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45 credit hours
Students must be TSI complete.
Many CPMT, ITCC, ITMT, ITNW (except ITNW 2374), and ITSY courses are offered in eight-week express sessions.
First Semester
CPMT 1305 IT Essentials I: PC Hardware and Software
ITNW  1358 Network+
ITCC 1314 CCNA 1: Introduction to Networks
ITNW 1351 Fundamentals of Wireless LANs
Second Semester
ITCC 1344 CCNA 2: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials (SRWE)
ITCC 2320 CCNA 3: Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation (ENSA)
ITNW 1309 Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
ITSC 1342 Shell Programming - Scripting
First Semester
ITCC 2330 CCNP Enterprise: Core Networking (ENCOR)
ITCC 2335 CCNP Enterprise: Advanced Routing (ENARSI)
ITNW 1354 Implementing and Supporting Servers (Windows Server)
Second Semester
ITSC 1316 Linux Installation and Configuration
ITNW 2375 VMware vSphere: Installation, Configuration and Management
ITSY 2300 Operating Systems Security (Capstone)
* Elective (3 credit hours): ITMT 1371, or any ITCC, ITMT, ITNW, or ITSY course not listed in the degree plan.
Note: ITCC 2320 (CCNA 3) -- or the CCNA certification -- is the prerequisite for the CCNP courses in the concurrent or postgraduate Enhanced Skills Certificate.