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Dual Credit

The Dual/Concurrent Credit Enrollment program at Collin College is a cooperative partnership between school districts and Collin College enabling high school students to earn college credits while completing the requirements for high school graduation.



What is Dual Credit?

High school students can take Collin College courses and simultaneously earn credit for both their high school diploma and their college degree. Courses may be taught on the high school or college campus by Collin College professors.

What is Concurrent Credit?

The process by which an eligible high school student enrolls in college-level academic or technical courses, while still enrolled in high school, and receives college credit without receiving high school credit for these courses. High School/Home School Official approval is required for both dual credit and concurrent credit. Students are responsible for determining whether their transfer institution will accept credit from Collin College. For detailed transfer information, please visit TransferU at www.collin.edu/transferu

Who Can Participate?

You can participate if you are enrolled in a public high school, private, charter, or home school and are ready to acquire college credit. You must also have permission from the appropriate high school officials, an A/B grade point average, meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test standards, and demonstrate the maturity level needed to be successful in college course work.

Thousands of students are already on their journey to a better brighter future, pursuing coursework in Collin College Core Curriculum  or enrolling in Career & Technical courses while still in high school.


Dual/Concurrent Registration Checklist
High School Registration Permission Form (Frisco ISD students only, click here)

Home School Students:
Home School/Other Dual/Concurrent Registration Checklist
Home School/Other Registration Permission Form



Please note: Counselor/Home School Administrator approval (High School Permission Form) is required for ALL courses (concurrent or dual) for every session.

Spring 2020

  • Semester dates:  January 21st - May 17th
  • Registration opens for all dual credit students:  October 29th
  • Registration Deadlines: 
    • Each high school has a specific registration and payment deadline, please check with your counselor
    • Homeschool Students: Collin College early registration and payment deadline is December 4th
  • Census date (last day to drop):  February 3rd*
  • Last day to withdraw:  March 20th*

*For full term classes only


Fall 2020

  • Semester dates:  TBA
  • Registration opens for all dual credit students:  April 14th
  • Registration/Payment Deadlines:
    • Each high school has a specific registration and deadline, please check with your counselor 
    • Homeschool Students: Collin College early registration and payment deadline is July 22nd
  • Census date (last day to drop): TBA *
  • Last day to withdraw:  TBA *

*For full term classes only