSO Keith V Caruso Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Frisco Campus
CARVER Darby R Carver Simulation Center Instructor (214) 871-8302 Mc Kinney Campus
CASTILLO Sonia S Castillo Student Development Specialist (972) 548-6770 Mc Kinney Campus
CASTLEMAN S. Lacy Castleman Curriculum Coordinator (972) 599-3176 Higher Education Center
CAUDILL Amanda Caudill Dist Learn/Digital Svcs Lib (972) 377-1572 Frisco Campus
CAUGHFIELD Adrienne H Caughfield Prof., History (972) 578-5576 Plano Campus
CAVANAUGH James A Cavanaugh Facility Operations Asst (972) 548-6697 Mc Kinney Campus
CERVANTEZ Ann Cervantez Prof., Computer Information System (972) 377-1659 Frisco Campus
CHAKA Gezahegn T Chaka Prof., Chemistry (972) 516-5014 Plano Campus
CHALHOUB Martha M Chalhoub Prof., Mathematics (972) 377-1544 Frisco Campus
CHAMBERLIN Shawna M Chamberlin College and Career Counselor (972) 548-6776 Allen Center
CHAMBERS Megan Chambers Dir Diag Med Sonography (214) 491-6250 Mc Kinney Campus
CHAN Connie Chan Prof., Mathematics (972) 377-1094 Frisco Campus
CHANEY Brian S Chaney Master Plumber (972) 599-3155 Higher Education Center
CHARLESON-JENNINGS Ceilidh T Charleson-Jennings Prof., Communications (972) 881-5182 Plano Campus
CHASE Suzanne Chase Educational Diagnostcn/Adv (972) 881-5149 Mc Kinney Campus
CHAVEZ Ana M Chavez Mgr Financial Aid (972) 548-6529 Mc Kinney Campus
CHAVEZ Christopher H Chavez Financial Aid/VA Advisor (972) 378-8699 Wylie Campus
CHENEY Scott S Cheney Prof., English (972) 548-6590 Plano Campus
CHIDZUNGU Tafadzwa Chidzungu Admissions/Records Asst (972) 881-5790 Frisco Campus
CHILDRESS Marquetta Childress Financial Aid/VA Specialist Higher Education Center
CHO Christi Cho Supv Testing Ctr (972) 553-1149 Technical Campus
CHOY Francis Choy Senior Instructional Designer (972) 377-1038 Plano Campus
CIBRAN Jaquelina Cibran Administrative Assistant (972) 553-1114 Higher Education Center
CISLO Marty Cislo Administrative Assistant (972) 553-1152 Courtyard Center
CLABORN Sandra A Claborn Coord Campus Facilities Sched (972) 377-1743 Frisco Campus
CLAPP John H Clapp Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
CLARDY Tammy J Clardy Supv Printing Svcs (972) 881-5192 Plano Campus
CLARK Misti Clark Prof., Computer Science (972) 578-5550 Plano Campus
CLARK Erin D Clark Temp FT Professor Plano Campus
CLARK Dallie B Clark Prof., Humanities (972) 578-5533 Plano Campus
CLARK Jan C Clark Asst to the Executive Dean (469) 365-1962 Courtyard Center
CLARK Laura A Clark Prof., English Plano Campus
CLARK-MILLER Kristi M Clark-Miller Prof., Sociology (972) 578-5535 Plano Campus
CLAWSON Adam L Clawson Mgr Campus Career Center Higher Education Center
CLAY Jennifer N Clay Executive Assistant (972) 378-8889 Wylie Campus
CLEMENT Suzette M Clement Admissions/Records Asst (972) 377-1512 Frisco Campus
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CLOUD Gloria A Cloud Advisor Dis/Mental Health (972) 548-6816 Mc Kinney Campus
CLUBINE Amy P Clubine Lab Instructor (972) 378-8454 Wylie Campus
COBB Jaclyn R Cobb Prof., Biology (972) 516-5075 Plano Campus
COCKERELL Gloria C Cockerell Prof., Marketing (972) 881-5736 Frisco Campus
COFFELT Nicole R Coffelt Temp FT Professor (972) 377-1709 Mc Kinney Campus
COFFMAN Michael Coffman Dean Academic Affairs (972) 553-1166 Technical Campus
COKER Susan Coker Financial Aid/VA Advisor (972) 377-1668 Mc Kinney Campus
COLEMAN Tyler E Coleman eLearning Assistant (972) 377-1037 Plano Campus
COLLINS Randy L Collins Prof., Mathematics (972) 377-1034 Frisco Campus
COLLINS Alisha M Collins Coord Payroll (469) 467-5124 Higher Education Center
COLTER Betsy A Colter Administrative Assistant (972) 985-3770 Courtyard Center
COMMONS Wendy M Commons Prof., English (972) 548-6823 Mc Kinney Campus
CONE Amy M Cone Prog Career Coach Wkfrc Frisco Campus
CONKLIN Monica P Conklin HR Generalist II (972) 377-1508 Higher Education Center
CONLEY Justina D Conley Executive Assistant (972) 758-3819 Higher Education Center
CONLEY Leslie K Conley Executive Assistant (972) 599-3150 Higher Education Center
CONTRERAS Laz R Contreras Chef Manager (972) 378-8789 Wylie Campus
CONTRERAS Carlos Contreras Prog Career Coach Wkfrc (972) 553-1189 Technical Campus
COOK Shannon M Cook Library Tech Svcs Asst (972) 881-5749 Plano Campus
COOKSEY Gaye M Cooksey Dean Evening and Wknd College (469) 365-1808 Frisco Campus
COOPER Candace P Cooper Prof., English (972) 548-6603 Mc Kinney Campus
COOPER Khimen K Cooper Prof., English (972) 881-5797 Plano Campus
COOPER Jillian Cooper Coord Ceramics Lab (972) 881-5951 Plano Campus
COOPER Marlo E Cooper Police Telecommunicator (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
COPE John T Cope Facility Operations Asst (972) 377-1696 Frisco Campus
COPELAND Benjamin A Copeland Prof., Political Science (469) 365-1910 Plano Campus
CORDELL Susan E Cordell Asst Dir Conference Svcs (972) 881-5606 Plano Campus
CORTEZ Brittany J Cortez Coord Outreach/Student Success (972) 881-5638 Mc Kinney Campus
CORWIN Jay Corwin Chief Student Success Officer (972) 549-6320 Higher Education Center
COSNER Kim Cosner Advisor Disability Svcs I (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
COSTELLO Kimberly A Costello Instructional Office Asst (972) 377-1506 Frisco Campus
COTT Leda M Cott Prof., Child Development (972) 881-5983 Plano Campus
COTTON Melisa T Cotton Mgr Financial Aid (972) 599-3181 Higher Education Center
COULTER Matthew W Coulter Prof., History (972) 881-5816 Plano Campus
COURTRIGHT Jeffrey R Courtright Prof., Philosophy (972) 881-5817 Plano Campus
COWAN Kellie Cowan Administrative Assistant (972) 378-8689 Wylie Campus
COWARD-GARZA Estelle L Coward-Garza College and Career Counselor (469) 365-1846 Allen Center
COWEN Shelly Cowen Asst To The Dean (972) 378-8797 Wylie Campus
COX Dan K Cox Facility Operations Asst (972) 548-6690 Mc Kinney Campus
COX Brad G Cox Prof., Audio Engineering (972) 881-5735 Plano Campus
COX Michael Cox Dir Physical Therapy Assistant (972) 549-6319 Mc Kinney Campus
COX Greg S Cox Prog Coord Emer Med Svcs/TDSH (214) 491-6262 Mc Kinney Campus
CRADDOCK Colby K Craddock Prof., Welding Technology Technical Campus
CRANE Leslie M Crane Human Resources Specialist (972) 985-3709 Higher Education Center
CRAVO Roberta M Cravo Prof., Biology (972) 548-6578 Mc Kinney Campus
CREWE Omri W Crewe Lab Instructor (972) 548-6894 Mc Kinney Campus
CRISSON Copeland E Crisson Prof., Info Tech Cisco CCNA (972) 378-8285 Wylie Campus
CUBBAGE Kim J Cubbage Administrative Assistant (972) 985-3790 Courtyard Center
CUBBERLY Monica A Cubberly Prof., History (972) 625-3113 Mc Kinney Campus
CUE Ashleigh A Cue Temp FT Professor Plano Campus
CULLUMBER Carissa Cullumber Counselor (972) 377-1671 Frisco Campus
CULPEPPER Michele Culpepper Prof., Sports & Recreation (469) 365-1957 Frisco Campus
CULVER Randy M Culver Interim Mgr Help Desk (972) 881-5868 Plano Campus
CUMMINGS Jody L Cummings Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 548-6690 Mc Kinney Campus
CUMMINGS Sabrina Cummings Dir Veterinary Technology (972) 378-8378 Wylie Campus
CUTRONA Tony A Cutrona Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
DAD Mohammad M Dad Temp FT Professor (469) 365-1841 Frisco Campus
DALFONSO Kim A Dalfonso Coord Special Projects (972) 599-3147 Higher Education Center
DALY Tebring C Daly Prof., Computer Science (972) 378-8439 Wylie Campus
DANA Mike B Dana Collin Police Officer (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
DANTON Lydia M Danton Dir Health Info Mgmt (972) 548-6676 Mc Kinney Campus
DARLING-FACIO Pamela A Darling-Facio Senior Instructional Designer (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
DARROW Heather Darrow Coord Marketing/Communications (972) 758-3845 Higher Education Center
DAVANLOO Shiva M Davanloo Prof., Nutrition (972) 377-1623 Frisco Campus
DAVENPORT Monica J Davenport Mgr Writing Ctr (972) 377-1080 Frisco Campus
DAVIS Carmen Davis Prof., RN Nursing Mc Kinney Campus
DAVIS Darin D Davis Collin Police Sergeant (972) 578-5555 Frisco Campus
DAVIS Virgil E Davis Collin Police Officer (972) 881-5656 Frisco Campus
DAVIS Faye M Davis Exec Dir Library (972) 548-6866 Mc Kinney Campus
DAVIS Jennifer L Davis Prof., Health Professions Technical Campus
DAVIS Cynthia Davis Instructional Office Asst (972) 553-1122 Technical Campus
DAVIS Laurie L Davis Dist Mgr Police Comm (972) 881-5676 Plano Campus
DAVIS Lisa R Davis Prof., English (972) 578-5511 Plano Campus
DAVISON Kimberly K Davison Chief of Staff (972) 985-3781 Higher Education Center
DAVISSON Susie K Davisson Prog Mgr CWED (972) 985-3745 Courtyard Center
DAY Donna B Day Information Ctr Asst (972) 377-1790 Frisco Campus
DE CASTRO Dulce M De Castro Prof., Foreign Languages (972) 881-5824 Plano Campus
DEARING Michael L Dearing Technology Specialist (972) 378-8575 Wylie Campus
DEBOER Lee H Deboer Prof., Criminal Justice (972) 548-6518 Frisco Campus
DELATORRE Christine T Delatorre Prof., Management Development (972) 548-6637 Frisco Campus
DEMPSEY Carl C Dempsey Mgr Ntwk Sec and Support Svcs (972) 578-5767 Mc Kinney Campus
DEMPSEY Mark L Dempsey Asst Dir CTC (972) 377-1582 Frisco Campus
DEMPSEY Leslie H Dempsey Network Control Specialist (972) 548-6780 Mc Kinney Campus
DENNIS Amy L Dennis Prof., Integrated Reading/Writing (972) 378-8937 Wylie Campus
DENNY Michelle M Denny Prof., Dean - Nursing (972) 548-6727 Mc Kinney Campus
DENSMORE Sarah A Densmore Executive Assistant (972) 758-3883 Higher Education Center
DEPTULA John V Deptula Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 377-1690 Frisco Campus
DEROSE Traci L DeRose Collin Police Lieutenant (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
DEROUEN Rich K Derouen Prof., Humanities (972) 548-6793 Mc Kinney Campus
DESHAZO Jillian B Deshazo Prof., Speech (972) 548-6652 Mc Kinney Campus
DESKINS Raymond A Deskins Prof., Mathematics (972) 516-5004 Plano Campus
DESSOMMES Renee M Dessommes Prof., Theater Plano Campus
DESTA Lishan Desta Prof., Economics (972) 549-6344 Mc Kinney Campus
DEUTSCH Leon Deutsch Prog Dir Med Asst Adv Practice (972) 549-6404 Mc Kinney Campus
DEVOE Tammie H Devoe Administrative Assistant (972) 377-1750 Mc Kinney Campus
DHAKAL Bishnu Dhakal Prof., Chemistry (972) 378-8382 Wylie Campus
DIAL Rex A Dial Plant Ops Worker (972) 378-8690 Wylie Campus
DIAZ Yajaira N Diaz Counselor (972) 881-5775 Mc Kinney Campus
DICKENSON Kerry N Dickenson Prof., English (469) 698-7437 Rockwall Campus
DICKEY Kirk D Dickey Coord Marketing/Communications (972) 599-3142 Higher Education Center
DICKSON Don W Dickson Veterans Svcs Advisor (972) 553-1162 Technical Campus
DICKSON Michael W Dickson Chief Innovation Officer (972) 758-3832 Higher Education Center
DIEGO Lynnette Diego Veterans Svcs Advisor (972) 377-1020 Frisco Campus
DIGGS Matt D Diggs Prof., Psychology (972) 548-6757 Mc Kinney Campus
DIPPEL Kevin C Dippel Mgr Campus Technology (972) 985-3718 Frisco Campus
DIPPEL Carie A Dippel Assoc Dean of Students (214) 491-6222 Plano Campus
DODD Kasie M Dodd Mgr Digital Assets Management (972) 881-5790 Courtyard Center
DOLLINS Jovanna V Dollins Student Engagement Specialist (972) 377-1543 Frisco Campus
DONALDSON Scott Donaldson Dir Law Enforcement (972) 549-6325 Mc Kinney Campus
DONALDSON Nancy Donaldson Coord Fire Training (972) 548-6836 Public Safety Training Center
DONALD-WHITNEY Cathy A Donald-Whitney Prof., Biology (972) 548-6717 Mc Kinney Campus
DONAWHO Nicole N Donawho Prof., History Plano Campus
DONIHOO Eric P Donihoo Mgr Campus Technology (972) 758-3855 Farmersvillle Campus
DOUGHERTY Todd Dougherty Mgr Facilities/Plant Ops II (972) 548-6691 Mc Kinney Campus
DOUGLAS Peggy M Douglas Accts Receivable Assoc (214) 854-3206 Mc Kinney Campus
DOUMEN Chris Doumen Prof., Biology (972) 881-5989 Plano Campus
DOWELL Robert G Dowell Technology Specialist (972) 378-8571 Wylie Campus
DOWNING Lisa A Downing Administrative Assistant (972) 881-5120 Plano Campus
DRAGOLICH Mikhail M Dragolich Lab Assistant Welding Technolo Technical Campus
DRANE David W Drane Fac Ops Coord Conference Ctr (972) 548-6692 Mc Kinney Campus
DRENNAN John C Drennan Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
DUBOIS Chris A DuBois Prof., Political Science Plano Campus
DUCKWORTH Andrew M Duckworth Coord Music Tech Lab (972) 881-5861 Plano Campus
DUFFER Cindy B Duffer Asst To The Dean (972) 881-5162 Plano Campus
DUKE Catherine H Duke Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 377-1763 Frisco Campus
