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60 credit hours  
First Semester  
COSC 1436 Programming Fundamentals I
ITSE 1311 Beginning Web Programming
ITSE 1346 Database Theory and Design
PHIL 2303 Introduction to Formal Logic
Second Semester
COSC 1437 Programming Fundamentals II
IMED 1341 Interface Design
ITSE 2302 Intermediate Web Programming
ITSE 2313 Web Authoring
Third Semester
GEN ED Mathematics course
ENGL 1301 Composition I
First Semester  
ITSE 2371 Front-End Web Frameworks
ITSE 2309 Database Programming - SQL
COSC 2436 Programming Fundamentals III
INEW 2334 Advanced Web Programming
GEN ED Speech course
Second Semester
ITSE 2374 Web Application Development (Capstone)1 
GEN ED Social / Behavioral Sciences course

*Electives (6 credit hours) choose two courses from the following:
Front-end Development: ITSE 1301, ITSE 1333
Back-end Development: ITSC 1316**, ITSE 1306, ITSE 1359, ITSE 2347
General Web Development: ITNW 1358, ITSE 1330 

**ITSC 1316 requires prerequisite course ITNW 1358
1. May substitute ITSE 2380