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Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Education

student menu participation The mission of the Institute of Hospitality & Culinary Education is to prepare students for the demands of the fast-paced hospitality and food service industry. We are committed to developing skills, strengthening character and work ethic, and challenging the student's intellectual and creative curiosity.

Today’s hospitality and food service industry calls for disciplined and creative hotel, restaurant, and culinary professionals.  The hospitality and food service industry is the largest service industry in the world. So whether you decide to launch your career in Dallas or Dubai there is ample opportunity for growth.

Collin College offers a number of degrees and certificates taught by experienced industry professionals.  With the lowest tuition in the state of Texas, you can start today. 


Associate in Applied Science Degrees 

AAS Hospitality and Foodservice Management- 60 credit hour
AAS Culinary Arts- 60 credit hours
AAS Pastry Arts- 60 credit hours


Foundations of Hotel Operations- 18 credit hours
Foundations of Meetings and Event Management- 18 credit hours 
Foundations of Restaurant Operations- 18 credit hours
Hospitality and Foodservice Management- 36 credit hours
Meetings and Event Management- 36 credit hours
Culinary Arts– 24 credit hours
Advanced Culinary Arts - 12 credit hours
Pastry Arts– 24 credit hours
Advanced Pastry Arts- 12 credit hours

Program Learning Outcome Links

AAS Hospitality and Foodservice Management
AAS Culinary Arts
AAS Pastry Arts
Culinary and Pastry Arts Marketable Skills
Hospitality and Food Service Management Marketable Skills
Program Outcome & Success Measures
AAS Culinary Arts
  2018-2019    2019-2020**    2020-2021**  
AAS Graduation Rate     12 % 7 % 11 %
Job Placement Rate N/A 100 % 100 %
ACF Certification Rate  0 % 1 % 0 %
**Program was in Covid-19 protocol March 2020-August 2021
AAS Pastry Arts
  2018-2019    2019-2020**    2020-2021**   
AAS Graduation Rate      22 % 11 % 13 %
Job Placement Rate N/A 100 % 100 %
ACF Certification Rate  2.4 %  0 % 0 %
**Program was in Covid-19 protocol March 2020-August 2021 


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