DUNKEL Frank F Dunkel Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 548-6690 Mc Kinney Campus
DUNN Debbie L Dunn Assoc Registrar (972) 881-5732 Plano Campus
DURAN Laura R Duran Administrative Assistant (972) 985-3757 Mc Kinney Campus
DURANT-REEVES Melanie M Durant-Reeves Admin Asst/Records Clerk (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
DUTRO Pamela Dutro Reference Librarian (972) 548-6868 Mc Kinney Campus
EAKLE Christina W Eakle Coord Accounts Receivable (972) 881-5173 Plano Campus
EAKLE Kimball Eakle Accts Receivable Assoc (972) 378-8816 Wylie Campus
EARLEY Artorias C Earley Testing Ctr Asst Plano Campus
EATON Leanne L Eaton Programmer Analyst (972) 599-3134 Higher Education Center
EAVES Sharon Eaves Prof., Psychology (972) 548-6567 Mc Kinney Campus
EBERHART Crystal J Eberhart Dist College Career Counselor (972) 377-1771 Farmersvillle Campus
ECHEGARAY Victor R Echegaray Plant Ops Worker Plano Campus
ECKHOFF Wilma R Eckhoff Instructional Office Asst (972) 548-6830 Mc Kinney Campus
EFTEKHAR Ophelia Eftekhar Instructional Technologist (972) 881-5150 Plano Campus
EHRHART Thomas P Ehrhart Prof., Management Development (972) 881-5970 Frisco Campus
ELAKODICAL Joseph Elakodical Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5183 Plano Campus
EL-ASHMAWY Amina K El-Ashmawy Prof., Chemistry (972) 548-6512 Mc Kinney Campus
ELDER Jessica M Elder Mgr Campus Career Ctr (972) 553-1283 Technical Campus
ELLISON Gail D Ellison Prof., Communication Design (972) 881-5934 Plano Campus
ELLISTON Jason C Elliston Veterans Services Specialist (972) 548-6767 Mc Kinney Campus
ELMORE Scott Elmore Prof., Construction Management (972) 553-1292 Technical Campus
ELPHICK Keith Elphick Prof., English (972) 548-6661 Mc Kinney Campus
ELUNG Erick E Elung Prof., Biology (972) 377-1559 Frisco Campus
ENDLEY Seema Endley Prof., Biology (972) 548-6898 Mc Kinney Campus
ERICKSON Craig M Erickson Dir Tech Theatre (972) 881-5805 Plano Campus
ESCOBAR Luz M Escobar Prof., Foreign Languages (972) 377-1626 Frisco Campus
ESSARY Chad J Essary Prof., Respiratory Therapy (972) 548-6797 Mc Kinney Campus
ESTES Josh E Estes Collin Police Sergeant (972) 881-5795 Plano Campus
ESTRADA Rachel D Estrada Counselor Plano Campus
EUBANKS Connie J Eubanks Mgr Fitness Labs (972) 377-1754 Frisco Campus
EURE Diane L Eure Administrative Assistant (972) 549-6400 Mc Kinney Campus
EVANS Garry W Evans Dean Academic Affairs (214) 491-6271 Mc Kinney Campus
EVANS John B Evans Maintenance Painter/Carpenter (214) 833-3652 Higher Education Center
EVARTS Heather E Evarts Prof., RN Nursing (972) 548-6533 Mc Kinney Campus
EWING Kristen A Ewing Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 378-8440 Wylie Campus
EYLE Christopher Eyle VP Facilities and Construction (972) 758-3891 Higher Education Center
FABELA-LEGORRETA Felipe F Fabela-Legorreta Facility Operations Asst (972) 599-3190 Higher Education Center
FAIR Pam M Fair Accts Receivable Assoc (972) 377-1636 Frisco Campus
FAIR Brandy L Fair Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 549-6402 Mc Kinney Campus
FAIRCLOTH Ross R Faircloth Lab Asst (972) 881-5828 Plano Campus
FAISON Hugh Faison Receiving Clerk (972) 548-6694 Mc Kinney Campus
FANINI Elaine F Fanini Prof., Biology (214) 491-6220 Mc Kinney Campus
FANT Kathryn H Fant Prof., Info Tech Cisco CCNA (469) 365-1819 Frisco Campus
FANT Jeff J Fant Prof., Convergence Technology (214) 377-1686 Frisco Campus
FARRAR Ryan Farrar Prof., English (469) 365-1937 Frisco Campus
FARRIN Scott S Farrin Prof., English (972) 881-5158 Plano Campus
FARRIS Allison Farris Testing Ctr Asst (972) 553-1259 Technical Campus
FELKER Elizabeth A Felker Lab Instructor (972) 377-1581 Frisco Campus
FEROZ Mohammed Nazim Feroz Full-Stack Developer (972) 881-5124 Plano Campus
FERRIER-WATSON Sean Ferrier-Watson Prof., English (972) 881-5053 Frisco Campus
FIELDS Andrea L Fields Prof., Health Professions Mc Kinney Campus
FIELDS Lindsey K Fields College and Career Counselor Courtyard Center
FIELDS Todd E Fields Dean Admissions/Dist Registrar (972) 881-5174 Mc Kinney Campus
FINK Keli N Fink Production Coord (972) 758-3838 Higher Education Center
FISCHER Mark L Fischer Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 516-5057 Plano Campus
FISH Sarah R Fish Prof., English (972) 548-6536 Technical Campus
FITE David M Fite Police Telecommunicator (972) 881-5656 Plano Campus
FLAUM Joshua A Flaum Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
FLEMING E'mar R Fleming Collin Police Officer (972) 378-8649 Plano Campus
FLETCHER Ryan S Fletcher Prof., English (972) 881-5773 Plano Campus
FLORES Modesto S Flores Mail Clerk/Courier (972) 881-5690 Plano Campus
FLOWERS Brittany Flowers eLearning Assistant Plano Campus
FLYNN Lianne C Flynn Call Ctr Specialist (972) 881-5710 Plano Campus
FOLLINS Calee M Follins College and Career Counselor (469) 365-1852 Allen Center
FOREE Christopher H Foree Prof., English (972) 881-5685 Plano Campus
FORGE Gregory Forge Assoc Dean Stud/Enroll Svc (972) 553-1164 Technical Campus
FORRESTER Lisa H Forrester Assoc Dean Acad Affairs/Wkfrc (972) 377-1087 Celina Campus
FORSHAW-EVANS Susan L Forshaw-Evans Prof., Kinesiology (972) 548-6552 Mc Kinney Campus
FOSTER Brenda L Foster Call Ctr Specialist Plano Campus
FOSTER Laura A Foster Prof., English (972) 377-1036 Mc Kinney Campus
FOSTER Shellene C Foster Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5973 Wylie Campus
FOWLER Andreina R Fowler HR Generalist II (972) 539-3161 Higher Education Center
FOX Grace R Fox Administrative Assistant II (972) 377-1501 Frisco Campus
FRANCIS Jeanna S Francis Student Enrollment Specialist (972) 881-5740 Plano Campus
FRANKLIN Edward Franklin Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
FREEDLE James E Freedle Prof., Cybersecurity - BAT (972) 578-5546 Frisco Campus
FRENZEL Ervin Frenzel Dir Wkfrc Cybersecurity Prog (469) 365-1936 Frisco Campus
FREY Marta G Frey Dir Small Bus Dev Ctr (972) 985-3771 Courtyard Center
FRIEDL Christina M Friedl Prof., Education (214) 491-6227 Mc Kinney Campus
FRITZEL Anna K Fritzel Coord Photography Lab (972) 516-5028 Plano Campus
FUENTES LeRoy L Fuentes Coord Range Master (972) 549-6327 Public Safety Training Center
FULLER Debi J Fuller Prof., Interior/Comm Design (214) 350-5051 Technical Campus
FURNAS Winola S Furnas Prof., Computer Information System (469) 365-1802 Frisco Campus
GABRA Ehab Y Gabra Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 548-6697 Technical Campus
GAGARIN Rhonda S Gagarin Teacher Child Development (972) 881-5945 Plano Campus
GAINER Amy T Gainer Dean Academic Affairs (972) 553-1100 Technical Campus
GAITER Pamela K Gaiter Prof., Sociology (972) 378-8463 Wylie Campus
GALLAMORE Monica Gallamore Prof., History (469) 365-1849 Frisco Campus
GALLOWAY James G Galloway Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5937 Plano Campus
GANN Kristy N Gann Police Telecommunicator (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
GARCIA Mark S Garcia Dean Strategic Initiatives (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
GARCIA Priscilla A Garcia Prog Mgr Dental Asst (972) 548-6528 Mc Kinney Campus
GARCIA Ivy Garcia Human Resources Specialist (972) 599-3163 Higher Education Center
GARDNER Stanley W Gardner Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 985-3777 Courtyard Center
GARNER Nancy A Garner Accts Receivable Assoc Higher Education Center
GARRISON Amy Y Garrison Coord Social Digital Media CTC (972) 377-1734 Frisco Campus
GARRISON Bernard Garrison Plant Ops Worker Frisco Campus
GARRISON Allan N Garrison Programmer Analyst (972) 548-6689 Higher Education Center
GARZA Juan J Garza Supv Food Services Plano Campus
GATHINGS Priya K Gathings Prof., RN Nursing Mc Kinney Campus
GEISLER Will R Geisler Prof., Political Science (972) 548-6732 Mc Kinney Campus
GELLER Nicholas E Geller Prof., Mathematics (972) 377-1674 Frisco Campus
GENNEKEN Anna M Genneken Prof., English (972) 881-5952 Plano Campus
GENTRY Kimberly R Gentry Prof., Health Professions (972) 378-8371 Wylie Campus
GEORGE Golda M George Programmer Analyst (972) 881-5916 Plano Campus
GERACIE Matt P Geracie Assoc Dean Counseling/ACCESS (972) 881-5779 Plano Campus
GERAGHTY Sean Geraghty Prof., Foreign Languages (972) 881-5971 Plano Campus
GERBER Kim L Gerber Prof., Psychology (469) 365-1911 Frisco Campus
GERWIG Trey W Gerwig Mgr Campus Technology (469) 365-1948 Technical Campus
GETTY Patrick R Getty Prof., Geology (972) 881-5166 Plano Campus
GIBBONS Jeffrey D Gibbons Prof., Electronic Engineering Tech (972) 377-1740 Technical Campus
GIBBONS Mary J Gibbons Division Secretary (972) 377-1585 Frisco Campus
GIBBS Kayla M Gibbs Prof., Environmental Tech (972) 548-6263 Mc Kinney Campus
GILBERT Linda Gilbert Testing Ctr Asst (972) 378-8849 Frisco Campus
GILBERT James E Gilbert Prof., Management Development (972) 548-6571 Frisco Campus
GILCHRIST Jennifer K Gilchrist Executive Assistant (972) 881-5698 Plano Campus
GILL Amardeep K Gill Prof., Dean - Nursing (972) 548-6814 Mc Kinney Campus
GILLENS Eddie Gillens Plant Ops Worker (972) 553-1255 Technical Campus
GILMORE Dennis J Gilmore Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 881-5690 Plano Campus
GINGO Diana C Gingo Prof., English (972) 377-1631 Frisco Campus
GIRON Ana V Giron Prof., Foreign Languages (972) 881-5724 Plano Campus
GLAPION Jeanne M Glapion Dir Surgical Tech (214) 491-6218 Mc Kinney Campus
GLASS John E Glass Prof., Sociology (972) 377-1622 Frisco Campus
GODBOLE Aparna Godbole Prof., Info Tech Cisco CCNA (469) 365-1829 Frisco Campus
GOETZ Heinrich E Goetz Prof., Environmental Tech (972) 377-1079 Frisco Campus
GOLDGAR Gary M Goldgar Asst to the Executive Dean (972) 549-6416 Plano Campus
GOLWAY Kristina K Golway Transcript Evaluation Spec (972) 548-6743 Mc Kinney Campus
GONZALEZ JUAREZ Leonardo Gonzalez Juarez Grounds Keeper (972) 548-6698 Mc Kinney Campus
GONZALEZ Sarai Gonzalez Supv Food Services (972) 378-8789 Wylie Campus
GONZALEZ Paulo Gonzalez Grounds Keeper (972) 548-6698 Mc Kinney Campus
GOODMAN James M Goodman Coord Residential Life (972) 881-5974 Plano Campus
GOZA Julianne P Goza Prof., Kinesiology (972) 881-5630 Plano Campus
GRAFF Michael T Graff Electrician Journeyman Higher Education Center
GRASSER Travis A Grasser Prof., History Frisco Campus
GRAY Arianna Gray Asst Dir Financial Aid/VA (972) 881-5786 Plano Campus
GRAY Lenora K Gray Budget Manager (972) 599-3129 Higher Education Center
GRAY Brittanie Gray Counselor Mc Kinney Campus
GRAY James C Gray Prof., Art (972) 881-5156 Plano Campus
GRAYCZYK Jacqueline Grayczyk Mgr Financial Aid (972) 378-8698 Wylie Campus
GREEN Charlene M Green Prof., English (972) 377-1558 Mc Kinney Campus
GREEN Rhonda R Green Prof., Surgical Tech (214) 491-6216 Mc Kinney Campus
GREEN Alisa D Green Teacher Child Development (972) 881-5945 Plano Campus
GREENWELL Natalie G Greenwell Dir Workforce/Econ Dev (972) 985-3768 Courtyard Center
GREER Cercy Greer Collin Police Officer (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
GREGORASH Michael L Gregorash Asst Dir Student Engagement (972) 377-1789 Mc Kinney Campus
GREIG Gloria L Greig Prof., Emergency Medical Tech (214) 491-6261 Mc Kinney Campus
GRIFFIN Rasul A Griffin Facility Operations Asst Frisco Campus
GRIMES Glen T Grimes Prof., Computer Science Frisco Campus
GRIMLAND Susan J Grimland Prof., English (972) 881-5793 Plano Campus
GROSE Nicole C Grose Prof., Biology (972) 377-1030 Frisco Campus
GRUDZIEN Rafal M Grudzien Prof., Chemistry (972) 549-6368 Mc Kinney Campus
GRUVER Cindy F Gruver Prof., Legal Assistant (972) 881-5747 Frisco Campus
GUAGLIARDO Nick Guagliardo Food Svcs Mgr II (972) 881-5949 Plano Campus
GUERRA Rosa Guerra Division Secretary (972) 548-6690 Mc Kinney Campus
GUILLORY John L Guillory Dist College Career Counselor (972) 377-1521 Mc Kinney Campus
GUNDERSON Wendy A Gunderson Dean Academic Services (972) 985-3713 Higher Education Center
GUNTER Rachel M Gunter Prof., History (972) 881-5421 Plano Campus
GURIRA Rumbie J Gurira Admissions/Records Asst (972) 548-6520 Mc Kinney Campus
GUTZLER Jay A Gutzler Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5895 Plano Campus
GUY Joe A Guy Conduct Officer (972) 378-8292 Wylie Campus
HA Chalene Ha Accts Receivable Assoc (972) 549-6438 Farmersvillle Campus
HAAPALA Jessica B Haapala Coord Interpreters (972) 578-5556 Plano Campus
HAAS Sally M Haas Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 548-6887 Mc Kinney Campus
HAAS Eric T Haas Lab Instructor (972) 377-1553 Frisco Campus
