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Marketable Skills

• Cable and configure setup for network equipment including routers, access points, switches and servers.
• Plan, implement, and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 network addressing.
• Implement enterprise level wireless networks utilizing efficiently-tiered, on-premise controllers or cloud-based management devices.
• Improve user availability to resources by incorporating clustering design-concepts, where both client devices and access points have standby or backup paths to the core.  
• Establish data security for user-groups using a design strategy of separating traffic at the SSIDs and tunneling data over encrypted links to the controller.
• Create role-based security, where users are assigned to established roles made up of policies built-up from rules (ACLs).
• Deploy remote wireless networks using zero-touch deployment, in which each piece of equipment upon connection to the Internet calls home and obtains its pre-configuration from the main controller.
• Communicate effectively and professionally with peers, managers, customers, and other stakeholders.
• Critically analyze network data to develop inferences and reach sound conclusions.
• Work productively with others to network-related tasks. Provide technical expertise in computer networking to clients or users.
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