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Mission Statement:

SOBI will respond to distressed and threatening behavior in order to thwart and redirect behavior that might otherwise undermine instruction and negatively impact student learning.



Collin College's Strategies of Behavioral Intervention (SOBI) Team serves as a central network focused on preventive and timely intervention before a crisis arises. The SOBI Team has designed a process that reflects the best practices for referring, assessing, responding to, and assisting students who may display various levels of distressed, disturbed, and/or unregulated behavior.

The SOBI Team is a resource for Collin College faculty, staff and students by which they can report student behaviors of concern.

What to report:

Unregulated Behavior details Red Flags
Anything that causes concern
Increased stress levels

SOBI idea man

Threat of Suicide
Distressed Behavior
Depression Abusive Behavior



Submit a SOBI Referral from an off-campus computer, please click here 



Or contact a SOBI Committee member:

CHEC (Collin Higher Education Center)      
Terrence Brennan 972.881.5734
CPC (Central Park Campus)      
Susan Miller 972.578.6773
Amy Throop 972.881.5667
Audra Heaslip 214.491.6232
Judi Wohead 214.491.6207
PRC (Preston Ridge Campus)      
Rachel Bzostek
John Glass, SOBI Chair 972.377.1622
Gian Aryani 972.377.1076
Tiffany Goertz 972.881.5165
SCC (Spring Creek Campus)      
Carie Dippel 214.491.6222
Stefanie LeMaire 972.516.5051
Kristi Clark-Miller
Joseph Guy 972.578.5561
Linda Qualia 972.881.5779
Bill Taylor 972.578.5579

Additional Resources:


  • Medical Emergencies: 911


                  Phone: 972.881.5604

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