HADNOT Vernon F Hadnot Video Producer (972) 881-5818 Higher Education Center
HAGGARD John R Haggard Prof., Interior / Comm Design (972) 881-5447 Plano Campus
HAGLER Corey Hagler Prof., RN Nursing (972) 548-6352 Mc Kinney Campus
HALE Tammy J Hale Prof., Dental Hygiene (972) 548-6534 Mc Kinney Campus
HALL Deborah A Hall Administrative Assistant (972) 881-5927 Plano Campus
HALL Merissa A Hall Testing Ctr Asst Frisco Campus
HALL Natarsha M Hall Supv Testing Ctr (972) 377-1523 Frisco Campus
HALL Abagail Hall Admissions/Records Asst (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
HALL Kylie B Hall Coord Special Admissions/Adv Allen Center
HAM Darin Ham Technology Specialist (972) 548-6877 Mc Kinney Campus
HAMILTON Brent A Hamilton Asst to the Executive Dean (972) 549-6496 Farmersvillle Campus
HAMILTON Matthew K Hamilton Prof., History (214) 491-6285 Mc Kinney Campus
HAMILTON-MESEROLE Candace B Hamilton-Meserole Asst Mgr Student Info Systems (972) 548-6746 Mc Kinney Campus
HAMNER Elizabeth P Hamner Prof., Psychology (469) 365-1939 Frisco Campus
HAMON Jerry R Hamon Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Mc Kinney Campus
HANCOCK Fayrouz I Hancock Programmer Analyst (972) 548-6631 Mc Kinney Campus
HANKS Gerald Hanks Electrician Journeyman Higher Education Center
HANLEY JR R Hanley Facility Operations Asst (972) 881-5690 Plano Campus
HANNA Eddie I Hanna Accts Payable Assoc (972) 758-3835 Higher Education Center
HANNA Teresa Hanna Admissions/Records Asst (972) 548-6565 Mc Kinney Campus
HANNA Melanie D Hanna Prof., Accounting (972) 881-5850 Plano Campus
HANSEN Paul E Hansen Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Frisco Campus
HANSON Barbara M Hanson Prof., English (469) 365-1915 Frisco Campus
HANVEY Karen D Hanvey Prof., Integrated Reading/Writing (972) 881-5147 Plano Campus
HARBER Carol Harber Executive Assistant (972) 985-3780 Higher Education Center
HARDESTY Jon H Hardesty VP Academic Affairs (972) 548-6338 Higher Education Center
HARDY Barry W Hardy Irrigation Specialist (972) 548-6698 Mc Kinney Campus
HARGIS Jessica J Hargis Prof., Political Science (972) 377-1681 Frisco Campus
HARPER Herbert J Harper Buyer (972) 758-3873 Higher Education Center
HARREN Marilyn Harren Dir ACCESS (972) 881-5713 Plano Campus
HARRIS Woody L Harris Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 548-6690 Mc Kinney Campus
HARRIS Kimberly C Harris Prof., Music (972) 599-3166 Mc Kinney Campus
HARSH Michael D Harsh Prof., Info Tech Cisco CCNA (972) 377-1507 Frisco Campus
HARTKOPF Raven Hartkopf Lab Technician Auto Tech Technical Campus
HASHIM Sahalie S Hashim Prof., Humanities (972) 378-8464 Wylie Campus
HATTON Stephen Hatton Testing Ctr Asst (972) 881-5922 Plano Campus
HAWKINS Eric J Hawkins Collin Police Sergeant (972) 378-8333 Plano Campus
HAWKINS Caryn T Hawkins Assoc Dean Student/Enroll Svcs (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
HAYCRAFT Jean B Haycraft Plant Ops Worker (972) 985-3777 Courtyard Center
HEAD Kimberly A Head Dir Healthcare Progs CE (972) 985-3708 Mc Kinney Campus
HEADRICK Dawn D Headrick Prof., Respiratory Therapy (214) 491-6264 Mc Kinney Campus
HEDBERG Katherine Hedberg Temp FT Professor Technical Campus
HEITLINGER Alex B Heitlinger Prof., Music (972) 881-5823 Plano Campus
HEITMAN David W Heitman Prof., Biology (469) 365-1916 Frisco Campus
HELISTE Pamela F Heliste Counselor (972) 881-5833 Plano Campus
HELM Colin N Helm Technology Specialist (972) 377-1569 Frisco Campus
HELM Summer Helm Mgr eLearning Projects (972) 548-6790 Mc Kinney Campus
HELMS Amy W Helms Prof., Biology (972) 377-1085 Frisco Campus
HELTON Doug D Helton Mgr Fitness Labs (972) 881-5899 Mc Kinney Campus
HENDERSON JT T Henderson Advisor (972) 377-1021 Frisco Campus
HENDERSON Emily E Henderson Prof., Dental Hygiene (972) 548-6547 Mc Kinney Campus
HENDERSON Sarah D Henderson Coord HR/Employment (972) 881-5110 Higher Education Center
HENNIGAN Brad B Hennigan Senior Instructional Designer (972) 881-5130 Plano Campus
HENRIE Lindy F Henrie Mgr Financial Aid (972) 881-5731 Mc Kinney Campus
HENRY Laura A Henry Asst Dir CWED (972) 985-3733 Courtyard Center
HENRY-AGUILAR Julie E Henry-Aguilar Asst To The Dean (214) 491-6282 Mc Kinney Campus
HENSLEY Scott S Hensley Prog Career Coach Wkfrc (972) 881-5684 Plano Campus
HERNANDEZ Jacqueline Hernandez Prof., Integrated Reading/Writing (972) 377-1704 Frisco Campus
HERNANDEZ Pete Hernandez Facility Operations Asst (972) 549-6316 Higher Education Center
HERRERA George Herrera Mgr Science Labs (972) 881-5790 Celina Campus
HERRERA Sandi M Herrera Dist Mgr Academic Scheduling (972) 549-6350 Higher Education Center
HERRERA Silvia Herrera Plant Ops Worker (972) 881-5690 Plano Campus
HERRMAN Ariana Herrman Advisor (972) 418-4207 Frisco Campus
HERSHENBERG Julie L Hershenberg Prof., Political Science JHershenberg@COLLIN.EDU (972) 881-5735 Plano Campus
HESSING Rebecca L Hessing Asst to the Dean (972) 553-1151 Technical Campus
HICKMAN-PLATT Diana C Hickman-Platt Degree Plan Specialist (972) 881-5184 Plano Campus
HICKS Laura M Hicks Prof., Economics (469) 365-1833 Frisco Campus
HICKS Jeramie D Hicks Programmer Analyst (972) 578-5565 Higher Education Center
HILBERG Jaclyn E Hilberg Prof., English (469) 365-1940 Frisco Campus
HILL Cherie Hill Supv HR Records (972) 548-6662 Higher Education Center
HINES John M Hines Prog Career Coach Wkfrc (972) 377-1733 Frisco Campus
HINKEBEIN Brad A Hinkebein Asst Mgr District Grounds (972) 378-8692 Mc Kinney Campus
HINOJOSA Aaron D Hinojosa College and Career Counselor (972) 377-1505 Allen Center
HINTON Telisha L Hinton Financial Aid/VA Tech Advisor (972) 548-6842 Mc Kinney Campus
HJALBER Marcus Hjalber Research Analyst IRO Higher Education Center
HOCKENBROUGH Terry L Hockenbrough Dir Bus & Community Outreach (972) 881-5900 Frisco Campus
HOENIG John M Hoenig Prof., History (972) 881-5427 Plano Campus
HOFF Meagan A Hoff Prof., English Mc Kinney Campus
HOH Peter S Hoh Coord Reality Based Training (972) 549-6326 Public Safety Training Center
HOLLOWAY Holly A Holloway Administrative Assistant (972) 378-8798 Wylie Campus
HOLLOWAY DeAira M Holloway Dean Student and Enroll Svcs (972) 881-5741 Frisco Campus
HOLMES Melody F Holmes Mgr Science Labs (972) 377-1553 Frisco Campus
HOLTFRERICH Michael Holtfrerich Prof., Mathematics (972) 377-1526 Frisco Campus
HOPES Diana L Hopes Executive Dean (972) 549-6476 Farmersvillle Campus
HOPPER Rebecca S Hopper Police Telecommunicator (972) 881-5656 Plano Campus
HORKMAN Kristy Horkman Exec ATP/Secretary to Board (972) 758-3800 Higher Education Center
HORST Robin L Horst Reference Assoc Mc Kinney Campus
HORSTMAN William Horstman Assoc Dean Student/Enroll Svcs (972) 377-1077 Frisco Campus
HOUGHTON Keith Houghton Operator / Maint HVAC Tech (972) 378-8693 Wylie Campus
HOUSTON Charlene D Houston Prof., Developmental ESL (972) 516-5060 Plano Campus
HOWARD Kristy Howard Graphic Designer (972) 758-3868 Higher Education Center
HOWARD Kolby Howard Technology Specialist Mc Kinney Campus
HOWARD Tony J Howard Prof., English (972) 378-8938 Wylie Campus
HOWARD Liz A Howard Assoc Dean Student/Enroll Svcs (972) 881-5638 Mc Kinney Campus
HOXHA Fjolla Hoxha Teacher Child Development (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
HUANG Hui-Ling Huang Project Manager Construction Higher Education Center
HUDSON Madeline E Hudson Coord Special Admissions/Adv Allen Center
HUFF Nancy Y Huff Asst to the Dean (972) 377-1166 Frisco Campus
HUGHES Regina M Hughes Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 578-5586 Plano Campus
HULL Tom Hull Asst Tech Dir (972) 881-5825 Plano Campus
HUMPHREYS Krystal Humphreys Prof., History (972) 378-8441 Wylie Campus
HUNSAKER Joan C Hunsaker Prof., RN-to-BSN Nursing (972) 548-6673 Mc Kinney Campus
HUNT Pierce C Hunt Makerspace Asst Library (972) 881-5544 Plano Campus
HUNT Judy Hunt Telecomm Analyst (972) 549-6349 Mc Kinney Campus
HUNTER Toya L Hunter HR Specialist Records (972) 548-6659 Higher Education Center
HUNTER-WILSON Lynn L Hunter-Wilson Prog Mgr Healthcare CE (972) 985-3715 Mc Kinney Campus
HUNTSBERRY Mark C Huntsberry Lab Instructor Plano Campus
HUPPE Alicia L Huppe AVP Student/Enrollment Svcs (972) 377-1749 Higher Education Center
HURST Rob M Hurst Technology Specialist (972) 548-6686 Mc Kinney Campus
HURTADO DIAZ Gloria Hurtado Diaz Mgr External/ Enrollment Rptg (972) 548-6618 Higher Education Center
INGOLDBY Deborah Ingoldby Human Resources Specialist (972) 985-3783 Higher Education Center
IRBY Melissa Irby Chief Financial Officer (972) 758-3831 Higher Education Center
IRWIN COURY Shanna L Irwin Coury Prof., Mathematics (972) 549-6406 Mc Kinney Campus
ISAIS Jocelyn M Isais eLearning Assistant Wylie Campus
ISHAM Angie Isham Mgr Payroll (972) 985-3740 Higher Education Center
ISIP JD D Isip Prof., English (972) 578-5514 Plano Campus
IWANEK Sonia A Iwanek Prof., Political Science (972) 377-1724 Frisco Campus
JACK Cheri A Jack Assoc Dean of Students (972) 548-6771 Frisco Campus
JACKSON Trevor L Jackson Grounds Keeper Mc Kinney Campus
JACOBSON Tonya W Jacobson Mgr HR/Employee Relations (972) 758-3856 Higher Education Center
JAMES Velda James Prof., Computer Science Frisco Campus
JARNEFELDT Evans E Jarnefeldt Prof., Theater (972) 881-5695 Plano Campus
JAUREGUI Courtenay C Jauregui Prof., Education (972) 578-5598 Plano Campus
JAVEED Lubna Javeed Prof., Integrated Reading/Writing (972) 377-1729 Frisco Campus
JAYNES Joe Jaynes Prof., History (972) 553-1158 Technical Campus
JEAN MARY Sarah Jean Mary Prof., Mathematics Plano Campus
JEFFREY Michael B Jeffrey Maintenance Painter/Carpenter (972) 377-1690 Frisco Campus
JENKINS Jimmy D Jenkins Master Electrician (972) 549-6317 Higher Education Center
JENKINS Scott S Jenkins Collin Chief of Police (972) 578-5579 Plano Campus
JENKINS Toni P Jenkins Special Asst to Dist President (972) 758-3804 Higher Education Center
JERLS Mark A Jerls Interim Mgr Fac Op Stu Housing (972) 881-5790 Mc Kinney Campus
JIN Xuexin Jin Coord Accounts Receivable (972) 881-5635 Plano Campus
JOHNSON Jeanne L Johnson Asst Dir Wkfc CE and PD (972) 985-3758 Courtyard Center
JOHNSON Katie A Johnson Prof., Biology (972) 377-1633 Frisco Campus
JOHNSON Patricia S Johnson Lab Asst Biology (972) 548-6812 Mc Kinney Campus
JOHNSON Alex T Johnson Coord Art Lab (972) 578-5502 Plano Campus
JOHNSON Vicky L Johnson Applications Administrator (972) 548-6749 Higher Education Center
JOHNSON Armand Johnson Mgr Campus Technology (972) 548-6871 Mc Kinney Campus
JOHNSON Beth A Johnson Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5957 Plano Campus
JOHNSON Craig A Johnson Dir Architecture/Construction (469) 365-1908 Technical Campus
JOHNSON Gary S Johnson Testing Ctr Asst Plano Campus
JOHNSON Jory R Johnson Videographer/Editor Higher Education Center
JOHNSON Mary A Johnson Asst To The Dean (972) 377-1595 Plano Campus
JOHNSON Abe Johnson SVP Campus Operations (972) 985-3760 Higher Education Center
JOHNSON Melissa S Johnson Prof., History (972) 578-5534 Plano Campus
JOHNSTON Barbara A Johnston AVP Financial Svcs and Rptg (972) 985-3732 Higher Education Center
JOHNSTON Erin B Johnston Staff Interpreter II (972) 578-5526 Plano Campus
JOHNSTON Raven D Johnston Prof., English Mc Kinney Campus
JOLLY Amber L Jolly Prof., History Plano Campus
JONES Chad D Jones CART Captioner IV (972) 377-1774 Plano Campus
JONES Aleka S Jones Advisor (972) 881-5802 Plano Campus
JONES Monica M Jones Prgrm Career Coach Wkfrc - GF (972) 377-1716 Frisco Campus
JONES Fernando M Jones Lab Technician Auto Tech Technical Campus
JONES Joshua Jones Veterans Services Specialist (972) 553-1186 Technical Campus
JONES Suzanne E Jones Prof., Education Plano Campus
JONES Lynn L Jones Prof., Political Science (972) 881-5841 Plano Campus
JOSHUA Jordan C Joshua Advisor (972) 516-5069 Plano Campus
JULIANO Lisa L Juliano Prof., Mathematics (972) 548-6718 Mc Kinney Campus
JUMPER Brandy S Jumper Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 548-6614 Mc Kinney Campus
JURY Fredrick F Jury Prof., Chemistry (972) 881-5883 Plano Campus
JYOTISHMATI Susmita Jyotishmati Prof., Physics (972) 549-6407 Mc Kinney Campus
KANNAMPUZHA Raji Kannampuzha Prof., Physics (972) 516-5054 Plano Campus
KAPALLA Chuck H Kapalla Supv Facilities Maintenance (972) 881-5690 Wylie Campus
KAPOCSI Linda B Kapocsi Prof., Developmental - ESL (972) 578-5528 Plano Campus
KARE Rex E Kare Prof., Art (972) 881-5107 Plano Campus
KARLSEN Susan A Karlsen Financial Aid/VA Advisor (972) 881-5750 Plano Campus
