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Schedule Type - What does it mean?

When you examine the schedule of classes and look at the course title you will notice a few terms underneath the course title.  (Alternatively, if you are looking at your individual class schedule, these same terms will appear in the Schedule-Type Column).

Image of course list with arrows pointing to descriptions.Here is a description of those terms:

Lecture courses are in-person courses which consist of regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings at specific campus location; some use of technology is used to support learning.

Hybrid Classroom courses are courses in which the instruction is a mix of in-person classroom activities and online. The in-person classroom experience is regularly scheduled and occurs nearly equal to or more often than online instructional activities.

Blended Online courses are courses in which the majority of the instructional activity is conduced online with some required face-to-face activities scheduled intermittently throughout the term, such as discussions, presentations, exam administration, etc.

Live (Synchronous) Online courses use web-based technologies to extend the classroom lecture environment and other activities to students at remote sites in real-time. All instructional activity is carried out online and there are no on-campus requirements. These courses utilize web conferencing or other synchronous e-learning media (Zoom, Canvas Studio, MS Teams, etc.) to provide remote access to a classroom experience. 

Fully Online courses have all instructional activity conducted online. Instructional materials, readings, assignments, class discussions and other assessments may be accessed from remote locations. The course may have some synchronous (live) components but is primarily asynchronous. 

Lab courses are required for some subjects. Lab courses might be in-person, or use a hybrid, blended, live (synchronous), or fully online approach. Check the title of the section to determine if it is a lab, and the schedule type to determine if the lab is in-person (lab), hybrid, blended, live (synchronous), or fully online.

Stay informed about your course requirements by reviewing the course/section notes upon registration, reading the course syllabus, checking your Canvas announcements, contacting your professor, and monitoring other forms of communication from the college.  

Testing requirements including proctoring with student authentication, a desktop or laptop computer (not a mobile device), webcam, and microphone may be required in hybrid classroom, blended online, live (synchronous) online, and fully online courses. More information about online proctored exams is available here.

Please note: Dual credit students will need to check with their high school for course schedule type.