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Center For Academic Assistance

McKinney Campus Math Lab
*Collin College Math Lab will be open Monday, August 24th
Please help us protect the health of our tutors so they can continue to serve you. For In-Person tutoring, please:

1.  Do not come into the lab if you are not feeling well. 
2.  Wear a mask
3.  Practice social distancing
4.  Come prepared by reading your assigned sections and attemping the homework. 
All Students must abide by the code of conduct set by Collin College to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment. The code of conduct can be found in the current Collin College Student Handbook.
The McKinney Math Lab will be open and available for students.
Please go to www.mywco.com/cpc for virtual scheduling.
Please also read the tutorial on how to make an appointment: Mywco Tutorial 
Click here for our Fall Flyer---- > APCAA Flyer
Click here for our TSI test prep flyer----->TSI Test Prep
The McKinney Campus Math Lab offers students free one-on-one tutoring in various math courses. The lab is staffed with degreed professionals and faculty to assist students enrolled in developmental math, college level math, and natural science courses that include math-based assignments. Tutors are available during all open lab hours when classes are in session according to Collin’s academic calendar. All Math Lab staff work diligently to demonstrate Collin College’s mission and core values. The lab is located at the McKinney campus on the second floor of the main building in room C220.


  • The McKinney Campus Math Lab is an open lab; no appointments are required. Our tutors help question by question but generally are not able to sit with students for extended periods of time. Please plan time accordingly to have all your questions answered. 
  • Students sign in and out of the Math Lab with their CWID.
  • Once students have their material ready, they simply need to raise their hand to let a tutor know they are ready with a question.
  • The Math Lab offers computers, graphing calculators, and head phones for student use. We also offer current editions of textbooks used in math classes, student solutions manuals, helpful reference sheets and on-campus printing. A student ID is required to check out materials for use while in the lab.
  • Students have access to My Math Lab, Connect Math and Web Assign.
  • Students have access to Mathematica.
  • Curriculum required software, programs, and apps can be downloaded to TI-83 and TI-84 calculators.


  • Tutors CAN review and explain concepts already taught in class.
  • Tutors CAN help with homework problems and other example problems to help students gain mastery.
  • Tutors CAN help students review for tests.
  • Tutors CAN help students with study skills and note taking. We offer workshops during the academic year on these topics.
  • Tutors CANNOT introduce new concepts or teach missed class material.
  • Tutors CANNOT work lab problems but CAN find and explain example problems so students can relate and apply the mathematical principles to their lab assignments.
  • Tutors CANNOT help with take-home tests.
  • The lab is a study environment and we ask that there be no cell phone use, loud socializing or video viewing without headphones.
  • Please only use covered containers for drinks and do not place them near the computer stations.
  • All students must abide by Collin’s Student Code of Conduct to ensure a safe learning environment for everyone.
Workshops are free and require no advanced registration.  Our workshops are presented every semester and are included on the Anthony Peterson Center for Academic Assistance (APCAA) flyer. They are designed to assist students in a wide range of math concepts, time management and study techniques for college mathematics courses.
*Please check back for updates on our available workshops.

NEW!! ROWOPS information for TI83 and TI84 calculators

Click here for instructions on how to download the ROWOPS program for TI83
Click here for instructions on how to download the ROWOPS program for TI84
Click here for resource sheet on how to solve a matrix using the ROWOPS program
Click here to schedule an appointment with a tutor 

Math Lab Handout and Links
These handouts may assist you in understanding some of the concepts addressed in your math courses.

Fraction Review
Operations with Signed Numbers
Algebra Formulas
Twelve Most Common Parent Functions
Exponent and Logarithm Rules
Factoring Polynomials
Finance Formulas
Function Transformations
Graphing Piece-Wise Functions on the Calculator
Trigonometry Formulas
The Unit Circle
The Unit Circle (blank for practice)

Calculator Tutorials


Desmos (graphing)

Khan Academy

Professor Online Math Notes (Lamar University)

Instructional Videos

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