KAROUT Mervat Karout Prof., Biology (972) 378-8284 Wylie Campus
KARR Rosemary M Karr Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 881-5865 Plano Campus
KASSIM Mariam S Kassim Financial Aid/VA Advisor (972) 881-5408 Mc Kinney Campus
KAYES-WANDOVER Kathleen M Kayes-Wandover Prof., Biology (469) 365-1842 Frisco Campus
KEARNS Shannon M Kearns Prof., Theater (972) 881-5621 Plano Campus
KELLEY Andreshia D Kelley Asst Dir Student Engagement (972) 378-8482 Wylie Campus
KELLEY Courtney R Kelley Administrative Assistant (972) 549-6441 Farmersvillle Campus
KELLY Michelle L Kelly Prof., Health Professions (972) 553-1137 Technical Campus
KELSO Genni D Kelso Coord Accts Payable Higher Education Center
KENDALL Diane E Kendall Administrative Assistant (972) 881-5859 Plano Campus
KENNEDY Sean P Kennedy Prof., English Mc Kinney Campus
KENYON Lynette L Kenyon Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5722 Plano Campus
KERR Scott S Kerr Coord Fire Academy (972) 548-6836 Public Safety Training Center
KHAN Shamain Khan Instructional Office Asst Plano Campus
KHEDAIRY Nadia H Khedairy Prog Career Coach Wkfrc (469) 365-1816 Frisco Campus
KHOSHRAVAN Faramars Khoshravan Technology Specialist (972) 599-3168 Plano Campus
KHOURY Raja N Khoury Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5909 Plano Campus
KIHATO Ashley L Kihato Chef Manager (972) 881-5949 Plano Campus
KIM Hyun Kim Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
KIMBALL Karen R Kimball Admissions/Records Asst (972) 548-6245 Mc Kinney Campus
KINCAID Raquel Kincaid Information Ctr Asst (972) 378-8790 Wylie Campus
KING Jimmy H King Facility Operations Asst (972) 985-3777 Courtyard Center
KING Bill L King Campus Provost (972) 553-1112 Technical Campus
KING Joey King Veterans Services Advisor (972) 881-5763 Mc Kinney Campus
KINNETT Randy R Kinnett Prof., Music (972) 881-5108 Frisco Campus
KINYANJUI Benson Kinyanjui Advisor Dis/Mental Health (972) 377-1785 Frisco Campus
KIRBY Lisa A Kirby Prof., English (972) 548-6756 Plano Campus
KIRK Maria Ines Kirk Advisor (972) 516-5093 Plano Campus
KIRKPATRICK Bridgette L Kirkpatrick Prof., Biotechnology (972) 578-5513 Plano Campus
KLEINMAN Rebecca D Kleinman Mgr Science Labs (972) 549-6454 Farmersvillle Campus
KLEWICKI Angela R Klewicki Asst To The Dean (469) 365-1900 Frisco Campus
KNIGHT Rick L Knight Supv Facilities Maintenance (972) 377-1690 Frisco Campus
KNIGHT Scott A Knight Collin Police Sergeant (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
KOLLMAN Diana M Kollman Asst to the Assoc Provost (972) 599-3167 Higher Education Center
KORB Elizabeth M Korb Accts Receivable Assoc (972) 378-8893 Wylie Campus
KRAEMER Jennifer D Kraemer Prof., English (469) 365-1944 Frisco Campus
KRANZ Janice Kranz Administrative Assistant (972) 549-6411 Mc Kinney Campus
KRISHNASWAMY Nandini Krishnaswamy Prof., Speech (972) 553-1157 Technical Campus
KRISHNASWAMY Vidya Krishnaswamy Exec Dir Library (972) 377-1575 Frisco Campus
KRUEGER Audrey Krueger Prof., Dean - Nursing (972) 548-6835 Mc Kinney Campus
KUHLMAN Carlton J Kuhlman Collin Police Sergeant (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
KUKLA Bill J Kukla Prof., Real Estate (469) 365-1801 Frisco Campus
KULWICKI Carla Kulwicki Police Telecommunicator (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
KUNDOMAL Kyle A Kundomal Prof., Mathematics (972) 548-6737 Frisco Campus
KURYSHINA Marina Kuryshina Sr Research Analyst (972) 758-3814 Higher Education Center
KWONG Ron O Kwong Sr Database Administrator (972) 758-3885 Higher Education Center
KYPRIOS Linda A Kyprios Exec Dir Library (972) 881-5726 Plano Campus
LA POINT Aida La Point Prof., Mathematics (972) 516-5029 Plano Campus
LACEY Mark Lacey Prof., Fire Protection Tech Public Safety Training Center
LANDES Claire A Landes Prof., English Frisco Campus
LANGFORD Jackie R Langford Dir Simulation Lab (972) 548-6719 Mc Kinney Campus
LANGFORD Ivy L Langford Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 377-1535 Frisco Campus
LANIUS Kenny R Lanius Mgr Facilities/Plant Ops II (972) 378-5047 Wylie Campus
LAROCQUE Landon P LaRocque Prof., Welding Technology Technical Campus
LARSON Rebekah L Larson Clinical Coord Nursing (972) 548-6579 Mc Kinney Campus
LARUE Patrick F Larue Prof., Political Science (469) 365-1947 Frisco Campus
LASHGARI Sasha M Lashgari Prof., Biology (972) 881-5425 Plano Campus
LATHAM Michael D Latham Prof., Economics (972) 516-5003 Plano Campus
LAU Diana P Lau Administrative Assistant Higher Education Center
LAUTERBACK Rosemarie Lauterback Student Enrollment Specialist Mc Kinney Campus
LAVENDER Carol C Lavender Prof., Surgical Tech (214) 491-6260 Mc Kinney Campus
LEACH Jane L Leach Dean of Nursing (972) 548-6884 Mc Kinney Campus
LEAKE Allison M Leake Accts Receivable Assoc (972) 377-1638 Frisco Campus
LEATHERS James A Leathers Supv Call Ctr Plano Campus
LEBLANC Richard J LeBlanc Prof., Interior / Comm Design (972) 881-5114 Plano Campus
LEE Rebekah Lee Branch Mgr Sr Librarian (972) 553-1136 Technical Campus
LEE Pamela D Lee Assoc Dean Student/Enroll Svcs (972) 377-1545 Mc Kinney Campus
LEE Martin L Lee Lab Instructor AIMS Center Mc Kinney Campus
LEE Sarah K Lee Exec Dean CC Virtual Campus (972) 549-6417 Plano Campus
LEE Aaron R Lee Accountant (972) 758-3884 Higher Education Center
LEE Kirk D Lee Dean Student and Enroll Svcs (972) 377-1793 Plano Campus
LEMAIRE Stefanie A LeMaire Prof., Criminal Justice (972) 516-5051 Plano Campus
LEMALU Brittany A Lemalu Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
LENHART Brian L Lenhart Dir Weekend College (972) 881-5801 Plano Campus
LENHART Amy M Lenhart Counselor (972) 377-1008 Mc Kinney Campus
LENTSCHKE Leanne Lentschke Prof., English (469) 365-1912 Frisco Campus
LEONARD Mandy J Leonard Administrative Assistant (972) 378-8301 Wylie Campus
LESTER Trejor Q Lester Circulation Asst (972) 378-8660 Wylie Campus
LEVERETTE Craig C Leverette Campus Provost (972) 377-1551 Frisco Campus
LEVESQUE Nora E Levesque Administrative Assistant (972) 377-1560 Frisco Campus
LEWIS Rosalind L Lewis HR Generalist II (972) 378-3701 Higher Education Center
LEWIS Michelle L Lewis Admissions/Records Asst (214) 491-6212 Mc Kinney Campus
LEWIS Timberly R Lewis College and Career Counselor (469) 365-1926 Allen Center
LEWIS Rhonda L Lewis Prof., English (469) 365-1920 Frisco Campus
LEWIS Tara N Lewis Prog Career Coach Wkfrc (469) 365-1809 Frisco Campus
LEWIS Justin D Lewis Prof., Computer Science (469) 365-1935 Frisco Campus
LEWIS Patrick A Lewis Prof., Art (972) 548-6548 Frisco Campus
LEWIS Susan E Lewis Financial Aid/VA Specialist (972) 712-3200 Frisco Campus
LIN Christine Lin Accountant - Budget Analyst (972) 599-3120 Higher Education Center
LINGRELL Stephen M Lingrell Reference Librarian (972) 548-6709 Mc Kinney Campus
LIPSCOMB Dan A Lipscomb Prof., Psychology (972) 881-5715 Plano Campus
LLANES Richard Llanes Plant Ops Worker (972) 378-8690 Wylie Campus
LOERA Jessica Loera Advisor Mc Kinney Campus
LOHSE Nicole Lohse Mgr Grant Accounting (972) 758-3864 Higher Education Center
LOINETTE Kerry A Loinette Prof., Speech (972) 516-5073 Plano Campus
LOKKO Sheila Lokko Dist College Career Counselor (972) 548-6790 Celina Campus
LONG Robert C Long Clerk Mail/Receiving (972) 881-5933 Plano Campus
LONG Renee E Long Executive Assistant (972) 377-1550 Frisco Campus
LONG Sydney E Long Receiving Clerk (972) 881-5692 Plano Campus
LONG Jeni Long Prof., RN-to-BSN Nursing (972) 548-6248 Mc Kinney Campus
LONG Ralph L Long Prof., Speech (972) 881-5982 Plano Campus
LONSDALE Sarah G Lonsdale Prof., Mathematics (972) 377-1598 Frisco Campus
LOPES Jane Lopes Dir LVN Program (972) 548-6875 Technical Campus
LOPEZ Mari Lopez Curriculum Specialist (972) 758-3875 Higher Education Center
LORD Jeremy W Lord Lab Tech Construction Tech Frisco Campus
LOVE Kaleb R Love Plant Ops Worker (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
LOWER Kimberly H Lower Prof., Nutrition (972) 516-5072 Plano Campus
LUDWIG Donna J Ludwig Admin Asst to the Board (972) 758-3805 Higher Education Center
LUE Jaslyn Lue HR Generalist II (972) 758-3857 Plano Campus
LUEBBERS Audri Luebbers Prof., Diag Med Sonography Mc Kinney Campus
LUKOMSKI Ed F Lukomski Mgr Science Labs (972) 548-6792 Mc Kinney Campus
LUNA Nicole Luna Coord Marketing/Communications (972) 599-3179 Higher Education Center
LUONG Aaron L Luong Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 377-1690 Frisco Campus
LUSSIER Kristie O Lussier Prof., English (972) 548-6633 Mc Kinney Campus
LYNN Michael M Lynn Virtual Desktop Engineer (972) 377-1673 Mc Kinney Campus
LYONS Jill R Lyons Intl Student Svcs Asst (972) 516-5012 Plano Campus
MACKENZIE Katherine Mackenzie Information Ctr Asst (972) 553-1290 Technical Campus
MACKEY Sheri L Mackey Coord Degree Plans (972) 881-5104 Mc Kinney Campus
MACREADY John D Macready Prof., Philosophy (972) 578-5538 Plano Campus
MADHUGIRI Sudha Madhugiri Prof., Chemistry (972) 578-5530 Plano Campus
MADU Christian E Madu Prof., Chemistry (972) 377-1518 Frisco Campus
MAESE Cynthia Maese Advisor Disability Svcs I (972) 378-8364 Wylie Campus
MAHAJAN Ruchi Mahajan Lab Instructor (469) 365-1876 Frisco Campus
MAHON Susan S Mahon Prof., Computer Science (972) 377-1688 Frisco Campus
MAKOKHA James A Makokha Prof., Economics (972) 377-1687 Frisco Campus
MALDONADO Mark Maldonado Mgr Campus Technology (972) 881-5066 Plano Campus
MALEK Cyrus Malek Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5181 Plano Campus
MALONE George B Malone Operations Mgr Fire Training (972) 548-6670 Public Safety Training Center
MALONE David Malone Dir BIS Data Warehouse (972) 599-3138 Higher Education Center
MALTEZOS Pete Maltezos Technology Specialist (972) 553-1245 Technical Campus
MANGANELLI Paul D Manganelli Prof., Geology (972) 377-1086 Frisco Campus
MANGRUM Jennifer L Mangrum Lab Asst (972) 548-6517 Mc Kinney Campus
MANN Brianna Mann Financial Aid/VA Advisor (972) 881-5405 Mc Kinney Campus
MANN JAnna L Mann Asst To The Dean (972) 881-5881 Plano Campus
MANNING Melanie Manning Coord Payroll (972) 758-3824 Higher Education Center
MANUEL Abigail Manuel Prof., English (972) 881-5846 Plano Campus
MARA Trevor Mara Lab Instructor Mc Kinney Campus
MARKINES Lee Markines Network Administrator (972) 377-1766 Courtyard Center
MARSHMAN Nicola A Marshman Dir Strategic Initiatives (972) 814-4574 Plano Campus
MARTIN Charlene E Martin College and Career Counselor Allen Center
MARTIN Caleb M Martin Veterans Services Specialist (972) 881-5774 Mc Kinney Campus
MARTIN Cody J Martin Prof., Welding Technology (972) 553-1276 Technical Campus
MARTIN Phyllis P Martin Administrative Assistant (972) 985-3739 Courtyard Center
MARTIN Tom K Martin VP Institutional Research (972) 758-3817 Higher Education Center
MARTIN Curtis D Martin Collin Police Sergeant (972) 881-5681 Frisco Campus
MARTIN Meredith R Martin Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 377-1032 Frisco Campus
MARTIN Karen B Martin Coord Culinary Arts Lab (972) 377-1068 Frisco Campus
MARTINEZ PRADO Elisabet Martinez Prado College and Career Counselor (972) 553-1162 Technical Campus
MARTINEZ Raul J Martinez AVP P 12 Partnerships (972) 985-3725 Higher Education Center
MARTINEZ Patrick D Martinez Collin Police Officer (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
MARTINEZ-GONZALEZ Joyce M Martinez-Gonzalez Prof., Hospitality (972) 378-8969 Frisco Campus
MARTINEZ-POCASANGRE Evelyn S Martinez-Pocasangre Accts Receivable Assoc (972) 548-6559 Mc Kinney Campus
MARZETT Cindy Marzett Call Ctr Specialist (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
MASAR Trina G Masar Prof., Dean - Nursing (972) 548-6775 Mc Kinney Campus
MASOOD Aamina Masood Lab Asst Culinary Arts (972) 377-1084 Frisco Campus
MASSARO Karen Massaro Administrative Assistant (972) 548-6883 Mc Kinney Campus
MASTERS Shawna L Masters Prof., Mathematics (972) 548-6864 Mc Kinney Campus
MATHEWS Susan F Mathews Asst To The Dean (972) 881-5081 Plano Campus
MATHEWS Susy A Mathews Teacher Child Development (972) 881-5945 Plano Campus
MATKIN H. Neil Matkin BOARD OF TRUSTEES (972) 758-3801 Higher Education Center
MATRANGA Jennifer Matranga Dir Nursing (972) 548-6804 Mc Kinney Campus
MATTHEWS Edward Matthews Technology Specialist (972) 516-5020 Plano Campus
MATTHEWS Steve M Matthews VP External Rel/Gov Affairs (972) 599-3139 Higher Education Center
MAXWELL Calvin J Maxwell Supv Operator/Maint Tec (972) 377-1690 Frisco Campus
MAXWELL Bryan K Maxwell Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 553-1255 Public Safety Training Center
