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Road Trip to Collin

New Student Orientation

If this is your first time in college and don’t know where to start OR you’re simply new to Collin College and need some direction, we can help!

We want to ensure you have a successful start to your journey so we developed an orientation just for you.

As a First Time In College student, attending orientation is one of the few steps you will need to complete before you can register for classes.

As with any trip, you will want to make sure you have everything mapped out correctly. Be sure to stop at all the destinations along your way to registration.


Student with Questions

Let the Journey Begin

Pay attention to the traffic signs along the way for a successful arrival at destination registration.

  • Laptop

    Get in the Car

    Apply for Admission

    Complete your application for admission online at

  • Preassessment

    Choose the best Route

    Take the TSI Assessment

    TSI determines your placement level in reading, writing, and mathematics to ensure appropriate course placement. Visit the Pre Assessment site to learn more about the TSI, exemptions and waivers.

  • Students

    Travel Safe

    Campus Safety & Awareness

    Learn about import safety topics by completing "Preventing Sexual Violence" training in CougarWeb in the Training and Holds section on the Student tab.

  • Orientation Logo

    Let's hit the Road

    New Student Orientation

    First time College students are required to complete orientation, however all Collin students are welcome.

    Online Orientation

    On Campus Orientation Dates and Registration

  • Required Documents

    Travel Journal

    Required Documents

    Final High School Transcript

    Proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination (or exemption)

    Check your holds in CougarWeb. Questions, email or call Admissions.

    Central Park Campus
    Room D118     |     972.548.6710

    Preston Ridge Campus
    Room F109     |     972.377.1710

    Spring Creek Campus
    Room G103     |     972.881.5710

You have arrived at your destination!

Register for Classes in CougarWeb

"All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination!"

Author, Earl Nightingale