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eCollin StudentCollin offers a variety of course delivery options for students, varying from in-person classroom courses to fully online courses.

Stay informed about your course requirements by reviewing the course/section notes upon registration, reading the course syllabus, checking your Canvas announcements, contacting your professor, and monitoring other forms of communication from the college.

Course Delivery Options [VIDEO]

Course Options with On-Campus Requirements
  • Lecture/Lab In-person Classroom Course - Regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings at a specific campus location; some use of technology to support learning. Consult with your professor about testing requirements.
  • Blended Online Course - Majority of the instruction is online, with some required activities scheduled at a campus location. Instructor posts meeting times in the course syllabus and in Canvas. Review course/section notes upon registration and consult with your professor for more information.
  • Hybrid Classroom Course  - Regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings at a specific campus location mixed with online instruction. Campus meeting times will be specified at the time of registration.
Course Options with No On-Campus Requirements
  • Live (Synchronous) Online Course - Course is fully online with no geographic limitations or classes at a physical
    location; instruction is conducted live online with students and the instructor meeting virtually at regularly scheduled times.
  • Web (Fully Online Course)  - Course is fully online with no geographic limitations or classes at a physical location. Interaction with the instructor occurs mostly asynchronously with the possibility of synchronous activity in some courses.

Individuals apply and register for online courses like any other Collin College student. 

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Here's a list of online resources offered by Collin College's  Student and Enrollment Services Division. 

Are You Ready To Learn Online?

To find out if you are ready to take an online course and/or successfully access the online components of traditional courses, complete the e-learning readiness assessment, SmarterMeasure. This is an important tool that helps determine your skills for navigating and utilizing your course's online resources.

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