MAY Samuel J May Prof., Geology (972) 377-1635 Frisco Campus
MAYFIELD Matthew B Mayfield Collin Police Lieutenant (972) 378-8334 Plano Campus
MAYFIELD Kenneth Mayfield Police Systems Administrator (214) 491-6233 Mc Kinney Campus
MAYS JOHNNY Mays Operator/Maint HVAC Tech Farmersvillle Campus
MCANALLY Jonathan A McAnally Asst Bursar (972) 758-3810 Higher Education Center
MCARTOR Emery McArtor Technology Specialist (972) 599-3170 Higher Education Center
MCAULIFF Pat P McAuliff Dir Fire Science (972) 548-6837 Public Safety Training Center
MCBEE Melinda W McBee Prof., English (972) 548-6243 Technical Campus
MCCLELLAN Keyona P McClellan Coord Intl Studies/Adv Assoc (972) 516-5011 Plano Campus
MCCLELLAN Christine A McClellan Dir Dental Hygiene (972) 548-6738 Mc Kinney Campus
MCCLINTON Michael B McClinton Business Advisor SBDC (972) 985-3773 Courtyard Center
MCCONACHIE Michael P McConachie Prof., Political Science (972) 378-8936 Wylie Campus
MCCORD jill R McCord Prof., Culinary Arts (972) 377-1057 Frisco Campus
MCCOURT Helen M McCourt Prof., English (972) 881-5138 Plano Campus
MCCOY Bobby McCoy Collin Police Sergeant (972) 881-5580 Plano Campus
MCCULLOCH David L McCulloch Prof., Biology (972) 881-5991 Plano Campus
MCCULLOUGH James McCullough Plumber Journeyman Higher Education Center
MCDERMOTT Jennifer E McDermott Dir Technology Support Svcs (972) 378-3854 Wylie Campus
MCELWAIN Sandy L McElwain Coord Campus Support Rockwall (469) 698-7499 Rockwall Campus
MCFADDEN Dennis L McFadden Lab Asst (469) 365-1876 Frisco Campus
MCGEE Willie G McGee Mgr Facilities/Plant Ops II (972) 377-1691 Frisco Campus
MCGILL Angela McGill Dir Student Housing Ops (972) 881-5151 Plano Campus
MCILNAY Erika A McIlnay Coord Music and Art Lab (972) 378-8645 Wylie Campus
MCKEE Kasey B McKee Dist College Career Counselor (972) 378-8687 Wylie Campus
MCKEE Mike G McKee Prof., Communication Design (972) 881-5647 Plano Campus
MCKENZIE Tracey M McKenzie Prof., Sociology (972) 377-1662 Frisco Campus
MCLEROY Bart B McLeroy Prof., Real Estate (469) 365-1803 Frisco Campus
MCMILLEN Toni L McMillen Prof., English (972) 548-6513 Mc Kinney Campus
MCMILLIN Jeni L McMillin Prof., English (972) 548-6638 Mc Kinney Campus
MCMILLION Tonya McMillion Prof., Communication Design (972) 881-5607 Plano Campus
MCMULLEN Kimberly A McMullen Administrative Assistant (214) 491-6270 Mc Kinney Campus
MCMURPHY Carl A McMurphy Prof., Fire Protection Tech (972) 548-6836 Public Safety Training Center
MCNURLEN Warren L McNurlen Collin Police Sergeant (972) 548-6795 Mc Kinney Campus
MCRAE Mary S McRae Campus Provost (972) 378-8888 Wylie Campus
MEANS Lisa M Means Prof., Photography (972) 881-5112 Plano Campus
MEASON Lillian A Meason Admissions Assoc (972) 881-5745 Plano Campus
MEDINA Michael Medina Prof., Audio Engineering (972) 881-5672 Frisco Campus
MEDINA Nicholas A Medina Associate Registrar (972) 377-1082 Mc Kinney Campus
MELGIRI Sujata R Melgiri Circulation Asst (972) 881-5910 Plano Campus
MELLOTT Elizabeth T Mellott Prof., Photography (972) 881-5907 Plano Campus
MELTON Camin M Melton Prof., English (972) 881-5132 Plano Campus
MENDEZ Joan T Mendez Branch Mgr Sr Librarian (972) 548-6790 Celina Campus
MERCADO Lauren Mercado Reference Librarian Frisco Campus
MERGERSON Jim W Mergerson Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 881-5602 Plano Campus
MERSIOVSKY Andrea Mersiovsky Dir Development (972) 599-3146 Higher Education Center
MESCH Brenden D Mesch Dean Academic Affairs (469) 365-1902 Frisco Campus
MESSINA Mike R Messina Dir Safety, Emergency Mgmt (972) 881-5617 Plano Campus
MEWBOURN Don J Mewbourn Collin Police Lieutenant (972) 881-5643 Plano Campus
MEYER Tracy I Meyer Prof., Psychology (972) 377-1653 Frisco Campus
MIADZVEDSKAYA Alena V Miadzvedskaya Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 881-5644 Plano Campus
MICHAEL Rajesh K Michael Mgr Web Communications (972) 758-3897 Higher Education Center
MICHIE Iain S Michie Dir Campus Technology Services (972) 881-5872 Plano Campus
MILLEN Michelle L Millen Dean Academic Affairs (972) 548-6677 Mc Kinney Campus
MILLER Marlene A Miller Dir Creative Services (972) 758-3858 Higher Education Center
MILLER Rebecca A Miller Dir Payroll Administration (972) 758-3822 Higher Education Center
MILLER Karen D Miller Division Secretary (972) 377-1690 Frisco Campus
MILLER Deborah S Miller Mgr Program Reporting (972) 377-1564 Frisco Campus
MILLER Marilyn G Miller Technology Specialist (972) 548-6877 Frisco Campus
MILLER Paula J Miller Prof., Accounting (972) 881-5179 Plano Campus
MILLER Adam S Miller Prof., Philosophy (972) 548-6742 Mc Kinney Campus
MILLER Gwen C Miller Prof., Biology (972) 548-6834 Mc Kinney Campus
MILLS Jamie Mills Dir Academic Partnerships (972) 985-3734 Higher Education Center
MILLS David A Mills Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
MILLS Paula K Mills Instructional Office Assistant (972) 378-8799 Wylie Campus
MINOT Pam C Minot Financial Aid/VA Advisor (972) 881-5652 Farmersvillle Campus
MIRO Benjamin I Miro Senior Instructional Designer (469) 365-1826 Mc Kinney Campus
MITCHELL Jessica Y Mitchell College and Career Counselor (469) 365-1845 Allen Center
MITCHELL Billy W Mitchell Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
MIYAMOTO WALTERS Melody Miyamoto Walters Prof., History (972) 548-6685 Technical Campus
MOCK Timothy W Mock Director EMS (972) 549-6366 Mc Kinney Campus
MOGGA Joseph N Mogga Maintenance Tech Stdnt Housing (972) 881-5151 Plano Campus
MOKAKE Matilda M Mokake Coord Accounts Receivable (972) 758-3837 Higher Education Center
MOKAKE Tom N Mokake Admissions/Records Asst (972) 516-5059 Plano Campus
MOLINA Cathy D Molina Prof., Chemistry (972) 377-1642 Frisco Campus
MONDEEL Becky Mondeel Division Secretary (972) 881-5690 Plano Campus
MONTALVO Monica T Montalvo Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5180 Plano Campus
MOORE Lindsay E Moore Prof., English (972) 881-5776 Plano Campus
MOORE Brittany K Moore Prof., English (972) 377-1093 Frisco Campus
MOORE Alyssa M Moore Administrative Assistant (972) 377-1503 Allen Center
MOORE Arceonul Moore Prof., Cybersecurity - BAT Frisco Campus
MOORE Marta K Moore Prof., English (972) 881-5821 Plano Campus
MORALES Angela Morales College and Career Counselor Allen Center
MORGAN Katherine W Morgan Prof., Music (972) 881-5653 Plano Campus
MORGAN Christopher R Morgan Prof., Audio Engineering (972) 881-5010 Plano Campus
MORGAN Melissa G Morgan Clinical Coord DMS (972) 549-6365 Mc Kinney Campus
MORGAN Jason M Morgan Prof., History (972) 377-1573 Frisco Campus
MORGAN Nicholas C Morgan Prof., Political Science (972) 377-1663 Frisco Campus
MORMAN Lisa V Morman Coord Fixed Assets (972) 758-3826 Higher Education Center
MORPHEW Robert Morphew Prof., Computer Network Tech (469) 365-1987 Frisco Campus
MOSES Tom R Moses Mgr Facilities/Plant Ops I (972) 985-3777 Courtyard Center
MOSES Kathy J Moses Supv Circulation (972) 548-6817 Mc Kinney Campus
MOSES Melissa L Moses Administrative Assistant (972) 377-1705 Frisco Campus
MOSETI Peter Moseti Operator/Maint HVAC Tech Mc Kinney Campus
MOSHAY Beenah Moshay Dir Effectiveness Analytics (972) 599-3102 Higher Education Center
MOULA Kemal Moula Prof., Foreign Languages (972) 881-5678 Plano Campus
MULCAHY Courtney M Mulcahy Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 377-1045 Wylie Campus
MURRAY Latricia Murray Client Services Specialist PR (972) 758-3895 Higher Education Center
MURRAY Debra D Murray Lab Asst (972) 548-6517 Mc Kinney Campus
MURRELL April J Murrell Accts Payable Assoc (972) 758-3836 Higher Education Center
MUSA Karen M Musa Executive Dean (469) 365-1961 Technical Campus
MUSSELL Jay R Mussell Prof., Economics (469) 463-3770 Plano Campus
MUTO Elizabeth A Muto Counselor (972) 881-5748 Plano Campus
MVALO Lindsay I Mvalo Project Mgr Grants Mgmt (469) 365-1967 Courtyard Center
NAGAR Aditi Nagar Prof., Chemistry (972) 516-5000 Plano Campus
NAHEED Ashfia Naheed Mgr Acct/Financial Svcs IS (972) 758-3865 Higher Education Center
NEAL Kenny B Neal Dir Facilities Operations (469) 365-1873 Higher Education Center
NEAL George W Neal Prof., Art (469) 365-1860 Frisco Campus
NEAL Cameron C Neal Assoc Provost Instruction (972) 599-3121 Higher Education Center
NELSEN Jeremy D Nelsen Network Administrator (972) 548-6810 Mc Kinney Campus
NELSON Townsen G Nelson Help Desk Technician (972) 377-1037 Courtyard Center
NEUBEL JOHNSON Tiffani N Neubel Johnson Prof., Pharmacy Tech (972) 553-1127 Mc Kinney Campus
NEVAREZ Julie Nevarez Executive Assistant (972) 985-3798 Higher Education Center
NEWBY Karrie S Newby Prof., Health Information Management Mc Kinney Campus
NEWMAN Rocky R Newman Facility Operations Asst (972) 377-1690 Farmersvillle Campus
NEWMAN Greg Newman Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (214) 377-1029 Frisco Campus
NGO Wendy Ngo Admissions/Records Asst (972) 377-1039 Higher Education Center
NGUYEN Christie Nguyen Technology Specialist (972) 881-5946 Plano Campus
NGUYEN Tuan Nguyen Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
NGUYEN Kim-Lien T Nguyen Technology Specialist (972) 377-1677 Technical Campus
NGUYEN Andrew C Nguyen Systems Admin E Learning (972) 548-6553 Mc Kinney Campus
NICHOLLS Catherine M Nicholls Testing Ctr Asst (972) 881-5922 Mc Kinney Campus
NICHOLLS Richard J Nicholls Information Ctr Asst (972) 548-6790 Mc Kinney Campus
NICKERSON Floyd W Nickerson Chief Human Resources Officer (972) 599-3159 Higher Education Center
NIXON Tom V Nixon Prof., Culinary Arts (972) 377-1752 Frisco Campus
NIXON Jana Nixon Business Development Rep (972) 377-1609 Courtyard Center
NORTHUP Genevieve B Northup Mgr HR/Professional Dev (972) 758-3852 Higher Education Center
N'TCHOBO Aime H N'tchobo Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 881-5887 Plano Campus
NUGENT Jill F Nugent Assoc Dean Virtual Campus (972) 549-6494 Plano Campus
NYMAN Kim P Nyman Prof., Speech (972) 377-1578 Frisco Campus
O LOUGHLIN Jennifer L O Loughlin Prof., Psychology (972) 578-5512 Plano Campus
OAKES Taylor Oakes Financial Aid/VA Specialist (972) 881-5764 Mc Kinney Campus
OCHOA Zane Ochoa Tech Coord Student/Enroll Svcs (972) 548-6531 Mc Kinney Campus
OCHSENDORF Mark J Ochsendorf Collin Police Officer (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
OGDEN Taylor C Ogden Facility Operations Asst (972) 548-6690 Courtyard Center
OGLE Therese L Ogle Prof., Psychology Plano Campus
OGUNLANA Sunday Ogunlana Prof., Cybersecurity - BAT Frisco Campus
OJELABI Niyi A Ojelabi Lab Assistant HVAC Technology Technical Campus
O'NEIL Kimberly O'Neil Prof., Political Science (469) 365-1919 Frisco Campus
O'QUIN Chaelle D O'Quin Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 881-5142 Plano Campus
ORPHEY Gail M Orphey Facility Operations Asst (972) 549-6360 Public Safety Training Center
ORR Rebecca B Orr Prof., Biology (972) 516-5088 Plano Campus
ORTIZ-GALLEGOS Marco A Ortiz-Gallegos Receiving Clerk (972) 378-8438 Wylie Campus
OSBOURN Jennifer Osbourn Financial Aid/VA Specialist (972) 548-6880 Mc Kinney Campus
OSWALT Amanda Oswalt Prof., English Frisco Campus
OWENS Calvin C Owens Supv Facilities Maintenance (972) 553-1228 Technical Campus
PACKIRISAMY Venkatesan Packirisamy Prof., Cybersecurity Frisco Campus
PANAHI Mehrdad K Panahi Prof., Mathematics (469) 365-1925 Frisco Campus
PANG Choon C Pang Database Administrator (972) 548-6735 Mc Kinney Campus
PANNELL Elizabeth A Pannell Prof., Computer Science (972) 377-1605 Frisco Campus
PANTOJA Gabriel Pantoja Temp FT Professor Mc Kinney Campus
PARK Kelly Park Veterans Services Specialist (972) 377-1020 Frisco Campus
PARK Mark M Park Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5772 Plano Campus
PARKER Salena P Parker Prof., English (972) 549-6374 Mc Kinney Campus
PARKER Phillip D Parker Collin Police Officer (972) 378-8648 Plano Campus
PATEL Nikhil H Patel Supv Circulation (972) 378-8861 Wylie Campus
PATEL Vidhi P Patel Help Desk Technician (972) 378-5102 Courtyard Center
PATTON Karlos D Patton Advisor (972) 578-5503 Frisco Campus
PATYRAK Daniel S Patyrak Technology Specialist (972) 548-6877 Mc Kinney Campus
PAUL Robert H Paul Project Mgr Telecommunications (972) 548-6658 Mc Kinney Campus
PAYNE Angela V Payne Prof., Office Systems Tech (972) 881-5170 Frisco Campus
PEAK Cassie D Peak Asst To The Dean (972) 548-6678 Mc Kinney Campus
PEARSON Chad E Pearson Prof., History (972) 881-5115 Plano Campus
