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Are you interested in being part of the next generation of inventors?

Collin's Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs can give you the   start you need to a career you will love.

Engineering Vs Engineering Technology
engineering vs engineering technology

An Engineering Field of Study Certificate will provide you transfer courses toward Engineering degree at a four-year college or university.

A two-year degree (AAS) in Engineering Technology will prepare you for jobs in fields such as:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Data Centers
  • Power and energy sector


Cultivating Scholars is an annual event which provides a venue for students to showcase accomplishments. These presentations demonstrate projects done by engineering students. It is worth noting that three of these student were hired by Texas Instruments (Farrow, Elieson, and Badillo.)

Click the link below the picture to view the presentation.

Engineering projectsCultivating Scholars 2016

Engineering projects
E-Cigarette Pump Project


Professor Jeff Gibbons CETT 1407 Fundamentals of Electronics class built (soldered and constructed) a board that can generate the 4 types of sine waves, then display same on an oscilloscope.

Triangle sine wave on oscillosopeSquare sine wave on oscillosopeSawtooth sine wave on oscillosopeNormal sine wave on oscillosope