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Complaint Procedures
Employee Complaint Procedures

Collin College encourages employees to discuss their concerns and complaints, in a professional manner, through informal conferences at the lowest possible administrative level and as soon as possible to allow early resolution.  Employees should contact their campus HR Consultant for assistance. 

If an employee does not feel comfortable attempting to work out an informal resolution directly with the responding party, the employee shall promptly initiate a formal complaint procedure by timely filing a complaint in the manner described in Board Policy DGBA (Local) on the Complaint Form provided by the college.

DGBA (Local) sets forth complaint procedures and provides for the prompt and equitable resolution of all employee complaints.  In order to file a formal complaint pursuant to Board Policy DGBA (Local), the completed Complaint Form must be received by Human Resources within fifteen (15) days of the date the complainant first knew, or with reasonable diligence should have known, of the decision or action giving rise to the complaint.

A Complaint may include any of the following:

  1. Complaints concerning an employee's wages, hours, or conditions of work, including performance evaluations or reviews;

  2. Violations of College District policy;

  3. Specific allegations of unlawful discrimination or harassment based on the sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, veteran status, disability or any other legally protected classification;

  4. Specific allegations of unlawful discrimination or retaliation based on the exercise of legally protected rights;

  5. Specific allegations of adverse personnel action based on the employee's good faith report to an appropriate law enforcement authority of a violation of a law by the College District or a College District employee, i.e., whistleblower complaints [see DG];

  6. Complaints arising from the termination of an at-will employee; [See DDC]

  7. Complaints arising from the non-renewal or termination of a contract employee [see DMAA and DMAB]; or

  8. Any other complaint brought by an employee against another employee, supervisor, manager, student, vendor or the College District.

All Complaint Forms MUST be filed with the Vice President of Human Resources and may be delivered via hand-delivery, email, fax or U.S. Mail to the following address.

Vice President
Collin College Higher Education Center
3452 Spur 399, 3rd Floor
McKinney, Texas 75069
Fax: 972-985-3778