Web Development

What is a Web Developer?

A Web Developer is a computer programmer who creates and maintains custom websites. They might create the interface that user interacts with, or the software the runs behind the scenes and make everything work, or both! They might work independently as a freelancer or for a large corporation like Facebook.

What does a Web Developer do?

What is the difference between a Web Developer and a Web Designer?

The UX Design degree at Collin College is a great option if you would like to become a Web Designer instead.

What will you learn to become a Web Developer?

You'll learn a lot of skills over the course of a two-year degree. Want a summary of it all in in ten minutes? Check out this video. It's a really good summary. Don't be overwhelmed though. Remember that the video covers two years worth of school in 10 minutes!

What courses will you take?

Visual representation of courses for AAS degree. Click for PDF. Click image to Enlarge and show more info in PDF

Our Program

AAS - Web Development
OSA - Web Foundation
OSA - JavaScript Development
Certificate Level 1 - Front-end Web Developer
Certificate Level 2 - Full- Stack Web Developer



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