PEARSON Shontel M Pearson Dist College Career Counselor (972) 548-6831 Technical Campus
PEEPLES Jinger Denette S Peeples Executive Assistant (972) 553-1111 Higher Education Center
PENALVER Frank J Penalver Coord Social and Digital Media (972) 758-3893 Higher Education Center
PEOPLES Valencia Peoples Division Secretary (972) 378-8356 Wylie Campus
PERDREAUVILLE Amy J Perdreauville Prof., E Business (972) 377-1613 Frisco Campus
PEREZ Jaclyna Perez Instructional Technologist (972) 881-5870 Mc Kinney Campus
PEREZ Pedro C Perez Clinical Coord Veterinary Tech (972) 378-8379 Wylie Campus
PEREZ April D Perez Circulation Asst (972) 881-5910 Plano Campus
PERKINS Gina B Perkins Prof., English (972) 548-6562 Mc Kinney Campus
PERRY Carolyn E Perry Prof., Humanities (972) 881-5140 Plano Campus
PERSON Leanne K Person Asst To The Dean (972) 881-5902 Frisco Campus
PETCH Sonia Petch Prof., Mathematics (972) 549-6347 Mc Kinney Campus
PETERSON-SMART Karen M Peterson-Smart Prof., Polysomnography (972) 548-6622 Mc Kinney Campus
PETTIGREW Candis Pettigrew Coord Purchasing Card Program (972) 758-3830 Higher Education Center
PEVEHOUSE Robert L Pevehouse Supv Operator/Maint Tec (972) 548-6697 Mc Kinney Campus
PHAM Huong L Pham Technology Specialist (972) 881-5877 Plano Campus
PHAN Kathy Phan Technology Specialist (972) 378-8578 Wylie Campus
PHILLIPS Regenia Phillips Dir Auxiliary Svcs (972) 881-5616 Plano Campus
PHILLIPS Alicia M Phillips Asst to the Dean (972) 378-8697 Wylie Campus
PHILLIPS Joseph M Phillips Prof., History (972) 578-5504 Plano Campus
PHOENIX Christy S Phoenix HR Generalist II (214) 491-6237 Higher Education Center
PIAZZA Barry L Piazza Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5127 Plano Campus
PICKENS Thomas L Pickens Prof., History (972) 548-6781 Frisco Campus
PIERCE Krystal S Pierce College and Career Counselor (972) 881-5707 Frisco Campus
PIERSON Patricia J Pierson Prof., Health Information Management (972) 548-6679 Mc Kinney Campus
PINDER Walter A Pinder College and Career Counselor (972) 548-6736 Allen Center
PISANI Whitney J Pisani Prof., Speech (972) 516-5009 Plano Campus
PITTMAN J Marshall Pittman Prof., Communication Design (972) 881-5159 Plano Campus
PIXLEY Alan D Pixley Dir Financial Aid/Vet Affairs (972) 758-3842 Higher Education Center
PLOTKIN Alex L Plotkin Sr Business Advisor SBDC (972) 985-3774 Courtyard Center
POLASEK Houston G Polasek Prof., HVAC Technical Campus
POLITO John Polito Irrigation Technician (972) 548-6790 Mc Kinney Campus
PONDER Bill C Ponder Lab Instructor (972) 548-6518 Mc Kinney Campus
POOK Cherie I Pook Accts Receivable Assoc Higher Education Center
POPE Leandra A Pope Dist College Career Counselor Public Safety Training Center
POPOWSKI Mark D Popowski Prof., History (972) 377-1601 Frisco Campus
PORTNOY Brittney R Portnoy College and Career Counselor (469) 365-1848 Allen Center
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555
POSITION Vacant Position Supv Testing Center Farmersville Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Prog Dir DOL Flextech Mc Kinney Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Supv Travel Higher Education Center
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Mc Kinney Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Medical Dir EMS Professions Mc Kinney Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Mgr Science Labs Celina Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Sergeant (Wylie) (972) 578-5555
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Sergeant (Allen) (972) 578-5555
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Wylie Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Wylie Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Wylie Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Allen Center
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Allen Center
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Allen Center
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Mgr Fitness Ctr/Tennis Coach Plano Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Wylie Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Wylie Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Allen Center
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Allen Center
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555
POSITION Vacant Position Associate Registrar (972) 378-8688 Wylie Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Supv Testing Center (972) 378-8344 Wylie Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Veterans Services Specialist (972) 378-8291 Wylie Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Facility Operations Asst Wylie Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer Higher Education Center
POSITION Vacant Position College and Career Counselor Allen Center
POSITION Vacant Position Senior Accountant (972) 758-3884 Higher Education Center
POSITION Vacant Position Prof., Collision Technology Technical Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Call Ctr Specialist (972) 881-5408 Plano Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Dir Collegiate Academies (972) 377-1087 Frisco Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Exec Dir Corp College Courtyard Center
POSITION Vacant Position Assoc Dean Academic Affairs/Workforce Frisco Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Healthcare Recruiter (972) 548-6583 Mc Kinney Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Exec Dir Emerging Tech Grants (972) 377-1649 Frisco Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Frisco Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Administrative Assistant (972) 548-6587 Mc Kinney Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Lab Assistant (972) 377-1632 Frisco Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Prof., Geology (972) 548-6510 Mc Kinney Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Prof., Anthropology (972) 881-5798 Plano Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Dir Developmental Education (972) 881-5701 Plano Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Dir Instructional Tech (972) 516-5016 Plano Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Asst Dir Student Engagement (972) 548-6508 Frisco Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Mc Kinney Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Mc Kinney Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Frisco Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Asst to VP Athletics (972) 516-5025 Plano Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Asst To The Dean Frisco Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 377-1690 Frisco Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Data Management Specialist (972) 548-6745 Mc Kinney Campus
POSITION Vacant Position Asst Athletic Coach Plano Campus
POSITON Vacant Positon AVP/Chief Information Officer (972) 599-3133 Higher Education Center
POTTER Dustin P Potter Prof., Mathematics (972) 378-8283 Wylie Campus
POWELL Lee L Powell Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 549-6489 Farmersvillle Campus
PRESTIDGE-REED Brandy Prestidge-Reed Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Frisco Campus
PRINCE Jeremy R Prince Prof., Computer Network Tech (972) 377-1515 Frisco Campus
PRUS Jake M Prus Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
PURDOM James W Purdom Mgr District Grounds (972) 548-6698 Mc Kinney Campus
PUTMAN Brian K Putman Division Secretary (972) 881-5690 Wylie Campus
PUTNAM Kelly L Putnam Prof., Kinesiology (972) 377-1753 Frisco Campus
PYLE Judy L Pyle Information Ctr Asst (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
QUESENBERRY Stacey D Quesenberry Asst to the Executive Dean Celina Campus
QUEZADA Lily H Quezada Mgr Student IS/Reporting (972) 548-6876 Mc Kinney Campus
QUONG Daniel K Quong Graphic Designer (972) 758-3869 Higher Education Center
RABE Giselle K Rabe Accts Payable Assoc Higher Education Center
RAJENDRAN Sowmya J Rajendran Makerspace Asst Library (972) 548-6847 Mc Kinney Campus
RAJENDRAN Saranya J Rajendran Lab Instructor Plano Campus
RAMIREZ Abel P Ramirez Lab Instructor (972) 377-1614 Frisco Campus
RAMOS Teresa E Ramos Admissions Recruiter (972) 548-6723 Mc Kinney Campus
RAMOS Aaron Z Ramos Grounds Maint Foreperson (972) 881-5697 Mc Kinney Campus
RAMSEY Scott S Ramsey Plumber Journeyman Higher Education Center
RAMSEY Traci L Ramsey Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 578-5552 Plano Campus
RANDALL Clay H Randall Prof., Economics (972) 881-5835 Plano Campus
RANGARAJAN Sunita Rangarajan Prof., Biology (972) 377-1669 Frisco Campus
RANTA Lari D Ranta Prof., English (972) 881-5879 Plano Campus
RASMUSSEN Elizabeth D Rasmussen Prof., Mathematics Mc Kinney Campus
RASMUSSEN Bryan A Rasmussen Prof., Political Science (972) 377-1095 Frisco Campus
RAWLS Heather M Rawls Prof., Dean - Nursing (972) 548-6236 Mc Kinney Campus
RAWLS Gianni Rawls Student Enrollment Specialist (972) 378-8269 Wylie Campus
RAYMOND Karen S Raymond Business Advisor SBDC (972) 985-3772 Courtyard Center
RAZA Syed M Raza Prof., Business Administration (972) 881-5125 Plano Campus
REAGAN Zach C Reagan Collin Police Officer (972) 881-5656 Plano Campus
RECINOS Alex F Recinos Grounds Keeper (972) 881-5690 Mc Kinney Campus
RECZEK Ronald M Reczek Prof., Culinary Arts (972) 377-1773 Frisco Campus
REDGRAVES Christopher M Redgraves Prof., History (469) 365-1946 Frisco Campus
REED Kari Reed Prof., Emergency Med Tech (972) 548-6586 Mc Kinney Campus
REEVE Brandy M Reeve Mgr Campus Technology (972) 377-3171 Higher Education Center
REEVES steven D Reeves Prof., Welding Technology (972) 553-1209 Technical Campus
REID Anne Reid Executive Assistant (972) 758-3828 Higher Education Center
REIERSGORD Aubrie R Reiersgord Teacher Child Development (972) 881-5945 Plano Campus
REILLY Colleen Reilly Administrative Assistant (972) 881-5126 Plano Campus
RESENDIZ Fabiola E Resendiz Student Enrollment Specialist (972) 985-3726 Courtyard Center
RESTMEYER Christine C Restmeyer Prof., Health Professions (972) 548-6679 Mc Kinney Campus
REYES Isabel I Reyes Prof., Surgical Tech (972) 549-6426 Mc Kinney Campus
REYNOLDS Kelley A Reynolds Prof., Respiratory Therapy (972) 548-6819 Mc Kinney Campus
RHO Jin-Ja Rho Reference Associate (972) 553-1123 Technical Campus
RHODES Sherry L Rhodes Prof., Speech (972) 516-5063 Plano Campus
RICE Jennifer K Rice Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 377-1602 Frisco Campus
RICE David W Rice Prof., Mathematics (972) 377-1759 Frisco Campus
RICE April S Rice Financial Aid/VA Advisor (972) 378-8696 Wylie Campus
RICE Tara C Rice Benefits Generalist (972) 758-3849 Higher Education Center
RICH Nelson N Rich Prof., Biology (972) 881-5874 Plano Campus
RICHARDS Serena M Richards Prof., English (469) 365-1913 Frisco Campus
RICHARDSON Leslie Richardson Prof., English (972) 578-5582 Plano Campus
RICHARDSON Casey W Richardson Help Desk Analyst (972) 985-3744 Courtyard Center
RICHARDSON April Richardson Information Ctr Asst (972) 378-8790 Wylie Campus
RICHARDSON Dawn J Richardson Dean Academic Affairs (972) 377-1015 Frisco Campus
RICKETTS Suzette Ricketts Advisor (972) 881-5450 Plano Campus
RIEVE Anna G Rieve Tutor Writing Ctr (972) 548-6857 Mc Kinney Campus
RIJAL Rajan Rijal Manager Science Labs (972) 553-1140 Technical Campus
RIKE Madison R Rike Prof., Health Professions Technical Campus
RING Charles R Ring Prof., Accounting (972) 377-1531 Frisco Campus
RIOS Katherine Rios Buyer (972) 985-3793 Higher Education Center
RISCHE Sue Anne A Rische Prof., Art (972) 548-6893 Mc Kinney Campus
RITZMAN Kirk A Ritzman Temp Professor Technical Campus
RIZZO Steven J Rizzo Prof., English (972) 377-1516 Frisco Campus
ROBERTSON Clair C Robertson Prof., Art (972) 378-8456 Wylie Campus
ROBERTSON Larry L Robertson Dir HR/Comp, Benefits and HRIS (972) 599-3160 Higher Education Center
ROBINSON Natasha T Robinson Prof., English (972) 881-5912 Plano Campus
ROBINSON Pamela G Robinson Supv Circulation (972) 548-6860 Plano Campus
ROBINSON Robert D Robinson Prof., Chemistry (469) 365-1921 Frisco Campus
ROBINSON Jessica A Robinson College and Career Counselor Technical Campus
ROCHELL Darrel B Rochell Prof., Welding Technology (469) 365-1935 Technical Campus
RODRIGUEZ Michael Rodriguez Operator/Maint HVAC Tech Wylie Campus
RODRIGUEZ Lorena M Rodriguez Prof., Economics (972) 548-6523 Technical Campus
ROGAN Jan M Rogan Degree Plan Specialist (972) 881-5424 Plano Campus
