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Collin Theater Center Hall of Fame

The Collin Theatre Center Hall of Fame was established in 1999 to honor theatre students whose work at Collin College and in professional theatre serves as a reminder of the possibilities of excellence.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." — Will Durant

Robin Armtrong
Laura Bailey
Amanda Baker
Andy Bean
Katy Bettner
Raye Bonham Carter
Cory Bouliers
Kyle Bradford
Wendy Brentley
Gregg W. Brooks
Michelle Burdeaux
Alicia Burgin
Ryan Burke
Andrew Chandler
James Chandler
Jon Christie
Cory Cleary-Stoner
Lila Cleary-Stoner
Denton Davies
Joseph Dennis
Josh Dennis
Renee Dessommes
Stephanie Duckham Rose
Andrew Duckworth
Melissa Farmer
Jenifer Fermaint
Eric Gray
James Grim

Dave Hare
Alex Hargis
Jimmy Hays Nelson
Cameron Hefty
Chris Hollis
Michael Hollomon
Carter Hudson
Tom Hull
Justin Jones
Elizabeth Judd
Misty Keasler
Jennifer Kuenzer
Thomas LeGalley
Cherami Leigh
Chris Lew
Chad Long
Shelley Malil
Michael Maresca
Meredith Mauldin
Valdimir Mayman
Becki McDonald
Kathryn Merry
Scott Michael Foster
Alle Mims
Ryan "Nubie" Morris
Arianna Movassagh
Jake Nelson
Colleen O'Conner

James Ortiz
Diane Perrotta
Chad E. Phillips
Brendon C. Quigley
Jason Ralph
Amanda Reyes
Elizabeth Robinson
Valecia Sarmento
Kelli Sawyer
Dan Schmoker
Gretchen Schmoker
Andrew Serna
Rob Simoneaux
Lauren Smart
Brian J, Smith
Jeremy Stein
Laura Stevenson
Randy Stone
Jeff "Flip" Stover
Jason Stuart
Chris Trevino
Michael Urie
Tommy Walker
Kimberly Whalen
Felicia Wilems Lee
Christopher Wilems
Tiffany Williams
Jenae Yeger Glanton