About The Writing Center

What the Writing Center Will Do:

  • Assist students in understanding the assignment & professor's expectations.

  • Help students in brainstorming, planning, and/or organizing ideas for a writing assignment.

  • Teach students how to construct a thesis statement, topic sentence, and/or determine the focus of the paper.

  • Assist students in developing supporting ideas and connecting those ideas to the main idea, or thesis statement.

  • Teach students proper citation methods, whether MLA, APA, or Chicago formatting is required.

  • Encourage student's ownership of the paper, the ideas contained in the paper, and development of the student's ability to revise independently.

What the Writing Center Will Not Do:

  • Tutors will not write the paper for the student.

  • Tutors will not proofread and/or edit the paper.

  • Tutors will not judge the paper, according to grade.

  • Tutors cannot guarantee a quick "fix" for a student's writing problem.