ROGERS Stephen C Rogers Asst Dir Student Engagement (972) 881-5787 Plano Campus
ROGERS Patricia Rogers Prof., Dean - Nursing (972) 548-6619 Mc Kinney Campus
ROGERS Jane Rogers Contract Administrator (972) 758-3870 Higher Education Center
ROGERS William G Rogers Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Frisco Campus
ROGERS James M Rogers HR Systems Engineer (972) 599-3162 Higher Education Center
ROLAND Darrell Roland Facilities Ops Coord Conf Ctr (972) 378-8644 Wylie Campus
ROMO Lynlee N Romo Prof., RN Nursing (972) 548-6828 Mc Kinney Campus
ROOD Crystal M Rood Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
ROOT Cheri Root Advisor (972) 377-1513 Frisco Campus
ROSE Michael E Rose Prof., Psychology (972) 378-8878 Wylie Campus
ROSSATO Kelly M Rossato Executive Assistant (972) 881-5770 Plano Campus
ROSSO Jeffrey P Rosso Collin Police Officer (214) 670-7253 Frisco Campus
ROUSE Katherine E Rouse Administrative Assistant (972) 548-6521 Public Safety Training Center
RUELES Shari A Rueles Administrative Assistant (214) 491-6215 Mc Kinney Campus
RUIZ Angelica Ruiz Bursar (972) 758-3840 Higher Education Center
RUMORE Joseph D Rumore Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
RUNGE Rayna R Runge Circulation Asst (972) 548-6867 Mc Kinney Campus
RUSSELL Bryan Russell Coord Law Enforcement Academy (972) 548-6862 Public Safety Training Center
RUSSELL Matthew Russell Prof., CADD Technical Campus
RUSSELL Laura F Russell Secretary Technical Campus
RUSSELL Scott A Russell Plant Ops Worker (972) 599-3190 Public Safety Training Center
RUTHERFORD Kenya D Rutherford Prof., Interpreter Education Program (972) 881-5631 Plano Campus
RYNBRANDT Ryan T Rynbrandt Prof., Political Science (972) 881-5986 Plano Campus
SACHDEVA Rachna Sachdeva Prof., Mathematics Mc Kinney Campus
SAENZ Abel Saenz Supv Operator/Maint Tec (972) 378-8691 Wylie Campus
SAENZ Ingeborg M Saenz Prof., Psychology Mc Kinney Campus
SAENZ Abel A Saenz Fac Ops Coord Conference Ctr (972) 377-1691 Frisco Campus
SAENZ Matthew Saenz Plant Ops Worker (972) 599-3190 Higher Education Center
SAGE Diana M Sage Prof., Speech (972) 377-1748 Frisco Campus
SALAS Richard M Salas Systems Security Specialist (972) 548-6649 Mc Kinney Campus
SALAZAR-MOYA Linda Y Salazar-Moya Administrative Assistant (972) 881-5876 Plano Campus
SALVA RAMIREZ Mary Angie Salva Ramirez Prof., Speech (972) 378-8968 Wylie Campus
SAMERI Bijan Sameri Testing Ctr Asst (972) 378-8850 Wylie Campus
SANCHEZ Anthony J Sanchez Coord Degree Plans (972) 377-1747 Mc Kinney Campus
SANCHEZ Tanya Sanchez Prof., Health Professions (972) 548-6602 Mc Kinney Campus
SANCHEZ Gisela Sanchez Counselor (972) 378-8361 Wylie Campus
SANCHEZ Monica A Sanchez Administrative Assistant (972) 881-5137 Plano Campus
SANCHEZ Mariana V Sanchez Coord Support Svcs ACCESS (972) 881-5742 Plano Campus
SANDERS Brian G Sanders Dir HVAC Weld Tech Programs (469) 365-1832 Frisco Campus
SANTIAGO Christine Santiago Advisor Mc Kinney Campus
SARAFOV Vesna Sarafov Exec Dir Technology Services (972) 548-6643 Higher Education Center
SARKER Joyashree Sarker Prof., Environmental Tech Mc Kinney Campus
SATARINO Kelley M Satarino Reference Librarian (972) 881-5964 Plano Campus
SATTERFIELD Shonda J Satterfield Division Secretary (972) 548-6561 Public Safety Training Center
SATTIZAHN Daniel J Sattizahn Prof., Economics Plano Campus
SAUCEDO CHACON Sara A Saucedo Chacon Telecom Specialist (972) 377-1090 Frisco Campus
SAUNDERS G'Anna Saunders Executive Assistant (972) 548-6800 Mc Kinney Campus
SAUTER Alan D Sauter Prof., Mathematics (972) 548-6733 Mc Kinney Campus
SAWYER Pamela J Sawyer Prof., Integrated Reading/Writing (972) 578-5510 Plano Campus
SAYLOR Michael R Saylor Prof., Computer Network Tech (972) 377-1713 Frisco Campus
SCAGGS Carter J Scaggs Prof., Art (972) 881-5867 Plano Campus
SCAIFE Charlie F Scaife Asst Dir Facilities (469) 365-1929 Mc Kinney Campus
SCAMARDO Sherry J Scamardo Prog Mgr SAIL/Encore Careers (972) 985-3788 Courtyard Center
SCHAEFFER William Schaeffer Reference Librarian (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
SCHILDKNECHT Tanya N Schildknecht Advisor Disabilities Svcs III (972) 516-5056 Plano Campus
SCHLOSSER Kathleen A Schlosser Division Secretary (972) 548-6794 Mc Kinney Campus
SCHMID Amber N Schmid Mgr Financial Aid Programs (972) 599-3182 Higher Education Center
SCHUBERT Irene Schubert Executive Assistant (972) 758-3820 Higher Education Center
SCHUETH Michael A Schueth Prof., English (972) 516-5083 Plano Campus
SCHULZE Alicia M Schulze College and Career Counselor (469) 365-1825 Technical Campus
SCHUMANN Sherry L Schumann Exec Vice President (972) 758-3880 Higher Education Center
SCHWEITZER SMITH Tonya H Schweitzer Smith Coord Accounts Receivable (972) 758-3813 Higher Education Center
SCHWYZER Coleen R Schwyzer Mgr Accounts Payable (972) 758-3839 Higher Education Center
SCOTT Rebecka Scott Mgr Writing Ctr (972) 881-5844 Plano Campus
SEARS Jules C Sears Prof., English (972) 881-5852 Plano Campus
SEARS Linda R Sears Prof., Humanities (972) 881-5819 Plano Campus
SEIBERT Jennifer K Seibert Prof., Art (972) 881-5804 Plano Campus
SENGELMANN Sara E Sengelmann Coord Special Admissions/Adv (972) 548-6736 Allen Center
SEPEDA Randee Sepeda Accountant (972) 758-3846 Higher Education Center
SERAFIN Lisa Serafin Applications Administrator (972) 599-3105 Courtyard Center
SERRATO Brianna A Serrato Lab Assistant Wylie Campus
SERTNER Madeline G Sertner Coord Alumni Relations (972) 599-3148 Higher Education Center
SEWELL Pamela S Sewell Lab Instructor (972) 516-5023 Plano Campus
SHAD Shahina Shad Prof., Mathematics (972) 377-1730 Frisco Campus
SHAFER Frank A Shafer Collin Police Officer (469) 853-2681 Courtyard Center
SHAHAM-ALBALANCY Amira Shaham-Albalancy Prof., Biology (972) 377-1563 Frisco Campus
SHALOSKY Stephen W Shalosky Business Advisor SBDC (972) 985-3776 Courtyard Center
SHEFFIELD Patrick Sheffield Testing Ctr Asst Plano Campus
SHELDON Shelley Sheldon Dir HR/Employment and Prof Dev (972) 599-3158 Higher Education Center
SHERMAN Gregory W Sherman Prof., Physics (972) 881-5864 Plano Campus
SHIPLEY Zack D Shipley Prof., Political Science (972) 881-5784 Plano Campus
SHIPMAN Claire M Shipman Circulation Asst (972) 881-5910 Plano Campus
SHIPP Julie A Shipp Prof., Art (972) 516-5070 Plano Campus
SIDES Joseph L Sides Prof., Art (972) 516-5008 Plano Campus
SIGONA James A Sigona Prof., Kinesiology (972) 881-5845 Plano Campus
SIKES Steven S Sikes Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5837 Plano Campus
SILVA LOZANO Luis Silva Lozano Mgr Campus Career Center (972) 881-5739 Plano Campus
SILVERS Stephen C Silvers Technology Specialist (972) 548-6877 Mc Kinney Campus
SINGH Nicole K Singh Police Telecommunicator Plano Campus
SINNES Kristen K Sinnes Instructor/Coord Sim Ctr (972) 491-6219 Mc Kinney Campus
SINOPA Sascha A Sinopa Lab Asst (972) 548-6517 Mc Kinney Campus
SIZEMORE Joyce L Sizemore Prof., Dean - Nursing (972) 548-6895 Mc Kinney Campus
SLEPOV Yevgeniy Slepov Operator/Maint HVAC Tech (972) 553-1255 Technical Campus
SMITH Jimmy L Smith Operator/Maint HVAC Tech Higher Education Center
SMITH Donna R Smith Dir Surgical Assisting (972) 548-6854 Mc Kinney Campus
SMITH Katie E Smith Lab Asst (469) 365-1876 Frisco Campus
SMITH Tawnya A Smith Prof., Integrated Reading/Writing (972) 881-5620 Plano Campus
SMITH Shaun Smith Dir Auto/Collision Technology (972) 599-3157 Technical Campus
SMITH Mark Smith Campus Provost (972) 548-6803 Mc Kinney Campus
SMITH Allen T Smith Prof., Computer Network Tech Frisco Campus
SMITH Anthony L Smith Financial Aid/VA Advisor (972) 365-1862 Frisco Campus
SMITH Cyndy L Smith Mgr Purchasing IS/Reporting (972) 758-3872 Higher Education Center
SMITH Richard E Smith Mgr ASL Lab Plano Campus
SMITH James D Smith Prof., Environmental Tech (972) 881-5145 Plano Campus
SMITH Kate M Smith Prog Career Coach Wkfrc (972) 553-1246 Technical Campus
SMOOT Jason W Smoot Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 578-5562 Plano Campus
SNYDER Jason E Snyder Prof., Mathematics (972) 548-6751 Mc Kinney Campus
SNYDER Joshua D Snyder Clinical Coord Health Prof (972) 549-6421 Mc Kinney Campus
SOLEIMANI Zahra S Soleimani Admin Asst/Records Clerk (972) 378-8647 Wylie Campus
SOLIS Celi L Solis Dir Respiratory Care (972) 548-6870 Mc Kinney Campus
SOLIZ Alyssa Soliz Administrative Assistant (972) 378-8295 Wylie Campus
SOLOMON Jennifer L Solomon Mgr Ctr for Acad Assistance (972) 553-1134 Technical Campus
SOLOMON Melissa N Solomon Advisor ACCESS Dual Credit (972) 881-5128 Plano Campus
SONG Ginny Song Mgr Accounts Receivable (972) 881-5635 Mc Kinney Campus
SORENSEN Steve J Sorensen Prof., Political Science Mc Kinney Campus
SORENSON Josh Sorenson Prof., RN Nursing (972) 548-6605 Mc Kinney Campus
SORRELS Jeff Sorrels Prof., Speech (972) 546-6356 Mc Kinney Campus
SOTO Niraida Soto Asst to the Dean SES Technical Campus
SOURAL Lisa K Soural Asst Dir Food Services (972) 516-5007 Plano Campus
SOUTHERLAND Kevin Southerland Prof., LVN Nursing Technical Campus
SPINA Joel J Spina Prof., Economics (972) 377-1678 Plano Campus
SPORS Lori Spors Prof., Health Professions (972) 378-8368 Wylie Campus
ST JOHN Debra D St John Prof., Political Science (972) 377-1617 Frisco Campus
STALLINGS Steven D Stallings Prof., Psychology (972) 881-5960 Plano Campus
STANALAND Leslie S Stanaland Prof., Political Science (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
STANCY ABRAHAM Susan Stancy Abraham Prof., Engineering/Eng Field of Study Technical Campus
STARK Misty D Stark Prof., LVN Nursing Technical Campus
STARR Clinton R Starr Prof., History (972) 377-1703 Frisco Campus
STELTZLEN Cindy L Steltzlen Administrative Assistant (972) 881-5765 Plano Campus
STEPHENS David S Stephens Assoc Proj Mgr Technology (972) 516-5037 Higher Education Center
STEPHERSON Karen Stepherson Coord Academic Compliance (469) 365-1965 Higher Education Center
STERN Barbara L Stern Prof., Psychology (972) 881-5822 Plano Campus
STERN Larry Stern Prof., Sociology (972) 881-5608 Plano Campus
STEVENS Gary A Stevens Prof., Carpentry Frisco Campus
STEWART Tiffany T Stewart Student Enrollment Specialist (972) 377-1645 Higher Education Center
STEWART Karen A Stewart Dir Testing (972) 548-6773 Mc Kinney Campus
STEWART Gregory A Stewart Collin Police Sergeant (972) 377-1611 Plano Campus
STILSON Matthew B Stilson Instructional Technologist (972) 549-6334 Mc Kinney Campus
STINE Jill E Stine Buyer (972) 758-3874 Higher Education Center
STOGLIN Andrea Stoglin Administrative Assistant (972) 549-6414 Plano Campus
STONE Holly M Stone Mgr Ctr for Acad Assistance (972) 549-6474 Farmersvillle Campus
STOWE Ekaterina R Stowe Prof., Economics (972) 881-6509 Mc Kinney Campus
STRANGE Glenda L Strange Lab Instructor (972) 881-5814 Plano Campus
STREATER Kristen L Streater Dean Academic Affairs (972) 881-5891 Plano Campus
STREET Susan Street Reference Librarian (972) 378-8953 Wylie Campus
STRINGFELLOW Lori D Stringfellow Library Tech Svcs Asst (972) 578-5529 Plano Campus
STROMAN Dianne A Stroman Prof., Environmental Tech (972) 377-1756 Frisco Campus
SUBBARAO Manasa J Subbarao Prof., Biology (469) 267-0564 Plano Campus
SUBER Kevin Suber Prof., Banking and Finance (972) 578-5560 Frisco Campus
SUBHANI Ali Subhani Dir Internal Audit (972) 516-5036 Higher Education Center
SUBRAMANIAN Sukanya V Subramanian Prof., Biology (972) 377-1583 Frisco Campus
SUMMERS Mark A Summers Coord Residential Life (972) 881-5444 Plano Campus
SUTTON William J Sutton Technology Specialist (972) 985-3718 Frisco Campus
SWAMINATHAN Divya Swaminathan Prof., Biology (972) 549-6343 Mc Kinney Campus
SWANN Alaya R Swann Prof., English (469) 365-1840 Frisco Campus
SWARTHOUT Kandice Swarthout Prof., Dental Hygiene (972) 548-6234 Mc Kinney Campus
SWARTSFAGER Scott A Swartsfager Prof., History Frisco Campus
SWEEDEN Sean E Sweeden Prog Career Coach Wkfrc (972) 553-1207 Technical Campus
SWENHOLT Sheila Swenholt Library Tech Svcs Asst (972) 881-5869 Plano Campus
SWENHOLT Kristin M Swenholt Technology Specialist (972) 758-3877 Technical Campus
SWETMON Jennifer K Swetmon Prof., Dental Hygiene (972) 548-6628 Mc Kinney Campus
SYRETT Taunya L Syrett Lab Instructor (972) 377-1762 Plano Campus
SYYAP Christian Syyap UI /UX Developer (972) 881-5995 Courtyard Center
SZLACHTOWSKI Andrea B Szlachtowski Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 377-1672 Frisco Campus
TABORS Christy Tabors Branch Mgr Sr Librarian (972) 549-6483 Farmersvillle Campus
TAHIRO Mohammed Tahiro Prof., Economics (972) 378-8459 Wylie Campus
