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From the development of your own critical reading, thinking and writing skills to studies of genre-specific writing like novels, poetry, short stories and essays, Collin College’s English courses offer a choice for every student.

Composition and rhetoric courses focus on writing as a process requiring planning, analysis and research, allowing you to express your opinion about the material clearly and with conviction. You can take your writing a step further with electives in creative writing or technical writing.

Sophomore-level courses include surveys in global and national literatures and genre-specific courses focusing on novels or short stories.

Writing Centers, available on each campus, provide students with professional consultation in composing, writing and revising assignments in a variety of disciplines.

To earn an associate degree, complete the 42 credit hour General Education Core, and 18 credit hours of general studies electives and the Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree requirements. Check with your transfer institution before registering for general studies electives to make sure your courses will be degree applicable to your bachelor degree at the transfer institution.

Related  Electives - Check with your transfer institution for degree applicability of individual electives.  

ENGL  2307  Creative Writing I
ENGL  2308  Creative Writing II
ENGL  2311  Technical and Business Writing
ENGL  2322  British Literature I
ENGL  2323  British Literature II
ENGL  2327  American Literature I
ENGL  2328  American Literature II
ENGL  2332  World Literature I
ENGL  2333  World Literature II
ENGL  2342  Introduction to Literature I – Short Story and Novel
ENGL  2343  Introduction to Literature II – Poetry and Drama
X4XX  Foreign Language Sequence I
X4XX  Foreign Language Sequence II