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Counseling & Career Services

"To promote the personal growth of students within an environment that
encourages empowerment through responsibility and choice."

Counseling Services assists students with issues that may arise when balancing academic challenges, interpersonal relationships, and employment responsibilities.  Currently enrolled students may schedule a confidential appointment with a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a supervised LPC intern, or other professional staff.

Students are welcome to discuss their concerns within a confidential, non-judgmental setting.  This discussion may involve a variety of issues including but not limited to coping with stress, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, and factors influencing career development, such as student’s interests, work values, personality, and skills.

The counselor may assist student with learning assertive communication, time management, and study strategies.  The counselor may also discuss off-campus resources and referrals with student when appropriate.  Counselor and student may create a personalized plan that includes steps to accomplish student’s goals.