Health Professions


The Health Professions Department includes the Health Professions Certification and Degree Programs, the Health Science Academy in Plano, and Dual Credit Health Science courses.

Clinical programs are available in the following tracks: 

Students may pursue academic awards (AAS, Level 1 Certificate, and/or Occupational Skills Award [OSA]) in any of the five Health Professions tracks. The awards are stackable, so students may choose to start with an OSA and continue to their AAS.

(**Please note: Due to our program's relocation to the Career-Technical Center and Wylie Campuses, there will be NO clinical programs [CNA, EKG, or Phlebotomy] offered during the Summer 2020 term. All clinical programs will be offered at both new campuses beginning in Fall 2020. Students may choose to apply at this time, but acceptance and permitting will still follow the deadlines as listed below.**)


*NOTE: If you have previously filled out an application for the Fall 2020 semester or beyond, you will need to complete a NEW application form.

**NOTE: These steps apply to general population and concurrent enrollment students ONLY. If you are a Dual Credit student, DO NOT fill out this application form. Please follow the enrollment process of your school district.**

Students who are ready to apply for admission to one of the Health Professions clinical programs (CNA, EKG, or Phlebotomy) should carefully read and follow ALL steps listed below. (For information and enrollment in the EMT program, please visit the EMS department webpage.) 

*If you are applying for multiple programs, you must complete an application form (STEP 3) for EACH program.*

**Students who are completing the PCT track must complete an application form (STEP 3) for EACH program and EACH semester. Enrollment does not "roll-over" from one semester to the next. Each semester is considered a new enrollment for students.**


  • STEP 1 - Apply to Collin College.
  • STEP 2 - Complete ALL admission requirements (remove all holds from your account).
  • STEP 3 - Create a CastleBranch Account. (NOTE: CastleBranch is a third-party company. If you are having trouble with your account or any of your uploads/submissions, you must contact CastleBranch directly.)
  • STEP 4 - Upload ALL Program Requirements to CastleBranch for approval. (NOTE: The flu shot is NOT required for summer term courses, and is not required for admission to fall courses, but must be completed as soon as the new season's shot is released.)
  • STEP 5 - Complete the Health Professions Application Form. (NOTE: Please ONLY fill out this form if you have COMPLETED your Castlebranch account requirements AND you are prepared to enroll and take the class in the next 1-2 semesters.)
  • STEP 6 - Once you have completed the form AND all of your CastleBranch requirements have been approved, you must email Dr. Westcott to verify your application and clearance for admission to the program. (NoteIf you do not email Dr. Westcott, your spot in the program is NOT guaranteed. Program admission is based on completion of all required admission steps and availability of seats within your chosen course.)
  • STEP 7 - WAIT for an email from Dr. Westcott stating that your department permits have been applied to your account. (NoteDepartment permits will not be issued until AFTER the early admission application deadline has passed. See below for specific dates.)
  • STEP 8 - Register and pay for your classes on CougarWeb.
  • STEP 9 - Purchase program textbook, program scrubs, and patch from the McKinney Campus bookstore.


Health Professions Application Deadline Information:

The Health Professions Application Form is always open for students to complete.

Early admission permitting will ONLY be offered to students who have completed Steps 1-6 (see "Application Process" steps above) BEFORE the Early Admission Deadline has passed (see dates below)

IF there are still spaces available in the clinical courses following the Early Admission Deadline, students will be permitted for enrollment on a first-come, first-served basis until the course is full.

Here are the deadlines for each semester:

Fall Semester 

  • Early Admission Deadline = 2nd Friday in July
  • Application Deadline = 2nd Friday in August

Spring Semester 

  • Early Admission Deadline = 2nd Friday in November
  • Application Deadline = 2nd Friday in December

Summer Semester

  • Early Admission Deadline = 2nd Friday in April
  • Application Deadline = 2nd Friday in May