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60 credit hours
First Semester
CETT 1407 Fundamentals of Electronics
CETT 1425 Digital Fundamentals
HITT 1305 Medical Terminology I
TECM 1343 Technical Algebra and Trigonometry 1
Second Semester
BIOL 2404 Human Anatomy and Physiology Basic
CETT 1409 DC-AC Circuits
BIOM 2201 Safety in Health Care Facilities
BIOM 2311 General Medical Equipment I
ENGL 1301 Composition I
First Semester
SPCH 1321 Business and Professional Communication
CPMT 1305 IT Essentials I:PC Hardware and Software
BIOM 2315 Physiological Instruments I
BIOM 2343 General Medical Equipment II
GEN ED  Humanities / Fine Arts course
Second Semester
ECON 1301 Introduction to Economics (See Social/Behavioral Sciences options)
ITNW 1358 Network +
BIOM 2319 Fundamentals of X-Ray and Medical Imaging Systems (Capstone)
BIOM 2331 Biomedical Clinical Instrumentation
BIOM 2337 Respiratory Equipment Maintenance
1. May substitute MATH 1316 or higher level Math (recommended for transfer students)