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45 credit hours
Students must be TSI complete. 
First Semester
First 8 Weeks
HART 1256 EPA Recovery Certification Preparation
HART 1301 Basic Electricity for HVAC
HART 1307 Refrigeration Principles
Second 8 Weeks
HART 1441 Residential Air Conditioning
HART 1445 Gas and Electric Heating
Second Semester
First 8 Weeks
HART 2431 Advanced Electricity
HART 2438 Air Conditioning Installation and Startup
Second 8 Weeks
HART 2345 Residential Air Conditioning Systems Design
HART 2349 Heat Pumps
First Semester
First 8 Weeks
HART 2341 Commercial Air Conditioning
HART 2342 Commercial Refrigeration
SPCH 1321 Business and Professional Communication                        (See Speech Options)
Second 8 Weeks
HART 2334 Advanced A/C Controls
HART 2343 Industrial Air Conditioning
Verification of Workplace Competencies: Obtaining Industry Certification (NATE)