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The photography world is now the imaging universe. Contemporary photography balances technique and creativity to develop imagery that evokes emotion and human understanding. As a student in Collin College’s photography program, you will learn to use professional-level equipment and software to shape that narrative with imagination and a deeper understanding of process and impact. 
Photography coursework will improve the visual literacy you will need to function in today’s image-obsessed environment. Technical skills with critical software / hardware applications, as well as creative and conceptual understanding are covered in great detail. From techniques to improve your candid photography to the best way to light for studio portraiture, Collin can teach and inspire you to do great work. Subjects include intensive artistic investigations into: traditional film-based photography techniques and approaches; advanced darkroom and alternative processes; studio lighting for portrait, fashion and product; comprehensive creative solutions; and contemporary digital workflow. 
Our state-of-the-art photography facility is one of the best in the state. It houses a fully equipped 20 work-station MAC Lab with Epson printers and a digital media room with Nikon / Imacon / Epson scanners and multiple large-format Epson printers. We have a split studio with Profoto strobe set-ups and a continuous artificial lighting option for digital video. Our darkroom includes 20 4x5 enlargers with a film processing room and alternative processing room. Equipment check out for digital, 35mm, medium- and large-format film cameras, and portable strobe lighting available. 

Recommended Electives
ARTS 1313 Foundations of Art
ARTS 2348 Digital Media
ARTS 2356 Photography I
ARTS 2357 Photography II
PHTC 1300 Digital Photography II
PHTC 1371 Book, Design, and Presentation
PHTC 2380 Cooperative Education – Commercial Photography

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