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CYBR  3310  Introduction to Cryptography
This course introduces the inner workings of cryptographic primitives and how to correctly use them. Specifically, the course covers cryptographic algorithms, protocols and techniques. The algorithms illustrate the art of encryption and secure hashing. The cryptographic protocols will expose the students to the world of building trust in an untrusted environment. Cryptographic techniques used in key management and algorithm choice will be explored. Lab required. Prerequisites:  ITSY 2341 and Math core complete. 3 credit hours.


CYBR  3320  Digital and Device Forensics
This course will help students understand the issues, techniques, and vulnerabilities of small scale (non-PC) digital device forensics. Emphasis will be placed on the forensically sound acquisition, preservation, analysis and presentation of small scale digital devices as evidence. Lab required. Prerequisite:  ITSY 2343. 3 credit hours.


CYBR  3330  Advanced Network Topologies and Protocols
This course examines the advanced and novel areas of networks and protocols.  Various networks will be examined with secure configurations, analysis, and response to threats. Lab required. Prerequisite:  ITSY 2343. 3 credit hours.


CYBR  3340  Cyber Crime
An examination of Cyber Crimes and other abuses arising in a cyber environment. Traditional and contemporary forms of cybercrime will be explored, including hacking, insider threat, cyberbullying, hacktivism, cyberterrorism and others. Students will learn how computers can be either the target or the tool for committing cybercrimes. In addition, sociological and psychological aspects associated with cybercrime will be examined. Lab required. Prerequisite:  ITSY 2341. 3 credit hours.


CYBR  3350  Cyber Privacy
This course examines the diverse components of privacy and the effects the Internet has on privacy. Approaches for individual, organization, and government privacy as well as privacy laws will be examined. Lab required. Prerequisite:  CYBR 3320. 3 credit hours.


CYBR  3360  Mobile Technologies
This course examines how mobile systems function to allow secure voice and data access. Lab required. Prerequisite:  CYBR 3330. 3 credit hours.


CYBR  4310  Penetration Testing
This course provides students with methods of discovering ways of exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to a system.  Students will learn the methods, techniques, and tools to test the security of computer networks, infrastructure and applications. Lab required. Prerequisite:  CYBR 3340. 3 credit hours.


CYBR  4320  Cyber Defense Operations
An examination of the concepts used in defending a network, and the basic tools and techniques that can be used to protect a network and communication assets from cyber threats. Lab required. Prerequisite:  CYBR 4310. 3 credit hours.


CYBR  4330  Virtualization and Cloud Security
An examination of how modern host virtualization is implemented, deployed, and used. Students will understand the interfaces between major components of virtualized systems, and the implications these interfaces have for security.  Students will examine the technologies and services that enable cloud computing, different types of cloud computing models and the security and legal issues associated with cloud computing. Lab required. Prerequisites:  CYBR 3320 and CYBR 3340. 3 credit hours.


CYBR  4340  Information Assurance
A study of common security architectures for the protection of information systems and data. An examination of the common standards related to information assurance. Application of architectures and standards within the rules, regulations for compliance. Lab required. Prerequisite:  ITSY 2342 or ITSY 2330. 3 credit hours.


CYBR  4350  Senior Project
This course is designed to integrate all previous coursework. Under the guidance of the professor, each student completes a practical exercise in a cybersecurity role. Lab required. Prerequisites:  CYBR 4320 and CYBR 4330. 3 credit hours.