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About the SOBI Care Team

Mission and Purpose

The Strategies of Behavioral Intervention (SOBI) Care Team will respond to distressed and threatening behavior in order to thwart and redirect behavior that might otherwise undermine instruction and negatively impact student learning.


Collin College's SOBI Care Team serves as a central network focused on preventive and timely intervention before a crisis arises. The SOBI Care Team has designed a process that reflects the best practices for referring, assessing, responding to, and assisting students who may display various levels of concerning behaviors.


The SOBI Care Team is a resource for Collin College faculty, staff, and students through which they can report student behaviors of concern. To report a faculty or staff member who is exhibiting concerning behaviors of concern, contact Human Resources.

SOBI Threat Assessment Management Team (TAMT)

The SOBI Threat Assessment Management Team (TAMT) is a subcommittee of the SOBI Care Team that works collaboratively with the campus community and others as needed to maintain awareness of behaviors that may indicate a possible intent to cause harm. The SOBI TAMT serves as a central network to receive, triage, and assess reports of behavior indicating actual or potential threats of harm.

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If you are concerned about a student, click here to submit a SOBI Care Team Referral.

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