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Student Information

 All Student Exams:

  1. Abide by the Collin College Online Exam Procedures: Available HERE
  2. Understand the Collin College Student Code of Conduct, located in the Collin College Student Handbook. This applies to all students, including those in online courses. Of special note: Chapter 6 Student Code of Conduct Violations.
  3. Contact your instructor to see if a proctored exam is necessary. Follow your professor's instructions regarding testing. Your instructor will decide which options are available to each class: ProctorU (information on this page) and/or Collin College Testing Centers (locations and hours of operation available HERE).


Collin College ProctorU Testing Center CLICK HERE

Note: Your instructor will tell you if using the ProctorU Testing Center is an option for you.

10 Steps for Test-Takers to Get Started with ProctorU (2:35 Video)

Students with access to a computer and webcam that meet the technical and reliable internet connection may be approved to use the online remote proctoring option, Proctor U (video overview on how it works). Your Instructor will provide all directions regarding testing.                 

Proctored Exam Procedures:

  1. Watch the demo video in the ProctorU “How it Works section. 
  2. Check the technical specifications page to make sure your computer and webcam meet the requirements. 
  3. Create an account and schedule your exam. Be sure to use your CougarMail email and provide a phone number where you can be reached when you are taking the exam.  
  4. 10-15 minutes before the start of your exam, return HERE and click on “Log in” to get started.

 Student Pre-Exam Checklist:

  1. If you have any questions, look over the ProctorU FAQ section.
  2. Please visit to check your equipment before logging in.
  3. Be sure you are in a well-lit, quiet and private room. The lighting of your room must be daylight quality, and overhead lighting is preferred. If overhead lighting is not possible, please make sure that your light source is not directly behind you because it will make it difficult for your proctor to see you.
  4. Have your photo ID ready.
  5. Bring a reflective surface such as a mirror. This is so you can show the edges of your monitor to your proctor.
  6. Make sure to close out all programs, applications, and websites that do not pertain to the exam.

Do's and Don'ts: Best Practices for Taking Online Exams 

The cost of the exam varies depending on exam length. Please see fee schedule below.

Exam Length Flex Scheduling
30 minutes or less $ 9.50
31-60 minutes $15.75
61-120 minutes $20.75
121-180 minutes $26.25
181+ minutes $31.50
Students must make an appointment at least 72 hours before the desired start time to receive the Flex Scheduling prices.

Collin College is not responsible for making any payments to ProctorU. Payment of all proctoring fees will be the obligation of the individual student. Any charges applicable to the examinee must be paid with a credit or debit card. The examinee will be required to enter payment information into a secure page connected to a third-party card processor. The page is encrypted and ProctorU does not see or store the credit card data. Examinees will have to re-enter payment information each time new charges are incurred.

Optional Fees: Flex Scheduling allows an examinee to make an appointment at least 72 hours before the desired start time. However, at an additional cost, an examinee may choose either the Take it Soon or Take it Now option (+$5.00 and +$8.75 respectively). Take it Soon allows a test to be scheduled within 72 hours of the chosen start time; Take it Now allows a test to be taken on-demand with no appointment needed. These options are for the convenience of the examinee and are not required.

  • ProctorU support is available 24/7 via live text chat in the lower right corner of most of their web pages. You can find that here:
  • Contact Collin College’s Student Technical Support (972.377.1777 option 5) when you:

          1. Cannot login to CougarWeb 

          2.  Cannot login to Canvas   

  • Contact your instructor with questions about the exam instructions like start date and end date and/or any issues with online publisher content like McGraw-Hill, Pearson, etc.


If taking an exam at one of Collin College's onsite testing centers creates a geographical hardship, the student should contact his or her instructor as a first step. It may be possible to have the exam administered through an approved testing center outside the geographic area during the required exam period.

It is the student's responsibility to find an approved testing services that is willing to proctor the exam:

  • Generally, other community colleges or universities are a good place to start. Suggested resource: National College Testing Association
  • The test proctor must be an employee affiliated with the school's assessment/ testing office or a program authorized to administer exams on behalf of the appropriate institution - for instance, a full or part time instructor at that institution.
  • Exam proctors must not have any family or personal relationship with the students.
  • The student is responsible for communicating with both their instructor and the testing center, scheduling the exam, and the payment of any fees charged by the remote site.

The instructor of the course is the individual that approves the use and selection of other testing centers.

Are available in CougarWeb on the Faculty Tab: Click on "eCollin Learning Centers" and choose "Proctored Exams" in the left-hand column.


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