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Committee Against Gender Violence & Oppression

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Collin College Committee Against Gender Violence & Oppression

The Dignity Initiative is a district-wide effort, with support from across the disciplines.  The Initiative is organized by the Collin College Committee Against Gender Violence and Oppression.  Committee Members include:

Academic Liaison:

Gary Hodge, Dean of Academic Affairs, Health Sciences and Emergency Services

Dignity Committee Co-Chairs:

Sherry Rhodes (Spring Creek Campus) and Tracey McKenzie, (Preston Ridge Campus)


Central Park Campus (CPC) Committee Members:

Joyce Sizemore, CPC Campus Coordinator

Jillian DeShazo

Kandice Roan

Karrie Newby

Tanya Sanchez

Audra Heaslip

Joanne Duran

     CPC Sub-Committee Members:

     Joe Jaynes

     Lorena Rodriquez

     Toni McMillen

     Juli Wescott

     Lee DeBoer


Preston Ridge Campus (PRC) Committee Members:

Kim Nyman, PRC Campus Coordinator

Diana C. Gingo

Mindi Bailey

Rachel Bzostek

     PRC Sub-Committee Members:

     Ginny Topfer

     Jovanna Dollins

     Stefanie LeMaire

     Stephanie James

     Randy Collins

     Alon Milwicki

     Regina Hughes


Spring Creek Campus (SCC) Committee Members:

Linda Sears, SCC Campus Coordinator

Pam Gaiter, SCC Campus Coordinator

Kemal Moula

Jules Sears

Dallie Clark

Susan Grimland

Linda Qualia

Shirl Terrell

Phillip Parker

Jerry Hamon

Peggy Brown

Pam Heliste

Josh Arduengo

     SCC Sub-Committee Members:

     Julie Turnbow

     Linda Kapocsi


Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC)

Terrence Brennan, Dean of Students


Collin College/Community Services

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