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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide guidance and leadership to District educators, staff and administrators by working with the supplier community in the procurement of high quality goods and services, while ensuring compliance with state and federal laws, Board policies, and administrative requirements.  The Purchasing Department strives to provide systems and procedures that will make the procurement process more efficient, cost effective and user friendly.  We are committed to maximizing the tax payer’s dollar while maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity, public trust and transparency.

The Purchasing Department operates under Administrative Services reporting to the Vice President of Administration and CFO in the Business Office.

Purchasing Function
Collin College has a centralized purchasing system which requires the Purchasing Department to place all orders for all campuses. The Purchasing Department assigns purchase order numbers to all purchases, confirms all purchase orders in writing and processes all change orders.

Vendors supplying goods or services without a valid purchase order do so at their own risk. Collin cannot guarantee payment of any goods or services provided without a valid purchase order.

  • The Purchasing Department strictly adheres to the Texas Education Code, Subchapter B, Section 44.031.

Collin County Community College District's Purchasing Department was awarded the National Procurement Institute's (NPI) Achievement of Excellence in Procurement for the thirteenth (13th) year in a row.  Organizations must demonstrate excellence by obtaining a high score based on standardized criteria that measures innovation, professionalism, productivity, e-procurement, and leadership.

Code of Ethics

The Collin County Community College District's Purchasing Department has adopted and abides by the following Ethics Policy. A copy signed by the Director of Purchasing can be found by clicking on this link

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