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Dean of Students
Dean of Students Office

Mission Statement:

"We are advocates for student success within an interdependent, safe, and respectful community while upholding academic integrity and responsible behavior through a fair and consistent process."

Areas of Responsibility:

The Dean of Students Office provides district-wide leadership for the following offices within the Student and Enrollment Services Division: ACCESS Office (i.e., disability services), Counseling Services, and Discipline.  
As advocates for student success, the Dean of Students Office provides:
  • referrals and resolution for student complaints;
  • training for students and faculty;
  • appropriate on- and off-campus resources to support students' educational goals;
  • support and resources for students affected by assault, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and/or stalking; and
  • assistance to college administration and the Collin College Police Department (CCPD) in maintaining the safety and security of the campus community.

The Dean of Students Office protects the integrity and safety of the institution by ensuring:

  • the Student Code of Conduct is upheld by the student body;
  • students are held accountable for their behavior;
  • the academic integrity of the institution is maintained; and
  • students involved in the disciplinary process are treated in a fair and consistent manner.
Students' Rights and Responsibilities:

As stated in the Student Code of Conduct (Code), "Collin College expects its students to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects credit upon the institution they represent" (2016-2017 Student Handbook, p. 74). Therefore, it is each student's responsibility to be familiar with the Code, which can be found in the current student handbook. All students are expected to read and comply with the Code

Contact Information:

Phone: 972.881.5604


Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Central Park Campus (CPC)
Amy Throop, Associate Dean of Students
Room: D-117

Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC)
Terrence Brennan, Dean of Students
Karla Tombaugh, Assistant to the Dean of Students
Room: 457

Preston Ridge Campus (PRC)
Cheri Jack, Associate Dean of Students
Room: F-109

Spring Creek Campus (SCC)
Carie Dippel, Associate Dean of Students
Joe Guy, Student Conduct Officer
Room: D-128

Discipline Process Information:

DOS Discipline Process Flowchart

Student Incident Report

Student Appeals and Complaints

The Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct (Code)


Scholastic Dishonesty Resources:

Collin College's Definitions of Scholastic Dishonesty Terms

DOS Plagiarism and Citation Guide

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL)


Crime Reporting and Prevention Information:

Annual Security Reports

Bystander Intervention

Campus Security Authority (CSA) Crime Reporting Form

Clery Act

Collin College Police Department (CCPD)

Sexual Violence: What Students Should Know


On-Campus Resources:

ACCESS Office (Disability Services)

Collin College's Dignity Initiative

Collin College's Writing Center

Counseling Services

SOBI (Strategies of Behavioral Intervention)

Student Travel



Active Shooter Training Video

Bystander Intervention Video Series