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Workforce Certificate Programs

Workforce programs are designed to jump-start your career.  You can quickly prepare your self to get into the job market. If you then want to earn an associate degree, some certificates can be stacked and their earned credits can be applied toward that degree. 

  • There are a wide variety of Workforce Certificates in job related fields.
  • They are normally one year or less in length.
  • Certificates usually contain the same technical courses as the degree.
  • Students who complete Certificate Programs may decide to continue, or later return, to complete a degree.  The certificate coursework will apply toward the related applied science associate degree.
  • By themselves, certificates are designed to provide specific technical knowledge and skills required to enter the labor market in a related field.

Level One Certificate

  • Consists of 15-42 credit hours
  • No requirement to meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements
  • No general education requirement.

Level Two Certificate

  • Consists of 30-51 credit hours
  • Must meet the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI).
  • No general education requirement.

Occupational Skills Award (OSA)

  • Consists of as sequence of  9-14 credit hours
  • Locally recognized by employers, but not statewide credentials.

Enhanced Skills Certificate (ESC)

  • Taken after completing AAS or higher degree
  • 6-12 additional credit hours
  • Provides additional technical proficiency in a specific program area.