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Guest Speakers at Collin College from 2003

Edward Zlotkowski
Edward Zlotkowski
Professor of English at Bentley College and Campus Compact senior faculty fellow
Revitalizing the Spirit of Democracy through Civic Engagement
Edward Zlotkowski is senior associate for Service-Learning Projects at the American Association for Higher Education, senior faculty fellow at the National Campus Compact, and professor of English at Bentley College. He has designed and taught a variety of service-learning courses and collaborated with many national disciplinary associations.
Peter Jennings
Peter Jennings
ABC New Anchor
Media Matters with Peter Jennings
As students pose questions to a panel of journalists, they explore the relationship between college students and the media. Peter Jennings facilitates a panel of journalists including WFAA anchor Gloria Campos, WFAA senior reporter Gary Reaves, WBAP radio talk show host Mark Davis, Tom Huang, editor of the Texas Living section of The Dallas Morning News, and The Dallas Morning News reporter Colleen McCain Nelson.