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Strategies of Behavioral Intervention (SOBI)

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 Mission Statement

SOBI will respond to distressed and threatening behavior in order to thwart and redirect behavior that might otherwise undermine instruction and negatively impact student learning.


Collin College's Strategies of Behavioral Intervention (SOBI) Committee serves as a central network focused on preventive and timely intervention before a crisis arises. SOBI has designed a process that reflects the best practices for referring, assessing, responding to, and assisting students who may display various levels of distressed, disturbed, and/or unregulated behavior.

SOBI is a resource for Collin College faculty, staff, and students through which they can report student behaviors of concern.

What to Report

Unregulated Behavior details Red Flags
Anything that causes concern
Increased stress levels

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Threat of Suicide
Distressed Behavior
Depression Abusive Behavior

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SOBI Committee Members

Executive Committee  
John Glass, Chair 972.377.1622
Millie Black, Associate Chair 972.881.5806
Carolyn Braswell 972.377.1735
Terrence Brennan 972.881.5604
Carie Dippel 214.491.6222
Matt Geracie 972.881.5820
Joe Guy 972.578.5561 
Amy Throop 972.881.5667
Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC)  
Bridget Payne 972.985.3716
Frisco Campus  
Stephanie Abramoske-James 972.377.1698
Catherine Duke 972.377.1763
Elizabeth Felker 972.377.1581
Cheri Jack 972.548.6771
Rachel Walker 469.365.1834
McKinney Campus  
Ketia Bradley 972.985.3769
Cathleen (Catie) Brooks 214.491.6231 
Gloria Cloud 972.548.6816
Toni McMillen 972.548.6513 
Susan Miller 972.578.6773
Plano Campus  
Tiffanee Arnold 972.881.5830 
Kristi Clark-Miller 972.578.5535
Melissa Solomon 972.881.5128 
Chief Scott Jenkins, Ex Officio Member 972.578.5579