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The Center for Advanced Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences (CASMNS)

The Center for Advanced Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences is a unique and specialized program at Collin College for highly motivated and talented students majoring in mathematics or natural sciences.

The Center offers opportunities for selected students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics to participate in a variety of undergraduate research activities. Students intending to pursue higher education in mathematics or the natural sciences will greatly benefit from participating in the CASMNS program. 

What Is Required to Participate?

Students interested in participating are expected to :

  • major in Mathematics or Natural Sciences
  • be highly motivated
  • maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • interview with a prospective CASMNS research mentor

What Areas of Research are Available?

Most projects are part of ongoing research activities by a specific faculty member and require guidance and oversight. Faculty members with research projects and a listing of recent research projects can be viewed by navigating the links on the right. Bear in mind that CASMNS research professors have a full teaching load. They can only accommodate a limited number of students per semester and may not be available for research each and every semester. It is therefore imperative that you convey your motivation and interest early. To be involved in research is exciting but will require a positive attitude plus extra time and effort on top of your normal academic calendar.