Government / Political Science Department

Political Science is a field of study concerned with understanding political and governmental behaviors, institutions, relations and practices. As such, the field is comprised of a wide variety of sub-fields: political psychology and behavior, political economy, political philosophy and theory, comparative politics, international relations, political institutions, and more. Common careers for political science majors include: lawyer, paralegal, educator, policy analyst, legislative assistant, political consultant, public relations or social media specialist, government affairs manager, market research analyst, intelligence analyst, political party or interest group staff, nonprofit organization manager, and more.

The Government/Political Science department at Collin College offers various government/political science courses where students can acquire a fundamental understanding of political institutions and processes. If you are interested in learning more about the field of political science and/or courses offered, feel free to contact a faculty member.


Featured Courses:

Professor Lishan Desta, Professor of Political Science

Fall 2018 Honors Course: "United States Government and Its Institutions" 

Federal Government Honors Course (GOVT 2305.S1H)

Students enrolled in this honors course will meet on Monday/Wednesday from 2:30 P.M. - 3:45 P.M. For additional information regarding this course feel free to contact Dr. Desta at

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Dr. Michael McConachie, Professor of Political Science

Fall 2018 Honors Course: "An Honors Approach to Texas Government" 

Texas Government Online Course (GOVT 2306.WSH)


Dr. Michael McConachie is in his 13th year of teaching at Collin College and will offer a Texas government honors course taught at the Spring Creek Campus in Spring 2016. For additional information regarding this course feel free to contact Dr. McConachie at or call 972-881-5826.

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Professor Sonia Iwanek, Professor of Political Science
Featured Class: Model United Nations
Introduction to Political Science (GOVT 2304)

What is Model UN?

Students who sign up for Government 2304 (Model UN) have the ability to compete for a spot on Collin College's prestigious team. Each semester Collin College represents a country at the National Model United Nations in D.C. or New York. Schools from the U.S., Canada, South America, China and Europe are represented.

Throughout this program students will learn the value of collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking skills and mastering knowledge on complex topics. Regardless of whether you make it on the team or not the course is set up for you to learn about our country of choice as a case study in correlation with all of the concepts that we address in an introduction to political science course.

How Do I Sign Up?

The first step is signing up for GOVT 2304 (Model UN). This class meets at the Preston Ridge Campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2:15pm. Once students sign up for the class they will then have to try out for a spot on the team. Try out information will be given out the first day of class. For additional information, please contact Professor Sonia Iwanek, Founders Hall Room 238, Preston Ridge Campus,, 972-377-1724 or Professor Tracy Meyer J244, Preston Ridge Campus, 972-377-1653