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Compensation Information

Collin County Community College District (Collin College) maintains a position classification structure with pay ranges for staff and administrator positions within the college.

Positions at Collin College
Full-time staff and administrator positions are grouped into one of the following job families:

  • Staff Exempt (EX)
  • Staff Non-Exempt (NE)
  • Part-time Staff Non-Exempt (PT)

Part-time staff positions are are hired at hourly equivalent of the minimum of the position's assigned salary range.

Salary Ranges  
Individual employee compensation is established within the minimum and maximum of the appropriate salary range.

Employee salaries advance through the established pay range based upon the general pay increases (GPI) approved by the Board.  While a general pay increase is typically granted each year by the Board of Trustees and is effective with the beginning of an academic year, an annual increase is not guaranteed.

For more compensation information, please contact the Human Resources Office.

Full-time Faculty and Associate Faculty Compensation Information

Additional Compensation Links and Information

   Payroll Department Information

  • General Information, Direct Deposit Schedules, Time Clock Plus
    • CougarWeb > My Workplace > District Services > Business Administrative Services > Payroll
  • Payroll Check Stub, and Electronic W2
    • CougarWeb > My Workplace > Employment Details > Pay Stub  

Compensation and Job Description Review Request Form

This form is to be completed by a supervisor requesting evaluation of a new position or updates to an existing job description.





Compensation Contact Information

Larry Robertson

Larry Robertson
Director, Compensation & HR Systems
Human Resources

(972) 599-3160

Kiran Patel
Manager, HRIS/Reporting
(972) 599-3162

Monica Barron
HR Analyst
Human Resources
(972) 599-3108

Cherie Hill
HR Coordinator
(972) 548-6662

Mae Francis
HR Specialist
(972) 548-6659
Fax:(972) 985-3778

Jonene D. Kemp
HR Specialist 
(972) 599-3163
Fax:(972) 985-3778

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