Health Professions


The Health Professions Department includes the Health Professions Certification and Degree Programs, the Health Science Academy in Plano, and Dual Credit Health Science courses.

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) - Health Professions curriculum is divided into five tracks, allowing the students to focus on the specialization area that best fits their career goals:

Additionally, the Certificate - Health Professions curriculum is divided into four areas: CNA, EKG, PCT, and PHLEB.

There are also three Occupational Skills Awards (OSA) in CNA, EKG, and PHLEB, to allow student to build their knowledge and skills as they progress the different levels of awards. 


**Please note: These steps apply to general population and concurrent enrollment students ONLY. If you are a Dual Credit student, please follow the directions provided by your district.**

To apply for admission to one of our clinical programs, please complete the following steps:


Registration Deadlines:

Fall Semester = 2nd Friday in August

Spring Semester = 2nd Friday in December

Summer Semester = 2nd Friday in May