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TCOLE Training Requirements

There are two 24-month periods in the current training cycle which ends on August 31, 2021. The first 24-month period, or unit, begins on 09/01/2017 and ends on 08/31/2019. The second 24-month period, or unit, begins on 09/01/2019 and ends on 08/31/2021, which is also the conclusion date of the 48-month training cycle.

Please pay close attention to the training mandates for the 9/1/2017- 8/31/2021 training unit.

Peace Officers (General):

Training Unit-each 2yr Unit (09/01/17- 08/31/19, 09/01/19- 08/31/21), Peace Officers must take:
    1. The current Legislative Update (First Unit-3185, Second Unit-3186)(Rule 218.3(a))
    2. 40hrs, including the above 3185/6 course (Rule 218.3(a))
Training Cycle- each 4yr Cycle (current 09/01/17- 08/31/21), the Peace Officer must take:
    1. If the Peace Officer has Intermediate Certification or higher- no Cycle requirements
    2. If the Peace Officer does not achieve Intermediate Certification before the end of the Cycle- Cultural Diversity (3939), Crisis Intervention Training (3843), Special Investigative Topics (3232), De-escalation (1849) (Rule 218.3(d))


    1. Peace Officers first licensed on or after 01/01/2011, must take Human Trafficking (3270) within 1 year after initial licensing (Rule 218.3(f))
    2. Peace Officers first licensed on or after 01/01/16, must take Canine Encounters (4065) within 2 years of initial licensing (Occupations Code 1701.253(l), 1701.261), if not  taken in BPOC.
    3. Peace Officers first licensed on or after 03/0/2016, must take Deaf and Hard of Hearing Drivers (7887) within 2 years of licensing (Occupations Code 1710.253(l)), if not taken in BPOC.
    4. Peace Officers first licensed on or after 04/01/2018, must take the 40hr CIT (1850) within 2 years of licensing (Occupations Code 1701.253(j)),  if not taken in BPOC.
    5. Peace Officers licensed before 01/01/18, must take Civilian Interaction Training Program (CITP, course number not yet issued) by 01/01/20. 
        All others within 2 years of initial licensing, if not taken in BPOC. NO EXEMPTIONS (Occupations Code 1701.253n).
    6. Peace Officers using BodyWorn Cameras must take the BodyWorn Camera course (8158) before using the cameras (1701.656), if not taken in BPOC.
    7. Peace Officers appointed to court security at ANY level of court, must take the Court Security course (10999) within 1year of assignment to that duty.  No one is required  to take the course before 09/01/19 (Government Code 158.002).
    8. Peace Officers performing the function of eyewitness identification, as designated by their agency, must first complete the Eyewitness Identification course (3286), beginning 01/01/18 (CCP 2.1386(c)).

Peace Officer (Specialized):

Constables (note- this mandate overrides all of the above, except BodyWorn Cameras):
    1. Must take the New Constable Training (3742) within 2 years of being appointed (Rule 218.3(g)).
    2. Must take the Constable’s Continuing Education (3743) each Cycle, thereafter (Rule 218.3(g)) 
Deputy Constables:
    1. In addition to all of the Peace Officer (General) requirements, above, must take Civil Process (3101) each Cycle (Rule 218.3(h))
Police Chiefs (note- this mandate overrides all of the above, except BodyWorn Cameras and Civilian Interaction Training.)
    1. Must take New Chief’s Training (3780) within 2 years of appointment (Rule 218.3(i)).
    2. Must take Chief’s Continuing Education (3740) each Unit, thereafter (Rule 218.3(i)). LTM 01.001 Licensee Training Mandates 4.2.2018
Jailers/Reserve Peace Officer Licensees/Public Security Officers:

Training Unit- no requirements

Training Cycle- must take Cultural Diversity (3939), unless exempted by Certification level in another license (Rule 218.3(e))

    1. All current Jailers must take the Mental Health course (4900) by 08/31/21, if not taken in the BCOC (Occupations Code 1701.310a).
    2. All NEW Jail Administrators must pass the TCJS/TCOLE Jail Administrator course on the TCOLE website within 180 days of assignment as administrator, beginning 03/01/2018 (Gov’t Code 511.00905).

Training Unit- 20hrs (Rule 218.3(c)) 

Training Cycle- no requirements

Course 1850 Crisis Intervention Training 40hr Equivalents for Training Cycle Mandate

Course 3840, CIT – Train the Trainer, 16 – 40 Hrs
Course 3843, CIT Update, 8 – 16 Hrs
Course 4001, Mental Health Officer Training Course, 40 – 80 Hrs
Course 1000643, Basic Peace Officer Course (643), 643 Hrs

*Some courses have equivalents which will satisfy the listed course requirement. See the TCOLE website for more info.
**Legislative Mandates begin the first FULL Cycle or Unit, AFTER initial licensing (Rue 218.3(n) and (o)), unless otherwise noted.