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Every time we issue a press release, design a brochure, sponsor an event, post to social media, or hand someone a business card, we are communicating the Collin College image. When our name is put in front of the public, we shape both our reputation and our college's identity. Accuracy, clarity, and consistency ensure that all communication strengthens our brand. It is important that usage of our logo, colors, fonts and protocols are in compliance with our editorial and graphic standards.

The Communications Department leads Collin College’s brand management activities and manages both external and internal communications including the oversight of media relations, college publications, website design, and digital media communication. The department’s communications and creative professionals work closely with campus departments to achieve the college’s recruitment, admissions, retention, and strategic goals.

Communications also provides marketing counsel and media relations, as well as services including photography, videography, social media, and web training and consultation. Internal and external communication and marketing on behalf of the college, whether in print or online, should be reviewed by the Communications department.

For media inquiries, public information requests, or a list of key department contacts, click here.


New Projects

Our purpose is to provide best practices for marketing and public relations, meet the needs for brand awareness, support uniqueness of the campuses, and most importantly align our marketing to the college’s strategic plan.

In an effort to stay on target with our marketing plan, we are centering on requests that will tie into the district’s strategic goals through key performance indicators. Below are the FY2020-FY2025 Strategic Goals or click here to download the PDF.

Strategic Goals 2020-2025

1. Improve student outcomes to meet or exceed local, state, and regional accreditation thresholds and goals.

Proposed Measures:
a. Six-year completion rate
b. Program licensure/certification pass rate
c. Fall-to-fall persistence rate
d. Student success rate
e. 60X30TX program completions

2. Develop and implement strategies to become a national exemplar in program and student outcomes.

Proposed Measures:
a. IPEDS 150% of Normal Time-to-Completion Graduation Rate
b. IPEDS 150% of Normal Time-to-Completion Transfer-Out Rate
c. Eight-Year Success Rate (Sum of IPEDS Graduation Rate, IPEDS Transfer-Out Rate, and Still Enrolled Rate from IPEDS Outcomes Survey)
d. Additional nationally documented measures of outcomes to be used or comparative purposes are identified
e. Program accreditation is pursued for workforce programs

3. Create and implement comprehensive integrated pathways to support student transitions.

Proposed Measures:
a. Key transitions into and from Collin College are reviewed to ensure quality and currency (e.g., academic dual credit, CTE dual credit, high school graduates, licensure, certificates, AAS, university transfer, etc.)
b. Total number of students who successfully complete key transitions into Collin College
c. Total number of students who successfully complete key transitions from Collin College 

4. Implement the third Baccalaureate degree by Fall 2022 and continue adding 2+2 programs with university partners.

Proposed Measures:
a. Number of students with declared major in third baccalaureate program.
b. Number of baccalaureate awards to students with declared major in third baccalaureate program.
c. Number of students with declared majors in targeted 2+2 programs.
d. Number of students who transfer to university partners in 2+2 programs.

5. Develop and implement a comprehensive staffing and succession model.

Proposed Measures:
a. Hiring processes are streamlined to improve the average days from personnel requisition submission to first day of employment for new employees
b. Staffing targets are met with well-qualified personnel to ensure high performance and continuity
c. Leadership training is expanded across all high-demand and critical areas identified in the succession model

6. Develop a coordinated and systematic approach to engage external stakeholders.

Proposed Measures:
a. Definitions clearly articulated before the plan starts
b. Total number of “external stakeholders” “engaged” with Collin College
c. Total number of “external stakeholders” “engaged” with Collin College broken out by key stakeholder group
d. Appropriate software tool is implemented to facilitate the strategic connection of external contacts across all groups within the college (e.g., grants, public relations, governmental relations, corporate college, foundation, etc.)

From concept to delivery and depending on the project, our publication process could take six to eight weeks; smaller jobs may take less time, but major projects will take the full time frame. All submitted requests are reviewed and prioritized by their alignment with the district's strategic plan.

Striving for transparency, we’d love to be able to say that we can do anything in any amount of time. Unfortunately, it would not be true. As a district we are all busy doing our best to promote Collin and its programs.  We try very hard to meet everyone’s requested deadline, but this is contingent on projects already in the production queue, alignment with the district's strategic plan, and special project requests from the president’s office. 

If you desire your project prior to the minimum lead time (35 business days), visit our template library for a variety of graphic approved templates. Don’t forget that the Communications department will need to review content before posting on campus.

If you would like to request specific marketing or promotional assistance: 

Fill out and submit a request form

Questions about a new project? Contact Tricia Murray, client services specialist, at 972.758.3895.


Photography Requests

Photography of college facilities and events must be done in partnership with the Communications Office. To secure a photographer for an assignment, a photography request must be submitted at least three to four weeks in advance. District-wide priorities limit the availability of our staff photographer. If the staff photographer is unavailable, we may recommend outside sources to fulfill your request.

Please note that by submitting a photography request this does not guarantee a staff photographer. Each request will be reviewed for availability. If you would like to request a photographer, please click here to

Fill out and submit a request form  

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Click here for a copy of our broadcast / photography release form.

If you have any questions about photography requests, please contact Marlene Miller, director of creative services, at 972.758.3858.


Mascot Suit Reservation

The mascot suit is available for reservation to Collin College departments. The requesting department will need to provide two volunteers, one to wear the suit and another to assist the mascot. Once reserved, the suit may be picked up the day before an event and will need to be returned the following business day after event.

Fill out reservation form


Collin College Backdrop (Step-and-Repeat) Reservation

To reserve the college backdrop (step-and-repeat) at any of the college locations, please email Conference Services at Be sure to include the following information in the email request: event date, time, and location.