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Marketable Skills

• Communicate effectively with peers to identify and recognize the social values that inform expressive works from a variety of cultural perspectives, communities or traditions. 
• Identify working techniques, cultural contexts and underlying social values of expressive works in various creative media or physical forms by analyzing their integral parts. 
• Apply critical reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative interpretations or approaches for a variety of expressive works. 
• Develop an innovative or creative solution to the problem of communicating one or more ideas in a novel or unfamiliar form. 
• Integrate or synthesize the outcomes of analytic and critical activities to formulate written reports or presentations of an oral or visual nature. 
• Plan and self-monitor the use of time resources; self-assess course performance to implement needed improvements or corrections. 
• Work within ethical guidelines set by the course, the institution and general social principles in the fulfillment of course obligations. 
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