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Marketable Skills

• Document actions by completing form, reports, logs, and records with accuracy.
• Perform routine personal hygiene activities for residents, including baths, bedpans, urinals, shampoo, shave, etc.  
• Assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) for residents by serving meals, feeding, and assisting with ambulation and positioning.
• Maintain resident stability by checking vital signs and weight, and recording intake and output information (including collecting and testing urine).
• Assist with lifting, positioning, and transporting residents in and out of beds, chairs, bathtubs, etc. utilizing proper body mechanics and resident alignment.
• Maintain cleanliness and of residential environment, bathing area, treatment and supply rooms, etc.
• Communicate effectively and professionally with residents, guests, peers, supervisors, and all other members of the healthcare team.
• Follow directions and work productively with other members of the healthcare team.
• Correctly assemble and utilize electrocardiograph equipment to perform an EKG assessment. 
• Document patient information and actions by completing form, reports, logs, and records with accuracy and in accordance with HIPAA and HITECH guidelines.
• Identify and report abnormalities and initiate action to provide continuity of care in a timely manner.
• Monitor, clean, and maintain equipment after each use.
• Instruct patient on the use of a Holter monitor.
• Communicate effectively and professionally with patients, peers, supervisors, and all other members of the healthcare team.
• Exhibit personal responsibility through ethical and conscientious behavior and decision-making.
• Perform data entry of patient information in an accurate and timely manner.
• Perform blood collections by venipuncture and capillary techniques for all age groups.
• Assemble and maintain medical equipment and supplies, e.g. needles, test tubes, or monitors.
• Perform proper selection and utilization of collection containers and supplies based on physician requisitions.
• Practice proper infection control and disposal of biohazard material in patient care areas.
• Adhere to OSHA guidelines regarding needle stick prevention, blood borne pathogens, standard precautions, and isolation precautions.
• Engage effectively and respectfully with patients from various communities, ethnicities, and perspectives.
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