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Looking Up and Registering for Classes [VIDEO]

How do I apply to Collin?

You can find out more information by contacting Admissions

How do I register for an online course?

You register the same way for an online course as you would a face to face course. There are two ways to register for eCollin courses: in person at the Admission and Records Office website at or through CougarWeb

What are some of the skills I need to take online courses?

To find out if you are ready to take an online course, complete the e-learning readiness assessment, SmarterMeasure. This is an important tool that helps determine your skills for taking an online course.

Ready to start your SmarterMeasure Assessment? Login Page:
> Current Collin Students Username: collin / Password: student
> Prospective Collin Students Username: online class / Password: success

Am I able to go at my own pace?

Online courses are just like face-to-face courses with scheduled start and end dates as well as scheduled testing dates. With online courses your need to have good time-management skills. For additional information regarding your course, check the Course Section Notes in the Schedule or the Look-up Classes section in the registration schedule (click on the five-digit CRN listed with the course) to view important class information.


Where can I find more information about getting started?

See the Frequently Asked Questions tab on the right side of this eCollin page for information on course listings, remote proctored exam procedures, and student resources. 
The eLC offers “What’s Next” which is an orientation to online learning. For more information about orientations select the Online Orientations tab from the eLC website menu on the right.

What types of online courses are offered at Collin College?

There are two types of online classes:

  • Web courses offer students the flexibility to obtain an education via the Internet. Instructional materials, readings, assignments, and in some cases class discussions may be accessed anywhere with internet access. Some web courses may require onsite or proctored testing at an approved testing center in any geographic location.
  • Blended/Hybrid learning courses require some on-campus time and offer the flexibility to incorporate distance learning with on-site instruction.


What classes are offered online?

You search for online classes just like you do all others: On the Collin home page hover over the "Academics" tab in the upper left and choose "Schedule". Click on "View e-schedule". Once you've chosen the term you want to search in, you can restrict your course search to online courses by choosing "Web" in the "Schedule Type" box.

When doing a class schedule search for e-Collin classes, be sure to hold down the "shift" key and highlight all courses in the "Subjects" field then select "Web" in the "Campus" field. The other fields can remain at the default or "All" selection. Now the search will return a much more comprehensive list of distance learning classes.


I would like to find out/ask questions about a specific class or subject.

Often, information regarding a specific course can be found within the course notes. Course notes can be accessed by clicking on the blue CRN (five digit course number) in the e-schedule.

  • Refer to the academic department for further information. Questions about degrees, programs and online courses can be answered by the specific academic department.

How do I get help for understanding how to use specific software?

The eLC provides students with:

  1. An orientation to online learning.
  2. Assistance in navigating the Collin website, CougarWeb and Canvas.
  3. Recommendations for FREE ONLINE RESOURCES that may be useful for class:

Free editing and video production software to make presentations:

Quality Matters™ Bill of Rights for Online Learners