Seniors Active in Learning

Seniors Active in Learning (SAIL) is a community of life-long learners—participating in organized study, discussion, and social events through Collin College.

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Spring 2019 schedule available Monday, December 17th

 Spring 2019 registration begins Wednesday, January 2nd

Spring 2019 SAIL classes begin Tuesday, January 22nd


SAIL Highlights:

  • SAIL provides educational opportunities for seniors (55+) in a relaxed, conversational environment.
  • We offer classes in the fall, spring, and summer terms, and sponsor social activities throughout the year. 
  • Affordably priced per tem-Membership/Course Fees.
  • Conveniently scheduled classes with free parking.
  • Want to get even more involved? You could teach a class or volunteer with SAIL!

 What is the mission of SAIL?

SAIL participants are here for the sheer joy of learning something new and becoming more informed. The SAIL community includes talented instructors, college professors, and business leaders with categorical expertise in a myriad of subject areas. Students learn from each other, hear and consider opposing ideas, integrate the expertise of the instructor, and ultimately synthesize new knowledge, opinions, and views.

Program Details:


Program Costs:

  • $100 per fall/spring semester for up to seven courses
  • $20 in summer for unlimited courses
  • Guest lectures do not count towards the seven course maximum


Choose from a variety of course topics:

  • Literature and writing
  • History
  • Art appreciation
  • Music and film
  • Social sciences 
  • Mah Jongg and Bridge
  • Current events discussions and lectures