GPA Calculator and Grade Information

GPA Calculator
The GPA Calculator can be used to determine UNOFFICIAL GPA calculations for a single semester or the entire academic record. The results should be used for information gathering only. The GPA Calculator can also assist in developing "what if" scenarios.

In the first column, enter in the number of Credit Hours per course. In the second column, enter the Grade. Be sure to enter the grade with the decimal (ie: 2.0 or 4.0). As soon as you hit the TAB key or click on another field, the calculator will calculate your total points at that grade. At the bottom of the form, the calculator will calculate your Total Hours, GPA, and Total Grade Points when you click the COMPUTE button.

This GPA Calculator requires a browser that supports Javascript.

Credit Hours
(ie: 4.0)
Grade Points

Total Hours
Grade Point
Total Grade

A =4.0  . . .   achievement of distinction. Carries four quality points per semester hour.
B =3.0  . . .   indicates above-average achievement.
C =2.0  . . .   indicates average achievement.
D =1.0  . . .   indicates below-average achievement achievement.
F =0.0  . . .   indicates unsatisfactory achievement. No credit is earned.