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Performance Management

Performance Management and Employee Relations refers to the policies and procedures by which Collin College involves its employees in improving organizational effectiveness to accomplish our mission and adhere to our core values.

Annual Performance Appraisals - All performance appraisals are conducted in Cornerstone. For technical assistance, or questions about the staff performance appraisal process, contact Human Resources at 972-985-3783.

Please note, employees who received a level II disciplinary action during the appraisal period must receive an overall rating of "Needs Improvement" on their annual performance appraisal. Also, per Board Policy DLA (Local), these employees shall not be eligible for consideration for a salary increase or merit bonus.


2021 Staff Performance Appraisal Training (Webinar) 

2021 Performance Appraisal Training (PowerPoint)

2021 Cornerstone Staff Performance Appraisals (Workbook)

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals Guide 


Full-time faculty performance is evaluated annually by the supervising associate dean/director using a common evaluation process.  Faculty complete a self-assessment of their teaching excellence, service to the College and community, appropriate professional development, and goal attainment prior to the annual evaluation with their associate dean/director.  The self-evaluation and annual faculty evaluation will be documented using an online management tool.  Examples of the online forms and evaluation criteria are accessible from the following links.

2021 Faculty Performance Appraisal Training (Webinar) 

2021 Faculty Performance Appraisal Training (PowerPoint)

2021 Cornerstone Faculty Performance Appraisals (Workbook)

Video Tutorial for Adding Goals to Cornerstone

Video Tutorial for Completing the Faculty Self-Assessment in Cornerstone

2018-2019 Faculty Self-Assessment (PDF)

2018-2019 Faculty Annual Performance Evaluation (PDF)

Employee Recognition

Employee Coaching & Employee Discipline

Employee Complaint Procedures