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Student Travel Procedures

For an overview of the Student Travel process, click here for the current Student Travel Process Flowchart. 
Students and responsible parties* participating in academic/workforce, co-curricular, Continuing Education (CE) and Workforce Development, extra-curricular, or student organization travel must complete mandatory Student Travel Training only one (1) time during the current academic calendar year.
To complete mandatory Student Travel Training and obtain access to the required Student Travel Training Liability Waiver and Acknowledgment Form, all students and responsible parties traveling on a Collin College-sponsored trip must review the current Student Travel Procedures document in its entirety. Links to complete the appropriate Student Travel Training Liability Waiver and Acknowledgment Form are located within the packet. Students and responsible parties who have not completed mandatory Student Travel Training prior to the departure date will not be permitted to travel.
Click here to view the Board policies associated with Student Travel.
Forms for Responsible Parties**
  1. Student Travel Procedures
  2. Trip and Participants' Information Form
Forms for Students**
  1. Student Travel Procedures
  2. Emergency Contact Information Form 
  3. Travel Commitment and Reimbursement Agreement Form
Travel Exceptions Form**
  1. Release of Liability via Alternative Transportation Form

*Note: every athletic coach, co-curricular advisor, extra-curricular advisor, faculty member, instructor, staff member, student organization advisor, travel advisor, or travel advisor of record overseeing approved student travel will be identified as the "responsible party." The responsible party will be required to monitor and ensure compliance with the student travel procedures and Collin College policies.

**Note: in order to complete these forms on a computer, you must download and then open them in Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click here to download the most current version.