15 credit hours
First Semester
AUMT 1305 Introduction to Automotive Technology
(offered first 5-weeks)
AUMT 1307 Automotive Electrical Systems
(offered second 5-weeks)
AUMT 1316 Automotive Suspension and Steering Systems
(offered third 5-weeks)
Second Semester
AUMT  1310 Automotive Brake Systems
(offered first 5-weeks)
AUMT 2310 Automotive Service Consultant 1
AUMT 2380 Cooperative Education I - Automobile/Automotive Mechanics
Technology/Technician 2
1. Only applicable to Certificate Level 1 - Express Maintenance Technician (XMT). If the student chooses to continue in the Automotive Technology program after completion of this course and earn any additional awards, they will be required to complete AUMT 2380.
2. May be offered in first semester if student is eligible for Cooperative Education opportunity to allow for certificate completion in one semester.