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Deaf Education is a specialized education field that opens up learning for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Studying American Sign Language (ASL) at Collin College will prepare you to pursue a career or degree in Deaf Education or Deaf Studies at a four-year college.

Recommended Electives
SGNL 1401 Beginning American Sign Language I
SGNL 1402  Beginning American Sign Language II
SGNL  2301  Intermediate American Sign Language I
SGNL  2302 Intermediate American Sign Language II
SLNG  1211  Fingerspelling and Numbers 1
SLNG  1347  Deaf Culture
EDUC  1301  Introduction to the Teaching Profession 2
EDUC  2301  Introduction to Special Populations 2

1. Recommended for students pursuing degrees in Deaf Studies.

2. Recommended for students pursuing degrees in Deaf Education.

See the workforce Interpreter Education Program (IEP)

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