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All students taking the College-Level Math Assessment must have a CWID (College Wide Identification) Number. This number is assigned to students by the Admissions and Records Office.

The initial TSI Assessment will allow for placement into one of the following college-level courses:

MATH1314 College Algebra
MATH1414 College Algebra
MATH1324 Finite Mathematics
MATH1332 Math for Liberal Arts I
MATH1342 Elementary Statistical Methods

After successful completion of the TSI Assessment, placement into a higher level math course (above College Algebra) is possible by a College-Level Math Assessment.  The initial TSI Assessment will immediately enter into this assessment provided the student scores 370 or higher on the TSI Assessment.

However, for students who were exempt from the TSI Assessment, the College-Level Math Assessment may be taken independently to place into the higher level math courses.

The cost of this assessment is $11.  PAY ONLINE HERE or in person at the Cashier's Office on campus.

This assessment allows a student to test into:

MATH1316 Trigonometry
MATH1325 Calculus for Business and Economics I
MATH2412 Pre-Calculus
MATH2413 Calculus I

Placement into the following college-level math courses is dependent on the successful completion of previous course work:

MATH1350 Fundamentals of Mathematics I
MATH1351 Fundamentals of Mathematics II
MATH1376 Calculus for Business and Economics II
MATH2305 Discrete Mathematics
MATH2318 Linear Algebra
MATH2320 Differential Equations
MATH2373 Matrices, Vectors, and Linear Programming
MATH2414 Calculus II
MATH2415 Calculus III