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45 credit hours
Students must be TSI complete.
First Semester
CNBT 1311 Construction Methods and Materials I
CNBT 1371 Technology for the Mobile Workforce
OSHT 1305 OSHA Regulations - Construction Industry
Second Semester
CNBT 2304 Construction Methods and Materials II
CNBT 2342 Construction Management I
CNBT 1300 Residential and Light Commercial Blueprint Reading
Summer Semester
CNBT 1380 Cooperative Education - Construction Engineering Technology/Technician
Second Year  
First Semester
CNBT 1315 Field Engineering I
CNBT 1346 Construction Estimating I
CNBT 2344 Construction Management II
CNBT 2340 Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical Systems in Construction II (Commercial)
Second Semester
CNBT 1342 Building Codes and Inspections
CNBT 1359 Project Scheduling
BMGT 1305 Communications in Management
CNBT 2346 Construction Management III (Capstone)