TASSA Amina T Tassa Prof., Biology (972) 881-5188 Plano Campus
TAYLOR Karina Taylor Prof., Vet Technology (972) 378-8384 Wylie Campus
TEAGUE Hollie Teague Prof., History (972) 548-6667 Mc Kinney Campus
TEEL Leslie E Teel Prof., Emergency Medical Tech-HSA (972) 548-6249 Mc Kinney Campus
TEKLAY Mibrak E Teklay Supv Testing Ctr (972) 881-5922 Plano Campus
TERCERO David R Tercero Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 881-5636 Plano Campus
TERRAZAS Juan C Terrazas Mgr Automotive Tech Lab (972) 553-1192 Technical Campus
TERRELL Bart F Terrell Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Frisco Campus
TESFAYE Melissa A Tesfaye Coord Degree Plans (972) 377-1647 Mc Kinney Campus
TEZENO Albert Tezeno Dir Athletics (972) 599-3151 Higher Education Center
TEZENO Albert Tezeno VP Student and Enroll Svcs (972) 599-3151 Higher Education Center
THAKORE Pinal T Thakore Prof., Mathematics (469) 365-1943 Frisco Campus
THAPA MAGAR Krishna B Thapa Magar Prof., Mathematics (972) 881-5438 Plano Campus
THOMAS Andrew R Thomas Technology Specialist (972) 548-6877 Technical Campus
THOMPSON Harlan L Thompson Collin Police Officer (817) 515-4232 Frisco Campus
THOMPSON Ron Thompson Mgr Food Services (972) 881-5949 Plano Campus
THOMPSON Kerry V Thompson Asst Dir FA/VA Compl/Rptg (972) 548-6761 Technical Campus
THOMPSON Leroy Thompson Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
THORNTON Anne Thornton Dir Agriculture Program (972) 378-8572 Wylie Campus
THROOP Amy L Throop Assoc Dean of Students (972) 881-5667 Mc Kinney Campus
THUO DeLiesha T Thuo Financial Aid/VA Specialist Wylie Campus
THURMAN Catherine M Thurman Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 377-1096 Frisco Campus
TIJERINA Nasrin B Tijerina Police Telecommunicator (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
TINER Elizabeth C Tiner Cart Writer IV (972) 881-5109 Plano Campus
TINER Tristin Tiner Prof., Automotive Technology Technical Campus
TINNEN Lupita M Tinnen Dean Academic Affairs (972) 881-5807 Plano Campus
TINNEN Chris M Tinnen Prof., Art (972) 377-1556 Frisco Campus
TITUS Christina E Titus Prog Dir Grants (972) 377-1786 Frisco Campus
TOBAR Amado Tobar Student Enrollment Specialist (972) 378-8270 Wylie Campus
TOBIN Eric R Tobin Prof., Hospitality (972) 377-1702 Frisco Campus
TOMBAUGH Karla C Tombaugh Asst To The Dean (972) 881-5604 Higher Education Center
TOMLIN Mindy N Tomlin Scholarly Comm Librarian (972) 881-5919 Plano Campus
TONIAN Laurie L Tonian Administrative Assistant (972) 377-1006 Frisco Campus
TORRES Diego Torres Tech Support Analyst (972) 548-6714 Higher Education Center
TRAM Zanmin Tram Project Manager Construction Higher Education Center
TRANTHAM Andrew Trantham Librarian Electronic Resources (972) 548-6734 Mc Kinney Campus
TRIVEDI Meena B Trivedi Learning Resource Specialist (972) 377-1591 Frisco Campus
TROP Linda K Trop Administrative Assistant (972) 548-6535 Mc Kinney Campus
TROY Claire C Troy Advisor (469) 365-1814 Plano Campus
TRUEMAN Glenn L Trueman Mgr Box Office and Marketing (972) 516-5076 Plano Campus
TUGGLE Natalie J Tuggle Supv Testing Ctr (972) 548-6888 Mc Kinney Campus
TULLOCK Samuel K Tullock Prof., History (972) 881-5737 Plano Campus
TURCI Thomas A Turci Mgr Business Development Courtyard Center
TURNBOW Julie A Turnbow Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 377-1719 Plano Campus
TWICHELL Carole M Twichell Prof., Biology (972) 881-5892 Plano Campus
TYAGI Aasha K Tyagi Student Enrollment Specialist (972) 881-5742 Technical Campus
UHRIG Brenda Uhrig Prof., RN Nursing (972) 549-6391 Mc Kinney Campus
UR-REHMAN Kashif Ur-Rehman Prof., Accounting (214) 491-6223 Mc Kinney Campus
VALENZUELA Rosalinda M Valenzuela Prof., Political Science (972) 881-5426 Plano Campus
VANCE Briana R Vance Secretary (972) 553-1251 Technical Campus
VANOVER Janice Vanover Collin Police Officer (972) 378-8648 Plano Campus
VARGAS Joanna K Vargas Digital Designer Graphics UIUX (972) 549-6369 Plano Campus
VARNELL Laura Varnell Administrative Assistant (972) 553-1167 Courtyard Center
VASQUEZ Lisa R Vasquez VP Advancement (972) 758-3894 Higher Education Center
VAUGHN Jennifer C Vaughn Lab Instructor (972) 377-1017 Frisco Campus
VAUGHN Alyssa C Vaughn Advisor (469) 365-1816 Plano Campus
VEASY Betty L Veasy Dir Nursing BSN Program (972) 549-6388 Mc Kinney Campus
VELA Jakin R Vela Program Dir DOL FLEXtech Grant Frisco Campus
VELAMAKANNI Nirmala N Velamakanni Prof., Biology (972) 548-6873 Mc Kinney Campus
VELAZQUEZ Monica Velazquez General Counsel (972) 599-3144 Higher Education Center
VENKATESAN Jey Venkatesan Prof., Developmental - ESL (972) 578-5519 Plano Campus
VENUTO Allison S Venuto Dir Collegiate Academies (972) 881-5826 Plano Campus
VERA Fernand T Vera Prof., Music (972) 881-5613 Plano Campus
VINCENT Tiffiny B Vincent Prof., Political Science (972) 881-5428 Plano Campus
VISHNYAKOVA Katerina Vishnyakova Prof., Mathematics (972) 377-1532 Frisco Campus
VOLANTO Keith J Volanto Prof., History (972) 578-5531 Plano Campus
VOSLOO Bridget R Vosloo Instructional Designer (469) 365-1822 Wylie Campus
VU Tami Vu Advisor (972) 377-1655 Frisco Campus
WAGGONER Gage A Waggoner Prof., Legal Assistant (972) 578-5545 Frisco Campus
WALKER Maxine M Walker Mgr HR/Employment (972) 985-3717 Higher Education Center
WALKER Rachel D Walker Administrative Assistant (972) 881-5603 Plano Campus
WALKER Rachel T Walker Assoc Dean Acad Affairs/Wkfrc (972) 553-1109 Technical Campus
WALKER Jake T Walker Assoc IT Security Analyst (972) 548-6481 Mc Kinney Campus
WALKER Colby Walker Mgr Student Housing Operations (972) 881-5443 Plano Campus
WALKER Chardae Walker Dist College Career Counselor (972) 553-1126 Technical Campus
WALKER Jana L Walker Asst Dir Accounting (972) 549-6401 Higher Education Center
WALKER Austin R Walker Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
WALLACE Dean T Wallace Prof., Accounting (972) 881-5706 Plano Campus
WALLACE Jimmy D Wallace Prof., Audio Engineering (972) 377-1742 Plano Campus
WALLIS Katherine E Wallis Mgr Ctr for Acad Assistance (972) 881-5844 Mc Kinney Campus
WALTERS Mamie D Walters Executive Assistant (972) 758-3806 Higher Education Center
WALTZ Chuck Waltz Supv Facilities Maintenance (972) 549-6303 Mc Kinney Campus
WANG Meredith L Wang Dean Academic Affairs (972) 881-5794 Plano Campus
WANG Yiping Wang Prof., Engineering/Eng Field of Study (469) 365-1828 Technical Campus
WANG Helen Wang Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 548-6519 Mc Kinney Campus
WANG Zhiqiang Wang Prof., CADD (972) 377-1608 Technical Campus
WARD Roger C Ward Prof., History (972) 516-5026 Plano Campus
WARNING Tracy A Warning Reference Librarian (972) 881-5965 Plano Campus
WARREN Jennifer D Warren Prof., Speech (972) 516-5077 Plano Campus
WASHINGTON Kaycee C Washington Prof., Economics (469) 365-1923 Frisco Campus
WASHINGTON Kim J Washington Prof., Dean - Nursing (972) 548-6818 Mc Kinney Campus
WATKINS Latoya S Watkins Prof., English (972) 881-5729 Plano Campus
WATSON Justin D Watson Plant Ops Worker (972) 553-1255 Technical Campus
WATSON Laura J Watson Administrative Assistant (972) 881-5917 Plano Campus
WATSON Lindsey J Watson Library Tech Svcs Asst (972) 881-5790 Plano Campus
WEATHERFORD Gwendolyn Weatherford Assoc Dean Acad Affair/Wkfrc (972) 578-5518 Plano Campus
WEBB-LOSH Heather Webb-Losh Mgr Web Systems (972) 548-6826 Higher Education Center
WEE Linda Wee Dir Workforce Prof Dev (972) 377-1061 Courtyard Center
WEILAND David J Weiland Prof., History (972) 881-5948 Plano Campus
WEILERT Amy M Weilert Advisor Disability Svcs I (972) 881-5950 Frisco Campus
WEINGART Darlene L Weingart Coord Advancement Svcs (972) 599-3145 Higher Education Center
WEIS Mary T Weis Prof., Biology (972) 881-5725 Mc Kinney Campus
WENTZEL Eamon M Wentzel Division Secretary (972) 553-1190 Technical Campus
WESSON Micah A Wesson Lab Asst (972) 377-1654 Frisco Campus
WEST Aaron J West Prof., Music (972) 377-1757 Frisco Campus
WEST Torrey K West Assoc Dean Student/Enroll Svcs (972) 377-1618 Plano Campus
WESTCOTT Juli E Westcott Dir Health Professions (214) 491-6253 Mc Kinney Campus
WETTON Brynley C Wetton Collin Police Officer (972) 378-8651 Frisco Campus
WHITAKER Bob Whitaker Prof., History (972) 549-6346 Mc Kinney Campus
WHITE Brian C White Prof., Political Science (972) 548-6750 Mc Kinney Campus
WHITE Margie M White Prof., Emergency Med Tech Mc Kinney Campus
WHITE Carol E White Instructional Office Asst (972) 516-5090 Plano Campus
WHITE Cindy L White Dir Purchasing (972) 758-3871 Higher Education Center
WHITED Marcy Whited Information Ctr Asst (972) 549-6490 Farmersvillle Campus
WHITLEY Stephen H Whitley Prof., English (972) 578-5525 Plano Campus
WHITLOCK Erwin L Whitlock Mgr Facilities/Plant Ops I (972) 599-3155 Higher Education Center
WHITLOCK Kim A Whitlock Associate Registrar (972) 377-1782 Plano Campus
WHITT Sean L Whitt Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
WIDMER Roger H Widmer COO Corporate College (972) 985-3741 Courtyard Center
WILKISON Kyle G Wilkison Prof., History (972) 881-5834 Plano Campus
WILLIAMS John P Williams Prof., History Mc Kinney Campus
WILLIAMS Vernita T Williams Lead HR Records Specialist (972) 881-5440 Higher Education Center
WILLIAMS Julia M Williams Prof., Management Development (972) 881-5924 Frisco Campus
WILLIAMS Marissa L Williams Dist College Career Counselor (972) 881-5165 Higher Education Center
WILLIAMS Amy M Williams Asst To The Dean (972) 881-5707 Mc Kinney Campus
WILLIAMS Jane J Williams Dir Construction Projects (972) 758-3706 Higher Education Center
WILLIS Doug G Willis Dean Student Enroll Svs (972) 378-8695 Wylie Campus
WILSON Amy A Wilson Prof., RN Nursing (972) 548-6287 Mc Kinney Campus
WILSON Shirley Wilson College and Career Counselor (469) 365-1830 Allen Center
WILSON Gary H Wilson Prof., English (469) 365-1818 Frisco Campus
WILTSE Cheryl A Wiltse Prof., English (972) 377-1546 Technical Campus
WISE Celeste L Wise Mgr Campus Technology (972) 378-8570 Wylie Campus
WOHEAD Judi B Wohead Prof., Speech (214) 491-6207 Mc Kinney Campus
WOLDU Malgorzata Woldu Mgr Math Lab (972) 377-1083 Frisco Campus
WOLFE Justin H Wolfe Supv Operator/Maint Tec (972) 548-6690 Public Safety Training Center
WOLFE Charles A Wolfe Circulation Asst (972) 377-1560 Frisco Campus
WOLFF Kathleen C Wolff Coord Degree Plans (972) 377-1071 Mc Kinney Campus
WONG Bill Wong Receiving Clerk (972) 377-1690 Frisco Campus
WOODS Daniel J Woods Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Frisco Campus
WOODYARD Sammi L Woodyard Asst Bursar (972) 881-5634 Higher Education Center
WOOLDRIDGE Carrie N Wooldridge Clinical Coord Health Prof (972) 378-8369 Wylie Campus
WRIGHT Jennifer Wright Asst Dir Purchasing (972) 758-3879 Higher Education Center
WU John Wu Systems Administrator (972) 548-6646 Mc Kinney Campus
YADAV Puja S Yadav Prof., Mathematics (972) 549-6373 Mc Kinney Campus
YAMFANG Sak Yamfang Collin Police Officer (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
YANG Jianwei Yang Technology Specialist (972) 377-1565 Frisco Campus
YARBROUGH Randal S Yarbrough Prof., English (972) 881-5963 Plano Campus
YARLEY Joanne M Yarley Collin Police Sergeant (972) 578-5555 Plano Campus
YATES Melanie D Yates Assoc Dean Academic Affairs (972) 377-1072 Frisco Campus
YBARRA Ashlee Ybarra Supv Food Services Mc Kinney Campus
YERVASI James C Yervasi Prof., Automotive Technology (972) 964-5000 Technical Campus
YMBERT Gilbert Ymbert Prof., Developmental - Math (972) 578-5577 Plano Campus
YOUNG Tyler A Young Prof., Political Science (214) 491-6208 Mc Kinney Campus
YOUNG Nick P Young Staff Photographer (972) 758-3844 Higher Education Center
YOUNG Christopher D Young Collin Police Officer (214) 671-3952 Plano Campus
YOUNKINS Dennis L Younkins Prof., HVAC (972) 553-1208 Technical Campus
ZACHMANN Lisa Zachmann Asst To The Dean (972) 548-6711 Mc Kinney Campus
ZARATE Logan Zarate Lab Asst (972) 548-6611 Mc Kinney Campus
ZHANG Yidong Zhang External/Enroll Rptg Analyst (972) 548-6531 Higher Education Center
ZHANG Xiaoqiang Zhang Technology Specialist (972) 548-6877 Frisco Campus
ZINSITZ Eric S Zinsitz Prof., Political Science Plano Campus
ZIPAY Joanne M Zipay Prof., Theater (972) 881-5655 Plano Campus
ZOLTON Michael Zolton Prof., Facilities Management (972) 553-1252 Technical Campus
ZOLTOWSKI Michelle A Zoltowski Nursing Lab Technician (972) 548-6629 Mc Kinney Campus
ZWEIG Elaine A Zweig Prof., Child Development (972) 881-5967 Plano Campus