Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Collin Higher Education Center?
The Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC) is a partnership among three universities and Collin College.  The partner universities include Texas A&M University-Commerce, University of North Texas, and The University of Texas at Dallas. Courses leading to baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees are offered by the partner universities at CHEC - located near the northeast corner of State Highway 121 and U.S. Highway 75-Central Expressway in McKinney.


What programs and degrees are offered at the CHEC? 
A complete list of degrees and contacts can be found here.


How do I get started?
First, review the list of degrees offered at CHEC and find the one that is of interest to you.  For a bachelor’s degree, you must complete the freshman and sophomore-level course work that meets the requirements for the bachelor’s degree of choice. Freshman and sophomore courses are not available at CHEC, but are taught at Collin College Campuses. Once freshman and sophomore courses are complete, students must apply for admission at their respective university.  The remaining junior and senior-level courses may be taken at CHEC to complete a baccalaureate degree. If you want to learn how to differentiate freshmen and sophomore courses click here

If you hold a bachelor's degree and are interested in pursuing a graduate degree at CHEC, you must apply to the graduate school of the university offering the degree of choice. Refer to university graduate admission requirements and contact a program advisor for information specific to any graduate program. 


How do I know  which courses will transfer to a partner university?
The Academic Partnerships department (suite 120) at the CHEC, Collin College’s Academic Advising Offices, and the CHEC website have copies of the transfer degree plans (2+2 guides) for most of the bachelor’s degree programs offered at CHEC. You may also visit the following link https://www.tccns.org/  . Once you have applied for admission to your respective university as a transfer student, your university will review your official transcripts and you will receive an official evaluation of your coursework. You would then work with a university partner advisor to align your evaluated course work into your degree plan.  Partner representatives in the Academic Partnerships department at the CHEC can also meet with you to discuss your academic options and help you interpret transfer guides to determine how your courses may transfer to any of the partner universities. It is best to call or email the representatives to make an appointment. 

Can I take courses offered at CHEC and Collin College courses at the same time?
You may be able to do so if you have been admitted to the degree program at your respective university. Check with the university regarding concurrent enrollment policies. If you have financial aid, ask the university if they can initiate a consortium agreement with Collin.


Do I need an academic advisor?
Academic advisors are very important to help you plan for degree completion. Once you have selected a degree offered at CHEC, you should seek advising from the university offering that degree. 

Contact information for each degree offered at CHEC can be found here. 

How are tuition and fees determined?
Students will follow all university policies and procedures, including admission criteria and tuition and fee rates. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.


How do I register for classes?
Once you are admitted to your respective university, you may register for classes by following the university’s procedures for online registration.  Computers are available in the CHEC Student Services Center to access online university registration websites. For transfer websites from universities click here

Are online courses offered at CHEC?
Yes, students can take advantage of online and video conference classes as well as face-to-face classes.


Where do I get my books for university courses offered at CHEC? 
Textbooks can be ordered online and delivered to your home address through online university bookstores. Contact your university representative for more information.


How do I print from CHEC computers?
Please use the computers and printer inside Suite 120 to print, copy or scan documents. There is no charge for this service. For assistance, please see the staff at the Academic Partnerships desk or the Information Desk.


Does CHEC provide learning accommodations?
Yes, CHEC has processes and equipment to accommodate students with special needs. Please contact your university representative for additional information.


Where will I receive my degree?
When you complete the requirements for your degree, you will receive a diploma from your respective university. Contact your university representative for more information.

Are Collin College students the only students who can take classes at CHEC?

Do I have to pursue the degree program offered to enroll in a course at CHEC?
No. Any student registered for classes at the offering university can register for classes at CHEC.


What if my degree of interest is not on the list of degree programs?
Only those degrees listed on the CHEC website are being offered at CHEC. However, additional degrees may be added in the future.


Who can I contact for more information?
Please refer to the CHEC contacts page.