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How To Work With PR

An Introduction to Public Relations for Employees

To promote and protect the integrity of the college brand, the Public Relations Department oversees all internally and externally distributed material to ensure that the information is clear, timely, and accurate and meets the institution’s standards.

The Public Relations Department must review and approve all marketing and promotional materials. Those materials include, but are not limited to, flyers, posters, CougarVision (electronic) slides, direct mail, brochures, news releases, digital marketing, and invitations.

Public Relations also provides marketing counsel and media relations, as well as services including photography, videography, social media, and web training and consultation.

Below is a guide to the Public Relations production process for new products or updates to existing materials. Rapid changes in the growing college district require routine evaluation of existing materials.


Public Releations Workflow DiagramMarketing Idea: Generate a marketing idea or update existing material.

Gain Supervisor Approvals: Request approvals from administrative leadership up to and including the Vice President/Provost (VP/P).

Submit Project Requests: Request a new project on the Public Relations web page at The requester will receive acknowledgement that the request was received.

PR Reviews: Public Relations staff reviews the request and determines the next course of action.

Refer to Template Library: If the request is required sooner than 30-40 business days or a template is determined to be the best solution, the requester will be directed to the template library at

PR Reviews and Approves: All templates must be reviewed and approved by Public Relations prior to use.

PR Staff Works with Requester: The assigned Public Relations team members collaborate with the requester and facilitate the project through writing, graphics, and approval phases.

Executive Approvals: Final approvals must be received from the appropriate administrative leadership executive up to the Cabinet level.

Final Product: The final, approved product is delivered to the requester. In some cases, distribution or posting is handled by the Public Relations Department.

Download the workflow PDF.


Resources: Refer to the Public Relations website for style guides and other guidelines.

Public Relations website:
Editorial Style Guide:
Graphics Standards Manual:
Social Media Guidelines:
CougarVision Guidelines: